Token Skeptic Podcasts! Want To Know About Vaccination Efforts In Australia?

Two episodes pinged out on the Token Skeptic over the weekend – one is the second political interview I’ve ever conducted.

You may have noticed in the news: Medical Observer on how the former Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown distances himself from AVN. Not long after this interview I conducted… where I did ask if there were other politicians following similar immunisation support strategies.

Episode One Hundred And Sixty Three – On Immunisation (Part One) – Interview With Senator Richard Di Natale

Here’s a short interview I conducted this morning with Australian Greens health spokesperson and former GP, Senator Richard Di Natale.

If you’re not from Australia, then you may have noticed that he was mentioned in the fairly recent round-up I did on the Skeptical Inquirer website, “Retreating to the Church of Anti-Vaccination“, which looked at mainstream media and political coverage for the month of May. Just this week, Senator Di Natale appeared on Today Tonight, which is a popular commercial current affairs program, and for this interview we talked about the importance of voting, the media and what led him to be inspired to speak out about the importance of vaccination.

Recorded earlier, but released after:

Episode One Hundred And Sixty Four – On Immunisation (Part Two) – Interview With Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM

At the end of last month, I had the great fortune to catch up with Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM, while she was at theTelethon Institute for Child Health Research, here in my home town of Perth. She isn’t usually on this side of the country; she’s a paediatrician at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, dedicated to enhancing child health and wellbeing through clinical care, research, education and advocacy.

…The reason why I caught up with her is because she’s one the authors of a paper that was reported upon in a number of media outlets: Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance: A new surveillance system for Australia.

In the meantime, I’m watching this and about to produce the third episode for the show – which will be a little different. Stay tuned.

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