Today, I had duck pancakes – for the first time. And I have deleted what follows. I am loved, this I know. Thanks, Digital Cuttlefish. I’ll blog about a week from now – there’ll be a podcast out before then, that I’ll post. Nearly forgot: Darwin Day in Perth – tomorrow, Perth Zoo and it’s being run by the Perth Atheists. Alom Shaha’s “The Young Atheist’s Handbook” tour will be heading to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra (and possibly Sydney)… Read more

When I announced the release of the most recent Token Skeptic podcast interview (here it is again: Episode One Hundred And Six – On Friends Of Science In Medicine – Interview With Dr Rob Morrison), I posted a picture of an internet poll that had about six or so hours to go before it closed. I didn’t urge anyone to vote on it, mind – just an observation that it was clearly tending towards a “No”. It clearly says: These polls… Read more

Thanks to Charlotte for this find! Read more

Great news – the dates for the Australian tour of Alom Shaha and his new book, “The Young Atheist’s Handbook” (available for pre-order on Amazon) are now out: PERTH – Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th February: Various events at the Perth Writers Festival MELBOURNE – Monday 27th February: 6.15 pm, In Conversation with Jonathan Safran at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne Tuesday 28th February: 1.00 pm Live radio interview on Triple R radio’s ‘The Banana Lounge’ and 7.40 pm Live Radio interview with Waleed Aly… Read more

[Title blatantly taken from Matt’s blog-post, where he really doesn’t do himself enough credit for taking a stand as he did] This is Matt Parker – he’s a fellow QEDCon 2011 attendee (in fact, he did a fantastic gig on the evening of the first night) – and since I love hearing about local Perth people who do cool stuff, I’ve enjoyed catching up with him and have followed his career since. Now he’s a local hero, over there in the… Read more

Naturally, as soon as UWA’s Info Services library account Tweets about something exciting on campus… I’m so there. This is Breathing Flower. As part of the Perth Festival 2012 Choi Jeong Hwa installed this giant red inflatable flower at the reflecting pool. “Renowned for his inventive and spectacular use of mass-produced plastics and synthetics in large scale installations, acclaimed artist Choi Jeong Hwa invites you to celebrate art that exudes abundance, colour and joy while provoking reflections upon social consumption and… Read more

Some very cool news! Point of Inquiry, the official podcast of the Center for Inquiry (CFI), today announced that cognitive neuroscientist and former Miracle Detectives host Indre Viskontas will join the show as cohost with science writer Chris Mooney. Beginning in February, Mooney will host three times a month; Viskontas will anchor the last Monday of every month. The show will continue to be released every Monday on the Point of Inquiry website and on iTunes. Indre Viskontas, a writer,… Read more

Thanks to Daniel for this find: Read more

My latest podcast episode is now out: Episode One Hundred And Six – On Friends Of Science In Medicine – Interview With Dr Rob Morrison. I noticed a poll as to whether alternative medicine should be taught in universities, over at the Sydney Morning Herald article… …I think the results are in by now though. To celebrate, you can also check out the new video series by Sciency Sadie: The Never Ending Cosmos 01 – Neil deGrasse Tyson. Read more

Firstly, another thought-provoking post by Daniel Loxton on Skeptic Blogs – “Russell’s Hedgehogs and Hirst’s Shark”: This straightforward advice—try not to take people’s word for stuff, especially when we’re promoting a position in public—is a core skeptical concept. It underpins all of skeptical scholarship, for responsible skeptical outreach demands the due diligence exercise of checking everything twice. Someone says they saw something? Maybe they did, and maybe they didn’t. We ought to try to find out. Someone says they know something? Well, maybe they do—and… Read more

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