Recipe For Completing Philosophy Essay Grading


1 x folder for placing completed essays in

1 x pile of essays for grading

2 x pens for grading

1 x rubber duck just because

1 x pencil case with additional pens

1 x pad of marking guide for writing feedback on essays

1 x diary for writing down things that suddenly come to mind and try to distract you from grading.

1 x sticky notes for jotting down points that come in common across essays for general feedback and/or additional notations

1 x phone set on stopwatch in order to practice Pomodoro technique / use as an excuse for a break

1 x notepad for writing down summary of comments (and checking that you spelt things correctly)

1 x headband for keeping hair out of eyes

1 x bowl of gourmet jellybeans allocated one per completed paper

1 x bottle of water (chilled)

1 x glass (for water)

1 x iPod set on Air’s La femme d’argent

1 x noise cancelling headphones


1 x kitten who has found some hessian string and is bouncing about on the floor with it, occasionally squealing that you should play with her.

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