Children are suffering at the United States border. I used to wonder how it was possible for concentration camps to exist in Nazi Germany without citizens intervening. I also wondered the same about Japanese Internment Camps on United States soil. Now that I see what’s happening I no longer have to ask. If you are an American citizen, you should be angry and ashamed. This may not be who we are, but this is what we are doing. We must… Read more

My son recently used his martial arts training to defend fellow students from someone who would use predatory behavior on children. I couldn’t be more proud of him. I don’t always fit in with my fellow progressive white cis het ally peers regarding use of force. I’m not a pacifist. The simple act of saying that often gets me accused of suffering from toxic masculinity. But I know that there are some who literally want to hurt and kill my… Read more

It’s getting harder to be on social media during Pride month. There is the usual anti LGBTQIA+ rhetoric that happens every year, but now there is a more prominent divide. That divide is within and among. We have walls. This divide is not new, but the chasm feels wider and the wall in the way of unity feels a little taller. In some cases the divide is within the LGBTQIA+ community. Other cases it is the relationship between the community… Read more

Hi. I’m a dad. I write about you all the time, but I don’t write to you. Perhaps I should have written this letter a long time ago. I’ve met some of you through my son. It is has been beautiful watching so many of you grow and become what you always have been. Anyway, here is a letter from a cis het dad on Pride month who loves you but messes up a lot. The first thing is, I’m proud… Read more

Pride Month is upon us. It is a time of expression, celebration and support. It is also a time filled with prejudice and infighting. We live in a nation more divided than ever. America has managed to go backwards in civil rights protections on so many people. People are literally in danger due to a warped definition of patriotism and faith. To make America safe again, we will have to protest those who claim they want to make America great… Read more

  There is a pet peeve I have had for a long time now that I have been keeping to myself. It hit a boiling point after my last guest column. As a parent we have to respect the line of our child’s body and our parental authority. I got feedback from two parents of trans teens who were horrified that I “allowed” the guest column. They are opposed to bottom surgery and do not ever want it for their… Read more

Metamorphosis Look closely at the picture. Think about it. What do you see? Put a pin in that…… We sit eating Tikka Masala and discuss baby names. Boys names. The Italian family tradition of names ending in an “O”. Mateo, Leonardo, Leo? We immediately decide on Leo, it’s perfect. Marco admits he was secretly hoping for a boy. I would have been happy either way but am secretly mourning not having a girl – just a little bit. Ultimately thrilled…. Read more

Last night my son graduated high school. In 2018 there have been 26 students who will never get this opportunity due to school shootings. They died defending the 2nd amendment. They did not intend to sacrifice their lives for the right to bear arms, but they did. Their parents will never experience the moment I did. They will never know this joy. The survivors of these shootings will have the absence of their classmate and their friend on their graduation… Read more

I had my son last weekend. My fiancee and I took him out to dinner Friday night. After dinner we went to Toys-R-Us one last time. We each got a small item to remind us of the store. My son and I also took some pics and reminisced of some of our favorite sections. When he was little we both loved the Thomas The Tank Engine toy line. After that we went to an all ages bar/entertainment center to enjoy… Read more

    There’s a lot of other parents of trans and gender non conforming kids that I interact with. I wrote the following to as many of them as I could. “I’m doing a listening exercise on TransParent Expedition (no names will be used). Please complete the sentence. I want Cisgender people without trans or gender non binary kids to finally understand _______. ” The responses that I got were moving, well written, and sublime. This is not something I get… Read more

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