Two podcasts as a part of Australia’s National Science Week – and it’s with huge thanks to RTRFM, who made these possible, and especially the Talk The Talk podcast. Part One – with The Naked Scientists, Ben Britton of Nat Geo Wild and Costa from Costa’s Garden!   Part Two – features some interesting recorded and live interviews – Neil Harbisson of the Cyborg Foundation and Dr Siouxsie Wiles! Big thanks to everyone (Patreons, you rock!) who donated to the… Read more

Now out thanks to the Atheist Foundation of Australia: Census of Population and Housing: Nature and Content, 2016 (cat. no. 2008.0) released today …We have now released a publication which outlines the topics included, and procedures to be followed, for the Census. It can be found on the ABS website: What is the news? A change to the form where you indicate your religion… or lack of religious affiliation:   What’s the difference? The last time that Australia did their… Read more

Leunig is a funny one, as they say over here in Australia. We all seem to love the man with the teapot and the duck; the aphorisms and the poetry, and the simple line drawings that have been around ever since I was a child. I even enjoyed seeing a documentary about him and his influence on Australian cartooning, done a while back. Then as an English teacher, this cartoon about creches was used in an examination (“thoughts of a… Read more

There’s an app for that! For all the states, so this applies to everyone, not just for my town: iOS link is here. Android link is here. Some of the highlights locally: PERTH SCIENCE FESTIVAL Tomorrow and Sunday, the Perth Cultural Centre is set to come alive with the 3rd annual Perth Science Festival marking the launch of National Science Week in WA. Last year’s Festival was an outstanding success, with nearly 10 000 people engaging in hands-on science activities and… Read more

I did a radio interview with Subeta Vimalarajah about this issue back in May and talked about the petition – and now protests are starting up again! Australia has a goods and services tax (GST), where an extra 10% added to the price of goods and service. Unlike the sales tax in the US, it’s already a part of the advertised price, with some items are excluded from this tax, for reasons such as health items – which is why… Read more

Well, *#&$^#*$&. I’m watching Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott right now. “If this issue comes up in the next Parliament…” – “If”?? “If you’d like to see change, the coalition would like to potentially make change, but through a people’s vote, not a Parliament’s vote”. Today I briefly asked a representative from the Centre for Independent studies about the big issues facing the replacement of Bronwyn Bishop as speaker of the house – and this was pretty much the one… Read more

Second row, Fremantle one-off gig. Definitely a special night. I got what was probably the last ticket available – this is for the Angry (Feet) gang! I’m a long-time Fremantle girl – I went to university there, I fell in love for the first time there, I know the place backwards as I’ve run around all of it when I couldn’t afford to drive (and still do to some extent these days – just a little less since my local shops have… Read more

New shows now out! Token Skeptic episode #203 – On After The Gold Rush, Skeptical Archaeology And Light For Riley:  I spoke to Miles Greb – creator and writer of After The Gold Rush, on the impending launch of the Kickstarter you can contribute to – check it out today at The Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo was held over the weekend in Claremont, and for many attendees it was a chance to meet Greg and Cath Hughes, the parents of Riley. Light for Riley is a fundraiser in… Read more

For a call-to-action, you have to be pretty desperate to make fun of my support of local fashion designers when complaining that there should be more support for homeopathy in Australia: “We have a very special sceptic here Down Under. She is trained in media, partly in psychology and likes to be photographed in shirts or headbands featuring skulls for crying out loud. I never dreamed that my profession would be attacked and attempted to be brought down by someone dressing… Read more

Here’s my notes from the Walkley Freelance Focus event in Brisbane – it’s a very nice venue and a beautiful setting (although I’m going to have to source a really strong coffee very soon). Here’s a shot of what’s happening now: a panel discussion on “freelancing is just the beginning”. First session with Noah Rosenberg – “If a story isn’t read, does it make a sound? Inside the dark art of attracting eyeballs to great storytelling”. He’s from Narratively, and… Read more

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