Wrapping Up Religion Series With a Cis Gender Taxi Driver

I honestly tried to reach out an Olive Branch to my religious neighbors. Every time I have done this, it has not gone well in one demographic. The progressives and the mainline churches complain the loudest when criticized. They miss the accolade and magnify the hurt. They tell the people they ally for to be grateful and not complain. If they oppose you for offering constructive criticism, they feel there is a good reason for it. In their minds it is… Read more

A Parent’s Guide to the Pain of Believing Victims Without Caring

When someone is a victim of trauma, they are often not believed. I am not sure which is worse. Not being believed or people believing and not caring about a victims pain. I’ve seen this play out as a teenager enduring my own abuse, as a pastor with congregants that have had pain, as a taxi driver hearing stories in the night, as a boyfriend holding her hand through trauma, and as a father. Victim shaming, victim blaming, gas lighting,… Read more

UCC Open & Affirming(?): Crossing a Line I Never Wanted: Andrew Lang

More than  2 weeks ago I started a series on my concerns about different churches for different reasons regarding their treatment of transgender and gender non-conforming people. The first in the series was the least concern, but an important one. In the wake of expressing honest concerns in my entry about the UCC, Andrew Lang, the executive director of the UCC’s Open and Affirming Coalition, came into the comments with a defensive response and did not engage in either private or public… Read more

Chapter 5: First Love in the Back Seat of a Cab

I am about to share chapter 5 of my 2015 book. About the time I left the ministry, my son came out as a lesbian which was the precursor to coming out trans. I could not find a normal job at the time so I ended up driving a taxi cab for awhile. The book was about the lessons I learned about people and life in the taxi that I should have learned when I was a minister. I hope you… Read more

Guest Blog That Moved Me: “Dear Little Boy Inside” by Dean Hunter

Hi Everyone. I wanted to introduce Dean Hunter to you. Including my son, Dean will make the 4th guest blogger we have had and it could not come at a better time. I’m in preparation for my upcoming art show and still need your help. Dean’s entry is a love letter to the little boy inside. When I read it, I was moved. I will never know what it is to be transgender, but this is something we can all relate… Read more

Apologies for the Silence and a Plea for Help: Support Giselle Marie!

Hi all. I have stopped writing and stopped responding in the middle of a series. I will get back to it. I need to explain why I stopped and ask for your help.  As you know I do art on the side and I am hoping to make it my full time vocation. In another post I asked some of you for support. Well, my fiancee’ and I have been working on this together. As you know, last week Puerto Rico… Read more

TransParent’s Church Concerns: Progressives (The Most Painful Entry)

In the last entry I spoke about how my son experienced deep emotional harm from the words of a Bishop. There was actually another tradition in Christianity that hurt us more in the wake of that incident. I was still a minister at the time. I was no longer an evangelical, I had not been for a few years at that point. Now I was a Progressive Christian and heavily involved in the Emergent Church Movement and an Outlaw Preacher. My… Read more

A Trans Parent’s Church Concerns: The Roman Polanski Catholic Church

My phone rang one Saturday night at 11pm. It was my child. He never calls. He texts or uses Skype. That weekend he was visiting relatives out of state. I answered. His voice shook as he asked me the simple question. “Am I an abomination?” This was fear in his voice. I said no with my heart breaking. It broke because I knew I raised him in a faith where concepts like hell and abominations existed in some traditions. Then… Read more

Break From the Church Series: A Short Rant on Puerto Rico

This is a picture taken by my fiancee’ during her last trip to Puerto Rico to see her family. I need to reiterate that last part. Her family. She is half PR and half Cuban. This last trip she sent me shots like this, her grandfather and his neighbors shooting poor, her cousins around her age that she has known since childhood. Laughter, food, songs and family. I had to take a break from the church series for two reasons…. Read more

Part Two In a Trans Parent X-Preacher’s Church Concerns: Mainline

The mainline church is very diverse. Yesterday I focused on the UCC. I am broadening the scope on this one. There are some common threads to mainline denominations and differences. The reason they are called mainline denominations is what fascinates me. They are called mainline because they are thought to be the oldest and most influential branches of protestantism in the U.S. Most people think of the mainline churches as more liberal, open to higher criticism, traditional in their expression and… Read more

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