Rbutr! Now Available in Firefox And iFrame For All Your Fact-Finding Needs!

You may have noticed the boost Rbutr got in the most recent eSkeptic.com mailout – so I got in touch with the Rbutr team to learn more!

We are now available in a Firefox Addon, and we have an iFrame which can be called up on any webpage in any platform (mobile, Internet explorer, whatever) by adding rbutr.com/ to the beginning of any URL.

This URL (for example) can also be shared easily, and doing so doesn’t confer social media or SEO benefit to the original content (Like DoNotLink), so you can share dubious information safely and know that people are getting the information presented to them in a skeptical framework.

The new tool which allows anyone, in any platform to access the rbutr concept by simply adding rbutr.com/ to the beginning of any URL.

When this is done it will reload the page within a Frame which provides access to the rebutting pages, alerting the visitor that the information they are currently viewing has been disputed, and that they should therefore perhaps approach it skeptically.

Check out their official blog for more at  http://blog.rbutr.com – and follow on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/rbutrcom

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