I’m about to zoom on back over to the Embiggen Bookstore for today’s YAS Skeps And Specs Live Podcast Show and Skeptical Book Anthology Launch, but FIRST… I must show you this, with thanks to Kirsty! It’s been a few years since I’ve checked in with The Bechdel Test for Women in Movies so I thought it would be a good time to look in on Hollywood and see if there’s been any substantial improvement in women’s representations on the… Read more

If you’re in Melbourne this Saturday at 5pm – come along! It’s a night of game show-style quiz panel AND a fun booklaunch of the Skeptical Blog Anthology Book! The place to be? We’ll be starting at 5pm in Embiggen Books on 197-203 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne on Saturday, 3rd March – behind the State Library. Be prepared for an evening of mind-puzzling quizzes, a battle of the brains panel, a live-podcast show and the opportunity to check out the premier rationalist and… Read more

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On yet another plane. What am I playing? Various distractions: That Home – Cinematic Orchestra Destroy Everything You Touch- Ladytron Burn It All Down – VHS or Beta Diversion – Mark Ronson Be A Star – Oh No! Oh My! Don’t You Worry – Jim Noir Around The Bend – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Flathead – The Fratellis At Sea – Electrelane Swisha – Ratatat Suffer For Fashion – Montreal Read more

It’s a session featuring Alison Leigh of the World Congress of Science & Factual Producers; Sonya Pemberton of Pemberton Films and chaired by Niall Byrne. Niall is the creative director of Science in Public and admits that he’s astonished to hear of around 9 years for a film project. When he was involved with a science journalism conference, he was contacted by science and factual producers and went to their NY conference. It’s about a third out there who are buying or broadcasting and… Read more

Edit – now features the video that was being discussed! On the video we had short segments of video with Andrew Maynard of 20/20 Science; Alice Bell; Michelle Banks and Shane McCracken. On stage, it’s the MC Kristen Alford, Will Grant, Kate Carruthers and Ben Harris-Roxas. Overall, the panel is to look beyond who uses Twitter/FB socially, and who uses the platform to do different things in different ways – what’s interesting and what can be exploited? Video “Nuanced communications” Dr… Read more

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This is a session where people’s attendance has been building slowly throughout the morning… which is a shame, as a few people have missed seeing Bec Crew’s presentation at the very start, which is the one I’ve taken more notes on than any other speaker. What follows are some post-panel observations as the internet was dodgy and I cracked open a Word document to keep track of my thoughts. By the way – I’ve noticed that today’s fashion trends are jellyfish and… Read more

Welcome to Tuesday morning at the #ASC2012 – I’m thinking of proposing a PhD proposal: “The Misuse Of Twitter And The Insomnia Of DrPaul Willis – Longitudinal Study of an Online Observance Of The Hours Between 12am – 5am”. There’s bound to be some benefit to society from such research, even if it’s “why you should turn your Twitter phone notifications off”. Mind, he’s still going to pop in here at 9am sharp for the first session, chirpier than a… Read more

I’m in a little internet cafe on Liverpool Street, Sydney and I think I can best describe the dim, muggy climate outside as “Bladerunner-esque”. All we need is a few replicants being pursued by a perspiring Harrison Ford. I’ve got a radio interview at 7pm with the fine folks at Generation Next 94.9FM Melbourne, which is why I’m not at the Cocktail party down the road at UTS. I’ll catch up with friends for dinner afterwards, don’t worry. BYO Voight-Kampff… Read more

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