Documentary Jabbed Seeks Feedback

Just landed in the email:

Following the broadcast of the television documentary, ‘JABBED – love, fear and vaccines’ on SBS One, Sunday 26 May 2013, we seek your feedback.

If you missed the documentary you can watch it, in Australia, free of charge, on the SBS website:

And on Wednesday Melburnians can participate in a public forum with Sonya, Gus Nossal, Ingrid Scheffer and Jenny Royle:

Backed by leading scientists in the field, including Sir Gustav Nossal, Prof Ian Frazer and Prof Ingrid Scheffer, JABBED encourages a new conversation around vaccines. Clearly in support of vaccination, the film also looks at cases of vaccine reactions and the questions some parents may have around the issue of immunisation. The response to JABBED has been extraordinary. Over 350,000 Australians watched JABBED on Sunday night, it “trended” no. 1 nationally on Twitter during the broadcast (no. 5 for the day) and reached in excess of 800,000 people via Facebook in just a few days. Over 20,000 people have watched the film online within 48 hours of broadcast.

The level of conversation around vaccines is high. Immunisation is in the news at present, a hot topic for many families and patients; JABBED provides useful background and context. There has been some feedback (around 10%) from people opposed to immunisation, or who feel the film was unbalanced. However the vast majority (around 90%) have given positive feedback, including messages from those who found the film personally helpful in making immunisation decisions.

We would like to encourage your feedback. You can email

Or write a letter to the Locked bag 028, Crows Nest, NSW, 1585. You can also call on 1800 500 727.

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