The End Of The Australian Vaccination Network? Greens Health Spokesperson Di Natale Speaks Out In Senate Today

News item for today (apart from Red Panda successfully recaptured) – from, Sue Dunleavy:

The controversial anti-immunisation Australian Vaccine Network will be told to disband in a motion to be debated in the Senate today. Greens health spokesperson Senator Richard Di Natale who is proposing the motion says it is important the Parliament take the lead in expressing its disdain for the group’s activities.“I think it is important that we take them on, that the community recognise them as a group that is actively harming kids,” he told News Limited.

The motion before the Senate calls on the AVN to “immediately disband and cease their harmful and unscientific scare campaign against vaccines”.

You can find it listed on the Government site here – Senate Order of Business No.152, Tuesday. Proceedings are to be broadcast on radio, so I’ll have an update later today.

UPDATE: The Senate has agreed to Greens’ health spokesman Richard Di Natale’s motion condemning the Australian Vaccination Network.

That the Senate –

  • Notes the low vaccination rates in certain parts of Australia, and the threat this poses to the health of Australian children;
  • Notes the irresponsible campaign run by the Australian Vaccination Network, which is spreading misinformation about the risks of vaccination and discouraging parents from vaccinating their children;
  • Calls on the AVN to immediately disband and cease their harmful and unscientific scare campaign against vaccines.

The official media release by Di Natale’s office can be found here:

“I have had people contact me who have lost children to diseases that have a safe and effective vaccine. Well-meaning parents are being fed dangerous misinformation which undermines their faith in the safety of vaccines. This has to stop,” said Senator Di Natale.

…Today the Senate has joined with the public health community to send a clear and strong message to those who are peddling lies about vaccines – they should pack up and go home.”


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