The This Is What I Think Of You Below The Line Voting Guide To The Western Australian Senate Re-Election

For everyone who isn’t in my part of the world, the Western Australian Senate re-election will be held on Saturday April 5.

The reason why it’s a re-election is because we voted last September, but a re-count was called for because the contest for the last two seats left were really close… and it was discovered that around 1300 ballot papers went missing. This isn’t typical for this country, you’ll be pleased to hear.

So, we’re back to the polls again.

It is recommended that if you want to get information on electoral enrolment, when and how to vote, that you visit the Electoral Commission website.

There are resources such as the The Election Guide at this link and if you want to be even more detailed, Antony Green’s WA Senate Calculator can be found at this link.

However, there’s always this option too – the This Is What I Think Of You Below The Line Voting Guide To The Western Australian Senate Re-Election:

[1] This is the person I want to vote for, to be a Senator.

[2] If I can’t have my first choice, here’s my second.

[3] Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for someone to vote for.

[4] This person is who I’d hope to be part of the gang.

[5] In my top five. Definitely.

[6] They seem okay enough. Perhaps.

[7] I’ve had a quick look and they wouldn’t annoy me too much.

[8] At a pinch, they could probably do fine.

[9] I guess they’ll do a good job.

[10] Starting to scrape the barrel here with this one.

[11] – [16] These ones seem to be much the same, really.

[17] I didn’t look at this one, but the name seems all right.

[18] I would have spelt it differently, but meh.

[19] This one is clearly a joke candidate, but I laughed.

[20] I think this one is trying a little too hard.

[21] – [25] In fact, I think these five are part of some kind of comedy troupe from back in the 1990s?

[26] This one still thinks they’re in a comedy troupe, quite frankly.

[27] – [30] All of these ones are the usual clowns.

[31] This one I think wandered into the electoral office by mistake.

[32] – [40] All of these ones are clearly in it for the publicity and not to be taken seriously.

[41] Taking this one seriously would really be a cause for some publicity.

[42] – [50] Around about here, I just started going alphabetically and / or by height.

[52] – [53] These two seems to be friends, so I flipped a coin as to who went first.

[54] This one reminded me of a real bully back in school, so I don’t think so.

[55] – [56] These ones come from a party/parties that offend my sensibilities, values or ethical positions on certain things.

[57] This one just has really bad dress sense, grumpy manner and a nasty voice. Oh, and all of those political issues that matter, they don’t seem to care for. Much of a muchness, really.

[58] Looks like they drive one of those cars that park on my verge without asking. And a silly name for a party too.

[60] Oh dear holy hades, please no one vote for this one.

[61] – [65] Or these ones either. Urgh.

[66] This is the kind of party representative that keeps me awake at night in fits of terror.

[67] This one would just be plain embarrassing to have to admit to the rest of the country that we’re responsible.

[68] – [70] No one would believe that we voted for these ones anyway and we’d just have to go back for another re-count.

[71] Seriously, who put this person up for the job? Is anyone vetting this process?

[72] – [73] Okay, these two are clearly a case of “too much time on their hands and not enough restraining devices”.

[74] No, no, no, no, no. A thousand times no.

[75] Here’s where you put names at the very end before you even start filling it out properly, without even thinking twice.

[76] You’d almost feel sorry for them… and then you remember what they did last time.

[77] There’s reasons why we have elections – one is to make sure this name is at the very arse end of the process.

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