Pride Parades, Private Enterprise, And Nowhere For Hate To Shop

Last Sunday I had a wonderful time with my family at the Pride parade. I’d never been to one before and I couldn’t believe how many people were there. I also couldn’t believe how many companies had floats. It occurred to me that haters are swiftly running out of places to shop. People tend to boycott [Read More…]

The First Time At A Public Restroom And The Reality Of Fear

We were out with a group of friends to see a movie. During the movie previews my son looks at me and whispers, “Dad, I have to go to the restroom.” I looked at him and there was fear bordering on panic. This was his first time at a public restroom and I knew it. [Read More…]

DeVos and Trump’s Mixed Messages to Transgender Youth Is Deadly

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that DeVos and Trump have placed transgender youth in a dangerous limbo. Almost everyone in the LGBTQIA community knows that Trump rescinded protections that the Obama administration gave transgender students. Not everyone knows that DeVos was uncomfortable with the decision. She was pressured by Jeff Sessions to [Read More…]

‘Real Boy’ Has Real Transgender Youth Star In Film And It’s Great!

Last night, Independent Lens’ “Real Boy” aired for the first time on PBS. It was great! If you missed it, it will be on again in most PBS markets soon. It’s the true story of a transgender youth and they did the unthinkable in film lately, they cast an actual transgender teen to tell his own story. [Read More…]

Being An Ally Is Hard Work And Takes More Than a Facebook Emoji

It’s Pride month and social media is full of rainbows, flags, and emojis. There’s a lot of people self congratulating themselves for being an ally as they bask in the pride of supporting Pride. Being an ally takes more then a Facebook emoji that everyone is trying to get their hands on. In Washington state, [Read More…]

Is Trans Entertainment Without Representation Alienation?

My 16 year old and his friends often makes fun of badly written trans based young adult fiction and entertainment. His sarcastic wit’s born of frustration. He’s got a warped sense of humor so it can be very fun to listen to. I came across a wonderful article written by another 16 year old transgender teenager. [Read More…]

Name Changes and Gender Markers: Why Laws Matter

“Dad, they called me the wrong name at school. They said that wouldn’t happen again.” His hurt over the phone was palpable. The principle of his school had promised us last school year that this would not happen again. Even though in Illinois schools can enter a student’s chosen name into the roster, inept lawyers [Read More…]

The Perils Of Dating When Your Teen is Transgender

“Your son was such a beautiful young girl. I don’t understand why he would choose this.” My brain reeled as this woman I had been dating for a month uttered these words so matter of factly. I was about to experience my first taste of the perils of dating when your teen is trans. “I’m [Read More…]

Memorial Day Membrance of the Murdered Transgender Victims

My emotions are raw and I’m spent. As I prep for Memorial Day, I also think of the trans and gender non-conforming people who have been murdered. A parent’s worst nightmare has been researched and written about. This is my hardest post to write yet. On this Memorial Day I want to bring to light [Read More…]

A Hallmark Celebration of Mr. T Puns and Equality

My son stared in amused disbelief at the shirt my fiancé and I bought him. It was an impromptu celebration of his first year on testosterone. We gave him a very campy Mr. T tee shirt to hallmark the occasion. Little did we know that Hallmark had a card for this. A few weeks ago [Read More…]