Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions – Introduction And Overview Of 24 Hours Of Blog Posts For #SSAWeek

Welcome to Hour One of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!


There’s 24 posts for every hour of May 5th, 2013, looking at issues involving secularism, skepticism, atheism, philosophy and more – in order to support and urge you to donate to SSAWeek2013 at 

Hello! This is the first post of the day – hooray! I hope I’m asleep at this point…

For the second blog post of the day, I’ll be posting an interview with Daniel Loxton. Daniel is a Canadian writer, illustrator, and skeptic. He is the Editor of Junior Skeptic magazine, a kids’ science section bound into the Skeptics Society’s Skeptic magazine. He writes and illustrates most issues of Junior Skeptic.

Over time, I’ll list every entry on this particular blog-post (see the bottom of the post!) – so if you find yourself a little overwhelmed by the content (sorry Tweet-followers!), you can just check out the list here and see if there’s anything you’re interested in that you might have missed. Expect updates to be a little sporadic, but they’ll eventually all appear.

Why should you also consider donating, besides all this content I’m sending you?  The Secular Student Alliance provides guidance, funding, materials and general support for any student who is keen to start a chapter. They often hold free events that all students and wider community can benefit from, which also encompasses reaching out to a more diverse audience (for example, they sponsored Skeptech).

The SSA often promotes meetups in inclusive venues (e.g not drinking venues which would exclude students under the drinking age) and not only supports the current secular leaders but helps them to learn and work towards being leaders in the future. By supporting science educationparticipating and creating charity outreach and building a positive community, it all contributes to a general reputation that contradicts negative stereotypes that sadly persist. 

Remember, by donating before May 6, your donation will be matched by the generous Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss.

Thanks to everyone for checking out the posts, and every cent helps.


Hour One – Introduction and Overview

Hour Two – Interview With Daniel Loxton On Why There Is A Skeptical Movement

Hour Three – Interview With Let Toys Be Toys – Activists For De-Genderisation Of Toys

Hour Four –  Support International Imad Day – 15th May

Hour Five – Interview With Average Atheists

Hour Six – Alom Shaha – On The Kindness Of Strangers And The Young Atheist’s Handbook For Schools

Hour Seven – Interview With Musician Shelley Segal

Hour Eight – Interview On The Women Without Religion Forum

Hour Nine – How Not To Lose Your Kids At The Science Museum

Hour Ten – Top Ten Realisations That You’re Not A “Student” Anymore, Mature-Age Student

Hour Eleven – Interview With Science Podcasters Dr Pamela Gay And Fraser Cain

Hour Twelve – Lady Mondegreens And Fun With Audio Pareidolia

Hour Thirteen – Interview With Pat Linse Of Skeptic Magazine

Hour Fourteen – PZ Myers Says Goodbye To Skepticism

Hour Fifteen – On Sleepwalking

Hour Sixteen – Books Read – April To Early May

Hour Seventeen – My Current Viewing For The Weekend

Hour Eighteen –  Interview With Maryam Namazie

Hour Nineteen – How To Make (Scaly) Friends

Hour Twenty – The Curse Of The D20 – Interview With A Superstitious Dungeon Master

Hour Twenty-One – How To Eat Vegemite

Hour Twenty-Two – Interview With Dr Brooke Magnanti

Hour Twenty-Three – Interview With Ben Radford

Hour Twenty-Four – The End

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