When it comes to podcasting, one of the most downloaded shows I know is This American Life. I even saw Ira Glass during his tour of Australia and enjoy several other shows like it, such as Snap Judgement, and it has influenced the work I do on Token Skeptic. So naturally, when I see several links to a story about the show from friends pop up, I go to check it out. The news my friends had for me? “This… Read more

Please note – as per request, a trigger-warning: this account features a case of witnessing self-harm. Recently I commented on Twitter that I just returned from a court-case, where I called in as a witness to an assault that occurred at the end of August last year. The trial didn’t occur: the defendant pleaded guilty and we spent much of the day waiting in a rather new, high-ceiling, glass-walled building with no coffee machine and chocolate costing three dollars from the vending machine…. Read more

I’m certain most people in Australia (well, the ones who give the TV arial a good kick and get reception to pick up the station) are watching this show already, but here’s the promo for the overseas sorts who want to know how cutting edge our comedy production values are getting these days. All those years of watching The Prisoner, The Avengers, et al, are finally paying off… Read more

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Occasionally people ask about useful guides to skepticism, a learn-it-at-your-own-pace course? This may be of interest to you! Dr Novella mentioned this latest guide on his blog recently, but I don’t know how many people are aware of the previously published course. I brought that one as soon as it came out, and I’ve now purchased the new one as well. If you’re looking for DVDs / audio on critical thinking, this is a useful resource. Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific… Read more

SORRY ABOUT ALL THE SHOUTING BUT THIS IS RATHER COOL! I hope I get to see one in Melbourne. I didn’t last time; someone took a snap of one with their phone and it really was surprisingly thrilling to know that they were zipping about during the time of the convention. Anyway. It’s funny how being online can get you down and grumpy – but a little thing like a banner can make hitting ‘refresh’ on your RSS feed worth… Read more

Thanks to Josh for this find. Read more

I sent this to someone recently over Skype, to cheer them up about MY not being cheered up. I loved hearing them laugh, and even though this video is not in English, you’ll get it. I can use some properly-applied humour at the moment, it’s been a little stressful. If you need some cheering up too? Enjoy. Read more

For us here in Australia, it means that you can purchase the Scam School book up until midday on the 15th March to help it get into the #1 spot across all e-platforms. It’s by Brian Brushwood, a magician and fellow skeptic, who has done great work with his shows to promote an understanding of frauds and scams. “Scam School Book One’s media-rich format allows you to learn tricks with unprecedented depth, supported by hundreds of photos, over 40 videos,… Read more

I’m typing from the silent study / teaching room at the EDFAA library at UWA. Honestly, I am! I can’t believe it myself. I stood in line for about five minutes, hoping to talk to one of the librarians, just to say “WAHHHHH!!! YOU’RE BACK!!” Then I realised that she was wrestling with a student’s library print token (it’s been run over by a Large Hadron Collider, I think) that was screwing up her card-reader and thought that I’d go write this blogpost… Read more

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