So, How Are You Doing? Parsec Awards, Podcasts And Interplanetary Mopedowns

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything resembling text.

Usually I’d find and post something along the lines of “Ha!”:

It seems every time I have something to write about, time just zips past and I don’t even have the energy or impetus to write anything like:

* “Oh, wow, I finally got into the finals of the Parsec Awards!… um, anyone? See…?”… oh. Never mind.

* Congratulations to Eugenie Scott on her Houdini award!
* Autism Myths: Busted!
* HAAAAAAA Book cover cliches.
Remember Cornelia Rau detained in 2005? Sister Chris’s very personal piece on asylum seekers 
* I love this and want to talk about it on the radio show I do when not doing podcasts.
* Oh, yes, podcasts, sometimes in my life I do those – here you go:

Special IFLSLive In Oz Episode – Interview With ASAP Science
Episode One Hundred And Sixty Six – On “And In Science” And Doubtful News Round-Up

and still feel like planet earth gives a flying elephant about anything, let alone personal accomplishments.

What’s a personal accomplishment? Well, that’s when you manage not to burst into tears in front of one of your teachers due to weirdly thinking that because everyone else is joking, I can too. Mistake +100, roll for initiative is massive fail. 

I can throw a real planetary mopedown when I feel like it; this week I felt like it and I’m throwing one down. Around the point that I start getting a couple of “Are you eaten by fungus yet like that Hannibal episode??” subject headings in the in-box and completely disrupt my neurochemical ecology by eating my bodyweight in Extra mints, is the point I’ll probably stop.

That time is not now, but I’m already tending towards the very-depressing that isn’t good blog fodder ever, so, I’ll just ponder the following that will cheer me up:

Firstly, one good solution to being in a self-loathing rut is to go out and do something for someone else that doesn’t benefit you. I decided to help out at a local designer’s event and here’s some backstage footage:

They were really lovely, enthusiastic and supportive people and there were some very funny models. It was also the first time I got to see Brookfield Place, which covers what used to be a massive crater in the middle of the city that existed for several incredibly dull decades. Anything is an improvement; something that allows fashion shows doubly-so.

I got an invitation to do a Google Hangout with the rest of the atheists on Patheos (does that rhyme, somewhat?) about the Holocaust memorial and I think my response can be summed up as “Agreed: this is a dumb thing to be arguing about”. Which would hardly fill the hour or whatever that is being scheduled, so I’m going to leave it up to those who have more time and more to say. Go see it when it’s posted. I would have only eaten mints during the whole thing anyway.

How am I doing? I’m burying myself in work for a while and I’ll make sure that I get the podcasts fixed for the 365 Days that I have neglected for all this time, and then look ahead at doing less interaction on social media… and more on things that make me happy. Eh, we all deserve it. I hope you’re doing well too. Honestly. Life is too bloody short to be miserable. And eh, if the world can make silly ads about tampons, maybe it isn’t all bad.

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