Recent Adventures – Interviews, InterviewED – New Zealand Skeptics Conference AND SkeptiCamp!

Just a quick update on this Saturday night before I get down to checking out the #euskep15 hashtag on Twitter (hope you’re having fun, Hayley, Dr Chris French and Marsh!) – getting down to more studies and preparation for…

The New Zealand Skeptics Conference! 

Wellington – 6th – 8th, September 2013. Venue at Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay, Wellington.

…We’re all looking forward to the amazing range of speakers that we have lined up this year. The talks are guaranteed to inform and entertain.

You can also buy tickets from this site for both the Conference and the Saturday evening dinner. Please check back regularly for more news, subscribe to our RSS Feed, keep an eye on the #nzskepconf hashtag or join our mailing list.

This is going to be the best. Look forward to seeing you there, and get your tickets fast (especially for the SkeptiCamp that will be happening which is open to EVERYONE – my first!).

In other news? I interviewed two friends, Paul and Marc, for an online radio challenge called the KCRW’s Radio Race!

No, I didn’t get into the finals – but I was able to submit the final audio for a radio assignment for my studies, so as far as I’m concerned that’s both a win in terms of getting to chat to two great guys about raising kids AND get one of my major papers out of the way before I head off to New Zealand. Here’s the final product (best with headphones on):

Then – I was interviewed myself! Mostly protesting nice things being said about me (I don’t remember, I haven’t re-listened to the audio, I’m too shy about it). But big thanks to Paul for making my ego less dented for the rest of the year, at least:

Obcast Episode 3: Kylie Sturgess – Being a Conduit for Science, Despite the Zombies and Judgmental Fish

Dear god, I probably spoke about having nightmares. It’s slowing coming back to me now… bloody hell.

The 365 Days of Philosophy site is still ongoing – still fixing up the site, but I have plans for that too. You might also like to check out some of my other radio work on the Manic Monday radio show, which is our classwork in terms of commercial radio broadcasting.

Other than that? I’m thinking of putting a whole bunch of interviews that have nothing to do with Skepticism (ah, the big “S”) but were done for my radio class in Semester One, just for the fun of it. I have more interviews on the cards before heading to New Zealand… but other than that, I guess I’ll be busy with studies for a while. I really want to get this final semester over and done with, and then see what else I can get up to for 2014. Suggestions welcomed!

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