Podcasts – Token Skeptic #212 And Fringe / Fest – ing About Perth

Podcasts – Token Skeptic #212 And Fringe / Fest – ing About Perth January 24, 2016

token skeptic siteI’m kind of surprised that some other local podcasts haven’t been doing this more, but I’ve had a number of opportunities to speak to people as a part of the Perth International Arts Festival and the Fringe Festival… so why not organise them all together in a few special episode podcasts?

So, here’s what’s been uploaded recently, with huge thanks as always to RTRFM and the Patreons who pay for the podcast hosting:

Token Skeptic Episode #212: On PhD’s In Anti-Science And The Fading Symphony.

The doctorate by Judy Wilyman, has resulted in criticism of her research and also of the academics who allowed it to be awarded a degree in the university’s School of Humanities.

I spoke to the Founder of the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance, Emeritus Professor at the University of New South Wales and co-founder of Friends of Science and Medicine, Professor John Dwyer.

And recently, Tim Minchin lent his piano-playing efforts to a good cause:

I spoke to Dr Kirsten Harley about The Fading Symphony. Find out more and donate to hear the music and help the cause at https://thefadingsymphony.com

In addition, I’ve been doing a few interviews and running around the Perth FringeWorld and Perth International Arts Festival, seeing as much as I can. Here’s a pair of podcasts about the adventures:

Token Skeptic Perth Fest And Fringe Special – Episode One:

Interview with director Jaco Van Dormael – director of  “The Brand New Testament” – currently screening as a part of the Lotterywest Festival Films Season 2.

This year a 300 square meter maze has popped up in the Pleasure Gardens. The Get Lost Maze is produced by local creative agency JumpClimb in conjunction with the UK-Based Dot Comedy – and is an interactive attraction set to be enjoyed by all ages.

Playing at FringeWorld, presented by Company O, Oleanna is the story of a university student’s grievance with her professor that very quickly gets out of hand. Oleanna is currently playing at the Skye Bar, at the Hidden Bar in Northbridge.

Token Skeptic Perth Fest And Fringe Special – Episode Two:

The Perth Writers Festival is back for another year, bringing with it inspiring writers and thinkers from around the world. I spoke to Katherine Dorrington, the festival’s program manager.

Western Australia’s hottest young playwrights, Gita Bezard and Will O’Mahony are offering insights into the lengths some go to for friendship and the chance at a new life. I spoke to Stephanie Panozzo from the play “Girl Shut Your Mouth” and Hoa Xuande from the play “Tonsils and Tweezers”, both a part of the Loaded production at the Black Swan Theatre underground studio.

Check out those, and all the other podcast episodes, at www.tokenskeptic.org!

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