Perth: A Few Local Events That Are Science-y (And Awesome)

I keep meaning to do this and I should just post and tell you to check them out (and they’re touring shows, so check your local listings if you’re in Australia!):

Green Porno – Perth Concert Hall, WA

Date: Wed 19 Mar 2014 – 8:00pm

Screen icon Isabella Rossellini is coming to Australia to perform her new, playful and wonderfully odd stage show Green Porno, a one-woman comedy about mating in the natural world.

In Green Porno, Rossellini takes us on an unusual and fascinating journey into the sex life and mating habits of a number of land and marine animals – the snail, the worm, the fly, the shrimp, the deadly spider, the praying mantis, the anchovy and the bi-phallic snake.

A forthcoming interview on my podcast (and he’s heading to Mandurah and Albany too!):

The Rap Guide to Evolution – The Octagon Theatre, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway Crawley, WA.

Date: Sat 24th May – 7:30pm

Combining the wit, poetry, and charisma of a great rapper with the accuracy of a scientist, Baba Brinkman takes us on a hip-hop tour of modern biology.

A smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, in New York, and around the world, The Rap Guide is provocative, hilarious, intelligent, and scientifically accurate.

Last but not least (and as featured on radio as an interview!):

The Science Of Doctor Who – The Octagon Theatre, The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Highway Crawley, WA.

Date: Sat 26th April – 4pm and 7:30pm

Presented by RiAus in association with BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand

Join us on this amazing journey through space and time as comedian Rob Lloyd, and his crew of scientists, explore the scientific mysteries of Doctor Who.

Featuring original scenes from the iconic BBC television series, join in the fun with your smartphone as we investigate the science of time travel and teleportation, ask if regeneration is possible, and explain how the TARDIS can be bigger on the inside. You will even get an opportunity to decide which Doctor Who alien will take over the universe.

There are no limits to this adventure as we travel the cosmos to reveal The Science Of Doctor Who.

Check them out – and see you around if you’re going along!

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