Last Thursday evening I went and saw Black Panther. The movie was incredible on many levels. It was also the catalyst for me to finally get past my fears and join Black Lives Matter. The same fears that held me back are the fears I often hear from cis het people wanting to get involved in trans issues. None of the fears are rational. Black Panther as a Movie I do not know how people who review movies do it… Read more

In 1999 the unthinkable happened. 2 gunmen went into Columbine High School and killed 12 students and 1 teacher. It was a massacre. The gunmen would die that day as well making the death toll fifteen. My coworkers and I sat stunned hearing this news. Some cried. None could believe this was happening. This was a horrible event. The first of many. The first of too many. Just shy of 19 years later, school massacres are the new normal as… Read more

I’ve had some awkward misadventures in dating as a single parent with a transgender teen. I fully affirm and celebrate my child and I expect any partner to do the same. It’s better to find out earlier rather than later if they affirm trans people. There’s good ways to do this. Avoid the horror stories. Here are some of the things I have heard before I finally met someone who loves me and my kid that I am crazy about almost… Read more

There were some things I was exposed to in Christian culture that were harmful. There are other things that I consider to be harmless and even helpful. The same is true of other religions and expressions of spirituality and metaphysics. Then we have the destructive cults. Destructive cults are dangerous and have hurt many. This topic matters and for personal reasons, it is scary to write about. I have heard it said that the difference between a thief and a… Read more

The other day I heard a school official use the words “until he is finished transitioning”. This was in regard to a transgender student. This is not the first time I have heard this maddening phrase or sentiment. When my son was a student at Bolingbrook High School I tried to work civilly with the school to get him bathroom rights. I was asked by school officials if he had “finished transitioning”. This goes back to the myth that some… Read more

Because I am a parent, I am kicking today’s column off with a picture taken last Saturday of my son and Jazz Jennings. When I put this on social media, many saw the same thing I see. Two heroes in one picture. Being a hero to others carries weight. Choosing heroes shows us what we value. Having heroes can sometimes hurt. So what does this have to do with Trans Parenting? A lot. This topic may seem fanciful, but this… Read more

I remember the first time I heard the term TERF. I learned the term as I sat at the bedside of a friend at an ER after she was beaten. My friend is a transgender woman. The incident of her assault came at the hands of a TERF’s male partner. The year was 2016 and my friend attended a gathering of survivors of rape and sexual assault in my area. As a transgender women, she not only faces a large… Read more

The largest demographic of teenagers in America experiencing homelessness are LGBTQIA youth. Most of these kids end up homeless because their parents do not accept their orientation and do the godly loving thing and kick their kids to the curb. So, in a manner of speaking, the largest cause of teenage homelessness is Christianity. The town I grew up in is also the town my son went to school from Kindergarten through Freshman year of high school. That town has… Read more

I’m used to thinking about my son as my son. When I think of memories with him when he was younger, I think of him in his correct gender and name. Having had a blog and an op/ed column in a local paper betrays that recalibration sometimes. One of our most precious memories together was something I wrote about in my blog and in my column. I wrote it with the wrong gender. In a few months I will get… Read more

Having been an evangelical in my teen years really made my sex life as an adult crummy. To be honest, it was not until I was in my 40’s that I learned what healthy and good sex really is. This is a generational disservice that parents pass down from generation to generation just because it is an awkward topic. Dating is pretty awkward as well. Here’s the thing about sex and dating. I want my child to have a great… Read more

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