This May Make More Sense With Visual Aids

Over here, this circle? That’s earth.

Over here is me. Not in the same place right now. Not in a Sandra-Bullock-wearing-bike-shorts-revealing-enviable-legs-in-Zero-G fashion, but more like the space station that got hit by debris and is flinging around in orbit in a manner that seriously annoys Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Twitter.

This is a box, that represents all the work I have yet to do.

This bit here is what my assessment check list looks like, and you can see by the range of colours, what kind of demands that’s currently having. I find with prettier colours, it seems more manageable. I’ve used an entire packet of Derwent Studio Colours to portray that part accurately.

This part here requires a photo insert:

THAT is what has been the product of many hours of intermittent and then no power in the house.

I don’t mean the cat that’s sniffing, but the burnt out fuse box that she’s sniffing. The same box which was sparking and arcing for who knows how long and made the electricians – who spent a significant amount of time crawling around parts of the house that I genuinely didn’t know could be accessed by anything larger than rodents – say a lot of very high-pitched words and scramble backwards damned faster than any rodents I’ve ever seen.

I’d draw the electricians, but it might make more sense if I just drew some lines to indicate the direction they momentarily fled before they returned and thankfully fixed the problem, so I might add a few medals and a trophy in here as well.

So, there isn’t a diagram of what could have happened to the house, such as flames and deciding to rescue X rather than Y and then spending the rest of this diagram drawing pictures of lost Y. And probably Z, Q, T and P as well. I might make that in a thought-bubble, just to reassure you that it didn’t happen.

This bit is a nice list of blogposts and podcasts and projects that I really need to get down to sorting out, now that I’m fairly confident that power will remain in the house and not repeatedly turn computers on and off – plus, the emails that I desperately want to return and will do so, as soon as this multicoloured box is all done with. Which has grown significantly larger in the diagram all of a sudden.

This is a picture of Kilroy, which is either a symbolic representation of the overwhelming need for human connection via technological mediums that we as modern people have overwhelmingly adopted in both worrying and gratifying measures, but it could also just be the only thing I can draw particularly well.

This could be a smudge, I’m not sure, this pen leaks a bit.

Here is a picture of a box of catfood that’s on the shopping list, as the cats don’t like the beef flavoured sort. And that’s a diagram of the central college Perth campus, which I meant to get to but now don’t have the time.

That’s a clock and there’s a large number of Dali-esque arms hanging off it due to the time that I’m writing this and the time I have to get up in the morning.

I miss you all quite a lot and once this is done with, I’m certain it’ll all be less surreal and postmodernist kitsch and what the hell – here, have a video of Sandra Bullock demonstrating that her legs are far more interesting viewing than anything I’m up to at this precise moment and I’ll get back to you at a more convenient time, okay?

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