The UWA EDFAA Rises From The Flood (Warning – Contains Library Porn)

I’m typing from the silent study / teaching room at the EDFAA library at UWA. Honestly, I am! I can’t believe it myself. I stood in line for about five minutes, hoping to talk to one of the librarians, just to say “WAHHHHH!!! YOU’RE BACK!!” Then I realised that she was wrestling with a student’s library print token (it’s been run over by a Large Hadron Collider, I think) that was screwing up her card-reader and thought that I’d go write this blogpost… Read more

Links Du Jour (While Darth Vader Plays Star Wars Themes On Bagpipes Riding A Unicycle)

It’s “One Of Those Days Where Darth Vader With Bagpipes On A Unicycle Seems A Sensible Way To Deal With The World”. So, have some reading or else. Something cheery first: Global Atheist Convention Gold Passes and Gala Dinner are sold out. You can, however, get Sunday passes and general seating. But I don’t know how long they’ll last either! On the heels of the interview I did which mentioned the forthcoming documentary “Jabbed” – CNN: Vaccine court finds no link… Read more

Token Skeptic Transcript – Interviews With Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton

I neglected to mention this a few days ago! Since that time I’ve run up a partial transcript of both – so if you haven’t checked out these two interviews, they’re now available on the Token Skeptic podcast: Episode One Hundred And Eleven – On How Now You See Her – Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton. What I found particularly interesting were the slightly different perspectives they had about television when it came to communicating about science and technology; how… Read more

A Brief History Of The History Channel

 Read more

Congratulations PodDelusion! #QEDCon

Congratulations to everyone involved with the PodDelusion, winner of the best podcast in the Ockham Awards – photo taken at QEDCon by “Sillypunk”, aka Liz Lutgendorff. Read more

The Making Of Q.I

 Read more

WIN! UK Skeptics Award Daniel Keogh The #QEDCon Video Prize!

WE DID IT!! Daniel won! Congratulations! I have to say a huge thank-you to everyone who read this blog-post : Make Your Nominations For The UK Skeptic Awards 2011 (With A Blatant Request) …and then sent in a vote for the best science video clip on the web – by Daniel Keogh: The Strange Powers of the Placebo Effect. WIN! Science smart-arse, creative dolt and general loon. Former reporter for ABC TVs Hungry Beast and Radio Nationals Science Show. Brave enough to investigate the weird,… Read more

Sunday Morning Survey – Can You Name All The Movies?

Sunday Morning Survey – Because It’s Late, I Have Still So Much To Catch Up On, Emails Of That Ilk, And I Need A Break, Oh Look – Cool Links And Now I’m Happier! …Ish. What a Sunday already… can you name all the movies? ABCinema from Evan Seitz on Vimeo. Chicago Tribune: ‘”Churches are among the final institutions to get foreclosed upon because banks have not wanted to look like they are being heavy handed with the churches,” said Scott… Read more

Anyone Else Put Out The Kerbside Collection And Find It Tomorrow On Someone Else’s Lawn?

“Take the broken household goods in my car down to the rubbish tip / Come back with more junk that I came down with.” – paraphrasing a song by 90s comedy group Found Objects. It can’t just be my suburb that has people who check out the abandoned hard rubbish collection, take their pickings, realise why they’ve been discarded and either: a) put it back on my lawn b) put it on their lawn to be collected. only for the cycle… Read more

The Story Of “Keep Calm And Carry On”

You may be sick to death of it (and its variations)… but an interesting story. Read more

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