Skeptics Have Been Busy On Wikipedia! #GSoW

Thanks to Susan and her team, who seem to have more energy than most distant galaxies, there’s a new update to the blog called Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia. This one is all about the GSoW (as they’re called) doing a lot of work over the past two months!

Mostly new people are assigned what I call “backwards edits” mainly from podcast interviews. I’ve made spreadsheets with every episode of specific podcasts, and then assign the new editor the task of listening and relistening to the interview and seeing if they can use the podcast to support or improve the Wikipedia page…
This forces us to expand to people and organizations we have never heard of. And it exposes our editors to podcasts and people they were unfamiliar with. Once the podcast has been used as a citation, then that spreads the Skeptic Love to Wikipedia readers who might never have discovered that podcast

…Around about now I’m very glad that I have transcripts of my podcasts – because although new listeners are welcome, I’m glad I can help cut out a few hours of dedicated quote-capturing by having them available already!

They’ve done SO much more, however, so I urge you to check out the entry and the entire blog site (particularly the international element that has had a huge impact on the world-wide communication of skepticism) – and consider joining!

If any of this interests you, please consider joining our team. We need people with all kinds of skills. We do train and mentor. Training does take a bit of a commitment, so approach us when you have some time to learn. Write to us at

And particular well done to the team for getting Dr Pamela Gay’s profile on the front page as a “Do You Know…?” – I remember retweeting that excitedly when it happened, so it’s great that such contributors are being recognised and that hard work is getting a wider audience!

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