Twitter Trends And Storify on Jabbed: Love, Fear And Vaccines – Documentary On SBS #JabbedSBS

Storify of Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, aired May 26th on SBS Australia. I first learned of this documentary when I interviewed the director back in 2012.

SBS has it for on demand viewing here:

First – an event coming up in June:

NB – JABBED FORUM: Melbourne, 5th June. At the forum Sonya will discuss why she made JABBED and how it has changed her view of vaccination and the conversations we need to have. Then she’ll join a conversation with:

  • Melbourne paediatric neuroscientist Ingrid Scheffer who discovered why a form of epilepsy (Dravet syndrome) is sometimes associated with vaccination
  • Immunologist Sir Gustav Nossal
  • And Sydney researcher Julie Leask who is studying community attitudes to vaccination,

Wednesday 5 June –  Refreshments, 5pm-6pm and Presentation, 6pm-7pm

Venue: The Spot Basement Theatre, Business & Economics, Bldg 110, 198 Berkeley St (corner of Pelham St), The University of Melbourne, Carlton VIC 3053.

I’ve discovered that you can indeed get your own copy – according to the promo on the SBS website, “To order your personal copy of the program, please contact Genepool Productions:”

I think this would make a very useful resource for teaching, quite frankly. Overall, I was very impressed, but I am biased; I have been keeping an eye on the production of this for some time and the biggest surprise for me were the beautiful animations that were used.

What follows are some selected (not all!) Tweets from the East coast of Australia; I’ve categorised a few into sections so you can have an idea of questions raised, any issues that people had and even some responses to the animations. A lot of fact-note-taking by viewers, which I think are useful in terms of reflecting how much people got out of viewing it.

Thanks especially to everyone who took time to jot down stats that were aired. Finally, huge thanks to the lovely A who pointed their camera at the telly and allowed me to watch the documentary at the same time it aired in Sydney – I’ll watch it again when it reaches me here a few hours later here in Perth.

Thanks to all the Tweeters and I hope you’ll check out the ScienceRewired Big Science Communication Summit, which is all about promoting science and using different ways to do it.

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