On Vaccinations – Australia Continues To Take A Stand For Health – Token Skeptic Podcast

New Token Skeptic podcast: Episode One Hundred And Sixty One – On Vaccinations – Interview With Associate Professor Peter Richmond.

Tomorrow morning’s Sunday Telegraph in Australia – and already online:

Grieving parents speak out against anti-vaccination extremists – The Sunday Telegraph:

…As Toni held her tiny baby, she couldn’t comprehend the loss, or how they would survive the sorrow.
Little did they know then that Dana’s death from whooping cough, and the media coverage that followed, came to represent a very inconvenient truth to the anti-vaccination lobby – and thus began an extraordinary campaign against this grieving family.

Also in The Hoopla – By Sonya Pemberton – Let’s Talk Not Shout Vaccination:

This Sunday night at 8.30 pm, SBS One will feature the documentary “Jabbed – love fear and vaccines.”  The writer, director and producer of the documentary, Sonya Pemberton writes for The Hoopla on her hopes for her endeavour… 

On the 14th May, I had the chance to attend the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research’s Child Health Seminar – Infectious Disease and Vaccination – The Experts The Facts, which talked about the history, purpose, design, testing, myths and truths about vaccines. I didn’t blog or Tweet it at the time (since I forgot my phone!) but here’s the video of the presentation:

Professor Jonathan Carapetis, Associate Professor Peter Richmond and Associate Professor Chris Blyth present this informative seminar on the history, purpose, design, testing, myths and truths about vaccines.

And… again, over on the Token Skeptic podcast tonight is my interview with Associate Professor Peter Richmond. I hope you pass it on – and of course, catch the Jabbed documentary tomorrow night on SBS at 8:30pm if you’re in Australia.

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