New Podcasts! Token Skeptic on Alt Med; A Room of One’s Own on RTRFM

I’m as busy as always… but here’s some listening (and a little viewing as well, with a great documentary on alt med)!

Firstly, over on Token Skeptic Podcast: Episode Two Hundred And Twenty One – On No Alternative To Cancer.

Every year, thousands of Australians are suffering and dying prematurely because of alternative cancer treatments, according to a special investigation by Dr Paul Willis, director of The Royal Institution of Australia.

The video (part of a series) is called No Alternative To Cancer, on the Australia Science TV site. The report details the distressingly high number of cancer sufferers who choose to forego conventional treatment altogether in search of an alternative cure. Kylie Sturgess spoke to Dr Paul Willis of RiAus.

In addition – a little investigation with some amazing women in Western Australia is going to be airing from 10am (Perth time) on community radio station RTRFM:

“A Room Of One’s Own” features conversations with women in Western Australia, using the Proust Questionnaire and ideas raised by Virginia Woolf’s essay A Room of One’s Own.
The discussions are with representatives from the fields of art, science, business, innovation, sport and more – on gender, class, culture and career. Music featured is by Rachael Dease.
For this episode, Kylie Sturgess speaks to the Artistic Director of the Black Swan Theatre Company Clare Watson and the Director of the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Amy Barrett-Lennard.

It’s the first in a series and will be airing every Wednesday on the Mag show and should be online soon after on the RTRFM website.

About Kylie Sturgess

Kylie Sturgess is a former Philosophy teacher, media and psychology student, blogger at Patheos and podcaster at Token Skeptic. She has conducted over a hundred interviews including artists, scientists, politicians and activists, worldwide. She regularly presents a news and current affairs show on RTRFM's The Mag (tune in on Tuesdays!).
She’s the author of the ‘Curiouser and Curiouser‘ column at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry website and travels internationally lecturing on feminism, skepticism, and science. She files her nails while they drag the lake.