A Quick Token Skeptic Update (With Art! And Radio!)

I don’t usually write about things-I’m-doing-on-the-side (mostly because I find blogging becomes an easy distraction from things-I-should-be-writing-and-completing-for-others-like-oh-an-article-or-two-a-final-draft-of-a-presentation-and-hey-don’t-I-call-myself-a-podcaster-sometimes-what-happened-there-hey-what-the?) but I will do this little thank you post because in a day where my cat had a suspected broken leg, I dashed to two different radio stations to produce a show, contribute my little science show to the airwaves and drop off some DVDs…

…At some point I have to stop myself and be thankful to everyone who is incredibly kind to this overwhelmingly busy person who is writing these words at 12am.

I have to get some sleep sometime.

But not before this little gem that lightens up my week. In fact, two of them.

Pictured here in a frame? Is an art piece that has been recently burrowed out from my yet-to-be-framed collection of works and put up on display. Her name is Tabby. She is a limited print by Shag. It’s the first of my “Shags” to be framed and it’s a birthday gift from a wonderful person and I only picked it up from the framers yesterday. Or the day before, since it’s now midnight that I’m writing this. Ahem.

What the hell, regardless of the time – it’s awesome; my friend Trish is awesome and it’s wonderful to have the sassy Tabby up on display and I hope to have more up in the future now that Trish has kicked my bottom into gear and into trying to tidy up the place more, rather than have Tabby be the most shining example of a classy dame in the vicinity.

Tabby would never leave USBs all over the couch and an empty bottle of soda water on the coffee table, I’m sure. Thank you to both Trish and Tabby for encouraging me to lift my game!

The other thing you can see peeking into the frame? That’s an original cartoon by Carbon Kyle, aka Kyle Sanders. And YOU SHOULD get some of his work; his cartoons are whimsical, cute and pretty bloody snappy once you order one and get it sent about a billion miles away from where he is. I even got a killer koala “dropbear” with my order! I’ll be framing that piece when I have the chance (preferably not in five years time, as I did with Tabby).

And also go check out Carbon Dating for a picture of Pike. I think Tabby has some competition for cute.

So. Thanks to two people for my fantastic art collection and I am now going to go collapse for a little while before filling in my new “to do” list for tomorrow (doctors appointment, emails, bills, all the usual things that make up our lives) – and then doing something about that “podcaster” I have in my tags.

Oh, before I forget, you can find some of the radio audio pieces I’ve done for RTRFM and 89.7 Twin Cities over on the Soundcloud account at soundcloud.com/kylie-sturgess – I’ll be adding more soon.

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