Apparently It’s Pi / Pie Day In The USA… Updates On Other Podcasting, Travel-Stuff

Here is the logo (I made this! I’ve learned that “hipster” can be code for “I’ve done five lessons in graphic art!”) for the radio show I contribute to. It is kind of pie shaped. You’re welcome.

Over here it’s just March 14th. Or as we have it in our dating system, 14/03/2014.

It’s very, very confusing to see the US date system and risk screwing things up by thinking it’s day/month/year when it’s MONTH/day/year over there. At least, it has been whenever I’ve travelled and hesitated over booking on websites, because I might get stuck somewhere with an invalid ticket.

Travel has been on my mind recently, as I posted a Patreon update over on the Patreon site for all the Patreon people who support my Patreon project and then I thought what-the-hell, might as well make it for everyone and here’s another copy of it…

…With sincere apologies to all the Patreon people who are probably sick to death of my updates as much as I was with writing it, by the time I realised that a little element of my logo for the radio show that I have featured here and spent all of the morning fixing it and swearing at the computer and eventually posting five versions of the fixed-and-refixed-and-fixed-again-and-why-won’t-it-resize-you-utter-monster… before it was all done.

While I continually fret that writing about the work I do to promote rationalism and skepticism could be dismissed as just self-promotion – after all the agony I went through to get this work done, I think we should all count ourselves lucky that there is one computer that has barely survived to irritate me for another day.

Et voilà:

What’s happening today?

* I’m sending in an article for a Philosophy magazine (on a topic unrelated to skepticism, but it should be fun);

* I’m heading into RTRFM to be interviewed (instead of the other way around!) on the topic of language and denialism;

* I’m waiting on a physical copy of an article I wrote for the Free Inquiry magazine (it should be online too, I’m not sure… don’t quote me on this!);

* I’m writing up a workshop on teaching and Twitter!

And most importantly – I finally have all my “ducks in a row” for some devoted podcasting time. Phew. For all those patient Patreons, I’ll be releasing TWO episodes this weekend (which will constitute the end of January/beginning of February episodes) and then one more on Monday – which finishes off the goal I set for myself of “two shows a month” soon after.

Every show ends up on iTunes for everyone, but (as usual) there’s extra stuff that’s just for Patreons, if you’re already a subscriber. That makes it a total of three shows out this weekend – which means I’ll be up-to-date for making shows in the month of March! And it’s only the 14th today, so that’s not TOO bad, I hope.

I’d also really appreciate it if you can *spread the word about the show* as it’s going to be my priority for the next few months! Now that I’m regularly contributing interviews and pieces to two different radio stations (as a volunteer, by the way – all of this is in my “free time” to gain more work experience) – it seems obvious to me that I should be drawing more on the opportunities I’m getting to improve the podcast.

Later this month (around the 20th) I’ll be in MELBOURNE! I’ll be attending a meetings involving atheism, but I’ll still be doing my usual running around and talking to people (friends are definitely on my list, but if I can talk to people for interviews, that’s always a bonus), so keep an eye on the Token Skeptic blog over on the Patheos site (which is

I missed catching up with people when I was briefly in Brisbane for the Australian Science Communicators Conference 2014 – I spent the ENTIRE time working and only went out once for food and nearly fell asleep in a cupcake store – I really should take advantage of my travelling-for-work opportunities rather than regret doing all-work-no-play later.

Other than that? Any suggestions for topics, interviews, investigations are always welcomed. Zip a comment on the Patreon page (like this one here!) and let me know!

Oh, you might also like to check out the show I help produce and do a 10-15 minute science segment on every week! That’s for Twin Cities 89.7FM here in Perth – it’s over at

Thanks again everyone for your support, let other people know about the Urban Legendary show – and let me know if you want to catch up in Melbourne!

NEARLY FORGOT – did I mention that I’m doing graphic art classes in my spare time? Here’s an example of a logo design I did for the Movers and Shakers Radio show (which devotes an hour every week from now on to local high schoolers being on the air – just before my science segment!). It’s rather hipster, but I think when you’re just starting out, the basics are what you end up doing. 


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