Here Comes The Undead Apocalypse! With Your Help!

Seriously, this looks frickin’ awesome and has cheered me up no end. UNDEAD! Kickstarter! I want a Zombie!

Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned:

Grr, argh agrhh … mucnh.. brains brains gagrhrhhhh hhuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr… *snort* barbrabbrbbbbbr uh? REEEEEEEEEEEEEk. 

Okay, that’s not the sales pitch. But it should be. Ahem.

Hi, I’m Ben Radford. Actually, I’m not. But this is bloody brilliant anyway and he needs your help:

So for the past year I’ve been developing Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned. It’s a fast-paced, fun board game with high quality miniatures created by Lasha Tskhondia, a ridiculously-talented sculptor in the Republic of Georgia who did all the miniatures for my previous board game Playing Gods. I’ve also pulled together a team of top-notch game designers, artists, and producers to polish the game and help me to the next level. But I need your help to get the game out of the grave and walking the earth.

In order to produce the game, I’m using the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise money for the printing and production. The way it works is that we have 30 days to raise $50,000 which will cover the cost to create and produce and ship out 1500 board games. People interested in the game can pledge any amount between $1 and $10,000 and they will get various rewards — ranging from a version of the game that they can print out on their own printer to a fully produced boxed board game — to me flying to their city and running a tournament for them and their friends.

We also have a selection of my books, custom artwork, and a lot of cool rewards. But here’s the great thing about the way we are doing this with crowdfunding. If I can’t raise enough money by the first week of July to actually produce the game, no one who pledged owes me a nickel. No credit cards are charged. So there’s a lot less risk. Basically if I raise the full amount in 30 days, the game will be published and shipped. If not, no one is out anything.

As soon as I can gnaw my way out of these chains, I’m taking part. You should too. Here’s the link. Grrr, argh.

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