Swimming Your Way – New Children’s Paleofiction – Plesiosaur Peril!

I got a great email this morning, which brightened up the day. My niece is the owner of the first two in the series and I’ll be getting her a copy of the third:

I’m excited to announce that my brand new children’s paleofiction storybook Plesiosaur Peril is hitting stores now (official release, March 1, 2014):




Plesiosaur Peril completes my science-informed, photorealistic “Tales of Prehistoric Life” trilogy for Kids Can Press (following Pterosaur Trouble and Ankylosaur Attack).

It’s designed for kids aged 4–7 – Plesiosaur Peril once again unites the team behind the national award-winning Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be: it is written by yours truly, illustrated by myself with Jim W.W. Smith, and edited by the incomparable Valerie Wyatt. (Sharp-eyed paleozoologist Darren Naish serves as science consultant, as he did on Pterosaur Trouble.)

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