Atheist Foundation Of Australia Releases National Curriculum Submission

“Unfortunately, the secular and free nature of Australia is under attack by two main programs within the public school system: Special Religious Instruction (SRI) and the National Schools Chaplaincy and Secular Youth Worker Program (NSCSWP).” – AFA

I’m fairly certain that you would have seen some recent Australian developments regarding these claims; The Friendly Atheist covered one development with Australian Group Protesting Public School Religious Indoctrination Puts Up a Billboard of Jesus Petting a Dinosaur:

There’s a fantastic group called Fairness In Religions In School (FIRIS) trying to raise awareness of the abuses within the program in part because they say parents don’t really know what’s going on in their kids’ schools.

To that end, they put up a billboard in Melbourne on Tuesday morning that shows parents what their kids may be learning in school:


You can check out the entire post on the Friendly Atheist blog.

While there’s a number of groups being proactive in this regard (Fairness in Religions in School is one; you can also check out local groups to me like West Australians for Separation of Church and State, Council for Australian Humanist SocietiesSecular Coalition of Australia and search around on

I should also point out that Perth is having another Sunday Assembly very soonApril 13th at 11am, join the Perth Atheists group to find out more.

However, there’s also the forthcoming changes to the National Curriculum (don’t get me started on how this is happening all over again…) – I think it’s great that the Atheist Foundation of Australia are being proactive in that regard, rather than complaining or protesting once changes have already been agreed to (or, at the worst, implemented).

If religion is to be included in the National Curriculum, the Atheist Foundation of Australia recommends that it be in the format of a comparative religion class where students will examine details about a wide range of past and current religious beliefs and not simply be indoctrinated into a single dogma.

It’s important for people to have a say if they think that education in matters involving them will be impacted by curriculum changes – so do check it out at this link – National Curriculum Submission on the AFA website.


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