Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions – Blogging Soon (But Not Quite Live, Admittedly)! #SSAWeek

I’ll be doing a post every hour on Sunday – to support the Secular Student Alliance.

Here’s a link to and a look at my donation page, with an ambitious goal, and the hope that I’ll at least rally a few contributors:

But I’ll be honest with you. What I do as a blogger is not going to all be live blogs this Sunday.

SSA was the group that awarded me with the 2011 Best Individual College Activist Award and they do a lot of work as activists and informers over there for the secular cause in the USA.

I interviewed one of their representatives, Lyz Liddell on my podcast, and they’ve taken part in helping students over here, such as providing talks (live and via online) at the last Global Atheist Convention. They’re hard-working, dedicated and very cool.

On Monday morning, around 6am, I’m going to be preparing for my first live radio show with a team and I have a bunch of other commitments that I have to stay focused upon for some part of Sunday. Since I don’t generally sleep very well (sometimes I even sleepwalk if things are particularly tough) – it’s just not possible for me to stay up for 24 hours straight and blog every hour. All credit to other SSA Week bloggers who can!

Thankfully, blogposts can be set ahead of time and I’ll try my very best to get something worthy of reading every hour.

Whether it’s interviews, reviews, backstories about the podcast or tales about my travels, there’ll be something for readers to check out. I’m thinking of doing posts that are based upon questions posted to me, either via FB or Twitter, if readers are interested. Leave a comment here if you have an idea!

But while I care about my health, it doesn’t mean that I don’t care about helping out the team. There’s plenty of bloggers and online content-creators who are seeking funding, so if you can donate either to my page or one of the others, that would be fantastic. I’ve set a goal that would be great to achieve, but any donations are welcomed by the SSA.

Some more details – you can:

Thanks everyone, thanks even more if you’ve already helped out – and feel free to Tweet, email or FB a comment or suggestion for content I can do for Sunday.

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