I Think It’ll Be Called Performance Art, At Least That’s My Excuse

I’m still in the middle of a lot of work – I haven’t even blogged about being chosen to feature at TEDxPerth… firstly because it seemed as if it happened so quickly, that I was busy with everything else (school, losing power, fixing the house) and it was only today that I noticed that I was rather prominently positioned in the speakers list and for the first time sat and stared at the list with an inkling of how big this is.

Not that I’m scared, but it really didn’t sink in so much until now, I guess. I’ve been that busy.

Now I am getting scared.

Sod it, I’m heading off to rehearsals now and I’ll wearing my sequinned high-top Converse sneakers. At least if I faint and fall off the stage, the shoes will distract everyone until they get a crane to fish me out of the orchestra pit. Stay tuned.

Update: It went well. I still have work to do, because I want it to be perfect. But here’s my shoes, making a special appearance, as always.

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