Launch of the 365 Days of Philosophy Podcast – 2017!

The launch of the 365 Days of Philosophy podcast in 2017 starts today! Here’s something I posted for my Patreon supporters – if you’d like to support a year-long critical thinking series, you can head to: Patreon for Kylie Sturgess.


Well, I’m home, safe, the cat snoring besides me… and I still have glitter in my hair from a mis-fired celebration device that went off with an astonishingly loud bang for such a small piece of plastic.

Happy new year, wherever you are! I am so very grateful for your continued support and I do check stats and feedback regularly, so as always – feel free to write in!

After 2016, yet another year where I contributed in a small way to Philosophy education in this state (for the past decade or so I’ve taught, tutored, written resources or edited philosophy and ethics content for teachers, students or curriculum groups, for a range of ages), I thought it’d be a good time to reopen the year-long blog (where in 2013 I posted a daily resource/s on various Philosophical concepts), and start doing more regular podcasts.

After hearing SO MUCH in 2016 about how we need to focus on good reasoning, spotting fallacies and be more skeptical and so on, I thought I’d put some of the resources and ideas I’ve had to use in one site… yet again! Some I used in the recent UWA Skepticism 101 course that I co-presented, but there’ll be plenty of new stuff too.

Therefore, 2017 is the start of the revamped 365 Days of Philosophy podcast at  – and I’ll see how that goes. Every day is a new short podcast; but it’s only the full weekly summary that I’ll be releasing as a fully fledged Patreon supported episode.

That means just three to four episodes maximum a month; this will include podcasted essays, exercises in logic and reasoning, vox pop, news, book reading notes, documentary and film reviews and ideas for every day of the year, so I hope you’re going to spread the word and send in feedback!

On January 2nd (Monday), I’m back on air for RTRFM Breakfast (6am-9am), then on Tuesday’s Music Mag show with Talk The Talk co-host Daniel. I’m sure we can play you a requested song if you get in touch either by Facebook or email to Tune in on 94.1 /!

Do consider checking out that separate Patron page and the Facebook for the Talk The Talk podcast – note that we’re in the running for a Castaway podcast award, so please drop Talk the Talk or even Token Skeptic a vote at:   !)

Other than that – the tour is getting closer… in fact it’s this year! See you in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth if you’re able to come along.

I think that’s it… the chlorine from the pool, the sounds of the New Year countdown, and all the rich food has me very sleepy. Thank you again, so very much, for your support of my work. And have a safe, happy and wonderful new year.

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