Vote Vote For The UK Skepticism’s Third ‘Ockhams’ Awards!

I did a run-down of suggested nominees last year, but feel free to add your own in the comments.

In fact, I’ll post what I said last year here, but with a different one for video – my own! NOMINATE AT


It’d be cool if you voted for my video TEDxPerth talk, Superstition ‘ain’t The Way in the video category (just saying – it’s at:

Also consider: I Doubt That – The Media Guide to Skepticism and Jamy Ian Swiss – I, Skeptic; there’s lots of Mr Deity ones and similar that can use some encouragement.

Veritasium, Dr Carin Bondar, BrainCraft should also be on your radar for nominations!

—Best Blog—

There’s a lot of big names that’ll inevitably be in the running (such as; and Pharyngula won in 2012 I think) – but think outside the box and give these shows some love:

You’re certainly not going to be lost for choice, with blogs being one of the most popular ways for people to write about skepticism!

—Best Event/Campaign in 2013—

Seriously, vote for your local events and activism efforts, and give them love via a vote. I’ll be voting for the NZ Skeptics Convention or the I Fucking Love Science Australia (IFLSOz) event (I can’t make up my mind) if it’s an event. In terms of campaigns, I’m thinking of the I Immunise campaign by the Immunisation Alliance WA, and what they’ve done for my community.

But there’s also ones in the UK like QEDCon itself, and the NY Skeptics events – think about your skeptics in the pubs and major campaigns that tried to make a difference.

—Best Podcast—

Token Skeptic won last year, so something went right for me! I have the new show Urban Legendary this year, but it’s too new to vote for, I think? I’ll only have three episodes out by the time voting closes.

I’d rather you send some support to something different, so do consider your favourite shows and supporting up-and-coming gems that can use a boost in profile:

Overall? Think about the shows and sites that deserve support and love that may not usually get attention – one of the great things about awards is that even being in the running-up can help build an audience. Thanks!

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