PZ Myers Says Goodbye To Skepticism #SSAWeek

Welcome to Hour Fourteen of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!


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Here’s a semi-live blog for you… it just kind of happened now. Well, 45 minutes ago now. Which is around 9pm my time, but according to these blog-posts that are fixed on some kind of sodding-FinWarbZealandland hour, it’s 2pm in the afternoon.


We all know that you read PZ’s blog, even if you say LOUDLY that you NEVER read PZ’s blog, because everyone reads PZ’s blog the same way that everyone listens to Howard Stern even though they claim they can’t stand him.

ESPECIALLY the people who go on about not wanting to help Freethought blogs sustain themselves as a blogging network. They’ll still read PZ regardless and still link to his site. There’s a word often used for that, but I’m certain you can figure it out.

Anyway. That’s not news.

My response to his announcement of I officially divorce myself from the skeptic movement”?

“This is news”?

Apparently it is news. I didn’t think so myself.

Anyway. You’ve probably heard it all already, but here’s a response from the Young Australian Skeptics site: PZ’S PROBLEM: DOES SKEPTICISM MAKES AN EXEMPTION FOR RELIGION?

PZ Myers has announced he’s left the skeptical community because of the way it treats religion. 
But what does skepticism really say about religion, and can you be a religious skeptic? Jack Scanlan gives his perspective.

Since I’ve already posted a transcript of a talk by Daniel Loxton, I’d suggest checking out that too. I’ve written plenty on this topic in the past, even transcribed a talk by Dr Steven Novella that touched on the question of religion and skepticism.

Okay. That’s enough – back to the business of skepticism or atheism, or whatever it is that floats your boat. I really don’t mind. Just don’t pretend you don’t read Freethought blogs and support PZ Myers and all the other bloggers, when you do? Cheers.

And remember:

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