Welcome to Tuesday morning at the #ASC2012 – I’m thinking of proposing a PhD proposal: “The Misuse Of Twitter And The Insomnia Of DrPaul Willis – Longitudinal Study of an Online Observance Of The Hours Between 12am – 5am”. There’s bound to be some benefit to society from such research, even if it’s “why you should turn your Twitter phone notifications off”. Mind, he’s still going to pop in here at 9am sharp for the first session, chirpier than a… Read more

I’m in a little internet cafe on Liverpool Street, Sydney and I think I can best describe the dim, muggy climate outside as “Bladerunner-esque”. All we need is a few replicants being pursued by a perspiring Harrison Ford. I’ve got a radio interview at 7pm with the fine folks at Generation Next 94.9FM Melbourne, which is why I’m not at the Cocktail party down the road at UTS. I’ll catch up with friends for dinner afterwards, don’t worry. BYO Voight-Kampff… Read more

Firstly, there’s a diverse range of footwear at this event. So far I’ve spotted tennis sneakers, Chanel ballet flats, Converse sneakers, court shoes and high heels. I’m glad that I’m not underdressed, I was worried it was a “bring your own labcoat” kind of gig. I’m next to Dr Paul Willis and Michael McRae, up in the “Gods” area – got a good view. It’s not a particularly full room, but there’s quite a few iPads glowing around the arena. Please… Read more

I’m on the road again. Since I just finished a few days at the Perth Writers Festival (and I promise to blog about how great it was catching up with authors Alom Shaha, Leslie Cannold and Jane Caro – by the way, get their books), what to pack for the plane trip to Sydney and Melbourne (and back again) is on my mind. This is a revised post from a few years back. Many of the recommendations still hold, although… Read more

Judeo-Christian traditions saturate our culture but are they still relevant? Do we need God’s guidance to be good? Alom Shaha, Leslie Cannold, Jane Caro and Canon Frank Sheehan discuss. It’s happening tonight! Features … well, kind of an overwhelming number of awesome atheists on the stage. And Canon Frank Sheehan, who thankfully has a rather good humor about these kinds of things (he married Tim Minchin and was hilarious when interviewing Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Perth a little while ago)! Tickets are $22 from BOCS Ticketing… Read more

Batman’s beginning to wonder if his movie makes any sense at all. Read more

Quick update for folks in Melbourne! Shelley Segal is doing a gig tomorrow at Miss Libertines at 34 Franklin St in the city. It’s from 2-7pm, with five bands for $5 and it’s all going towards organising a fundraiser on March the 10th that is raising money for a women’s shelter. Head down to hear the music and support a good cause! Shelley Segal is a singer-song writer from Melbourne, Australia. Growing up in a musical family, Shelley began singing… Read more

After a fairly rotten morning (missing shoe, comments, impending global warming and so forth), I decided to cheer myself up by arriving at the University of Western Australia’s central campus via TARDIS. And then it broke down. FML.   Some very nice students helped me tow it to the UWA Atheists and Skeptic Society booth, where I called Gallifrey Auto Repairs and they said they’d try to be there around lunch, give or take a century or two. The team were… Read more

I’m honestly wearing just one shoe and about to run out the door as soon as I find the other. But quickly: “The O-Day Festival is the BIGGEST student event on campus!  Taking place on Friday 24 February 2012, the last day of O-Week, UWA explodes into life for the year with live music, giveaways, food, hundreds of stalls and thousands of students covering James Oval and Koort Kwoba Dandjoo (Guild Village).” The UWA Atheist and Skeptics society has a… Read more

I’m about to run out the door to attend a lecture by Germaine Greer (it happens to be the opening night of the Perth Writers Festival), but here’s a few snaps from another first: The Murdoch University Atheist and Agnostic Society. I met Robert of the MASS near the social sciences building, just on the edges of the Bush Court. Which is why all my photos are kind of washed-out, as it was a bright morning and the light was… Read more

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