Sarah Michell Gellar Add Voice To Pro-Vaccination In Hollywood

At the risk of being told that I can’t talk about vaccinations without mentioning X, Y and Zhey, good news! From Parade – Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants to ‘Spread the Word’ About Childhood Vaccinations:

Sarah Michelle Gellar is on a mission to spread the word about the importance of vaccinating the entire family.

The actress and mother of two is teaming up with March of Dimes and the Sounds of Pertussis campaign to raise awareness about pertussis (whooping cough), and why adults as well as children should be vaccinated against the disease.

Another article that you may have missed from 2012 that is relevant (and immediately came to mind after seeing Gellar’s stance) – How Hollywood’s Amanda Peet Became The Celebrity Spokeswoman For The Power Of Vaccines.

Why do we need a Hollywood actress to speak up for vaccines, anyway? Why can’t researchers do it, or Bill Gates? They do; he does. What about all those huge drug companies, with their multi-billion-dollar marketing budgets? They have to have the worst public relations sense of any industry in the world, and they’re hampered by their own very real past misdeeds. But children are dying for lack of a shot at life, and a lot of people are running from imaginary monsters instead of real ones. Why shouldn’t a Hollywood actress speak out? Somebody ought to be saying something.

Good on Ms Gellar for saying something. Certainly saying something is something I’ll continue to do too.

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