#PerthFest Token Skeptic Special Podcast Episode – Perth Writers Festival

12751128_1033605890031959_1443488079_nIt’s been a very busy week with the Perth International Arts Festival (join the Patreon and see the Home event content, including Tim Minchin!) – and now the Perth Writers Festival!

With a marathon-style live three hour show yesterday and a sprinkling of interviews prior to the event, I’ve collected a range of content and put it into one podcast – authors on science, art, blogging, fantasy, humour and more:

Token Skeptic Special Episode – 2016 Perth Writers Festival

It’s a yearly celebration of writing, literature, non-fiction and the authors and ideas behind the covers of a massive range of genres.

Here’s a round-up of some of the interviews that I’ve conducted; they’ve been aired on local community radio station RTRFM as a part of ArtBeat and The Mag.

As always, if you’d like to support more content like this coming out – there’s the Patreon over at www.patreon.com/kyliesturgess.

And now, I can get some sleep before hitting the writers sessions and enjoying the sunshine.

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