This May Be Cherry-Picking (Or There Is A God And They Don’t Like Me)

1) Get locked out of room where my papers are. Which includes who has what grade for each paper. They’re due to be handed back today.

2) Lock myself out of car at 6:30am. Manage to wangle it open using the souper-sekrit trick that ends up with bleeding fingernails and one helpful officer-of-the-carpark standing over me at the last crucial moment going *ahem…* … Honestly, officer, it’s my car. See, who else would leave their keys on the front seat, seriously?

3) Lock myself out of computer. While still logged into computer. Send email to self: “You idiot…”

4) Take wrong classes’ homework to first class. “Albertina? No Albertina… there’s NO Albertina? Oh, wrong class. Oh man… yours is in the office too.”

5) Spell the word “determinism” wrong on the whiteboard. While talking about determinism. Then realise have spelt “tutorial” incorrectly too. Listen to lecture on Fatalism feeling like the theory has a point.

6) Finally sort out all the papers, all the homework, what’s up for tomorrow – and drive home and accidentally start heading the wrong way up a one way street due to being distracted by news that I’m busy tonight. And I’d forgotten about it.

7) Write this blogpost. Nearly post it on the wrong blogsite.

Anyway. Here’s the Storify for the event that happened tonight:

Can I have a do-over for today? Please?

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