“I Will Ask Myself – What Would Wendy Do?! Then I Will Keep Running”

This is hilarious – and yes, the Washington Post has already mentioned it, but here’s some more highlights.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis had a moment in the spotlight Tuesday evening, as her 13-hour filibuster against a bill to restrict abortion rights made her an instant hero to many on the left. She also wore some awesome pink running shoes.


Reviews include:

These go perfectly with any back brace you may need after good old fashion filibusting for 9 hours (with 4 more to go). What’s that? Your crappy mean spirited colleagues on the other side of the isle say it isn’t fair? That’s right ladies, this shoe is completely washable, so just shove it up their ass.

To wear this shoe you must be able to prove you are indeed smarter, tougher and more compassionate than a Texas Governor & Lt Governor.

These shoes are quite attractive and will really make one stand out in a crowd. You’ll feel so tall and proud it might just feel as though the whole nation’s eyes are upon you! Wish they came in a men’s version.

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