Photo Courtesy of Me (Pat Green) Washington D.C. was the center of the world’s attention in the news last weekend. The second Unite the White Right was held at our nation’s capitol. It was feared that racists from all over the country would come in throngs with their message of hate and exclusion. What did not make the front page happened a scant mile away. Almost 30,000 inclusive and diverse people from all over the world came to Washington to… Read more

I’ve been speaking with parents. Parents of children with disabilities, black parents, latino parents, and parents of LGBTQIA+ children. It turns out we have a common frustration. When we post a news story about inequality or speak about something that affects us, white liberal/progressive friends say how mad they are. Then comes the question. They ask us what they can do. We tell them. They suddenly turn into cynical experts who know what will and will not work. If the answers… Read more

I used to speak evangelical and could explain what they say and believe. There was a logic to their mindset that, regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with, could be understood and explained. In their current incarnation, there has been such a rapid shift since Trump’s candidacy that I can’t understand, let alone interpret anymore. Last week I was interviewed by Cass Midgley for an upcoming episode of the “Everyone’s Agnostic” podcast. I do not know what will make the final… Read more

  Many evangelical Christians are having a collective freak out session over Ariana Grande’s new song, “God is a Woman.” In it she makes the claim that her lover will believe god is a woman after she is through with him. Christians, as usual, took pop culture too seriously and made half my case in their over reaction. God is gender fluid. God Is A Woman Reactions Christian fans have have pushed back on Ariana. Evangelical commentators have had their… Read more

Parents protect their children. They watch their kids in public restrooms, parks, and areas like shopping plazas. But most of the people who harm children are people that parents know and trust. More dangerous than strangers is a relative that tells a child, “Don’t tell your parents.”  Jessi knows this pain. So does her son. Recapping the Past Last March I wrote the story of Jessi and her transgender son. In “TransParenting 101 Recap: Jessi’s Letter and the Lesson” I… Read more

There’s been a lot of political and social fallout since the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki earlier this week. Anyone who reads TranParent Expedition will know that, as parent of an LGBTQIA+ teenager, I don’t like Trump and his policies. I have written about the dangers of his policies more than once. In the wake of the summit I’ve seen a lot of self professed allies spread gay lover memes of Trump and Putin. The message is clear. Being gay is… Read more

I went out to the outdoor deck at the convention center to get some air. Cosplayers were meeting “professional” photographers in this area. I saw a young lady dressed as Supergirl. The photographer made Larry Flint seem a gentleman. I got involved. Cosplay should be fun and not a #metoo story. 3 years in a row I have taken my son to Baltimore for a convention called Otakon. It is an Anime convention. Where ComiCon celebrates pretty much everything, Otakon… Read more

Scarlett Johansson has stepped away from the movie in which she was going to portray a trans man. She’s also apologized for her initial reply that was, at the very least, snarky, rude and uncalled for. The reactions have been varied, but overall supportive. I feel like we have all been ponies in an episode of My Little Pony in this mess. Her new statement from the first article I linked to is as follows: “Our cultural understanding of transgender… Read more

Monday is my birthday. As a child my favorite part of that was my grandfather would take me out to Toys-R-Us and allow me to pick up one item of my choosing. The presents were exciting and fun, but there was something more important about having my grandfather’s presence. I have tried to pass that tradition to my son. When my dad left, my grandfather tried to fill that role as best he could. He knew my dad would not… Read more

My son has an amazing therapist. In the spirit of looking after my child’s concerns, she is not afraid to tell his parents when to back off or look at things a different way. She’s not just a therapist. She’s his advocate and put her job on the line making sure he got what he needed.  She’s also one of his gatekeepers. My son was her first trans patient. But he certainly is not her last. Working with the LGBTQIA+… Read more

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