Drop It Like It’s Rot – #StopTaxingMyPeriod Protests This Friday In Australia

I did a radio interview with Subeta Vimalarajah about this issue back in May and talked about the petition – and now protests are starting up again!

Australia has a goods and services tax (GST), where an extra 10% added to the price of goods and service. Unlike the sales tax in the US, it’s already a part of the advertised price, with some items are excluded from this tax, for reasons such as health items – which is why products like tampons should also be excluded.

Check out the music video:

Yes, that is the Prime Minister’s sister Christine Forster (Liberal Councillor on the City of Sydney) featured in the film – dancing to great lyrics like “Ain’t it bizarre they taxin’ tampons like tea / But even Bushells is GST free”

Protest details on Facebook – August 14th:

Stop Taxing My Period Rally – Hobart
Parliament House, Hobart in Hobart, Tasmania

Stop Taxing My Period Rally – Canberra
Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Stop Taxing My Period Rally – Perth
Parliament House in Perth, Western Australia

Stop Taxing My Period Rally – Sydney
Martin Place, Sydney – Meet between Pitt St and Castlereagh St

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