This Is Not Over, Not By A Long Shot: Moving On For Now Though

After this post, I am moving on for now. I need to focus on the beauty of my son, the lessons I have learned from him, and my own deconstruction from ministry into secular life. I wrote something on the UMC Clergy page. I suspect it will be removed soon as I am not UMC [Read More…]

If Looks Can Kill Then Words Can Murder: A Response to UMC Pastors

[Read more…]

Quitting Ministry: The Day A Parent’s Pain Was Understood

A parent’s pain was about to erupt like a volcano as I sat shaking in my chair on the verge of tears. I was in a small room surrounded by Progressive and Progressive Curious Christians. Former evangelical leader Frank Schaeffer and open lesbian minister Kimberly Knight were both leading panels at Wild Goose Festival. It was [Read More…]

Easter Then and Easter Now: Why Some of us are Difficult

Easter was a personal hell when I was a minister. He is risen, but I was barely there. Everyone dressed so well and attended the Easter mass and I loathed most of the one timers and was not fond of my board. Easter was hell. As I entered my early time into the secular world [Read More…]

Friendly Skies Not So Friendly: Flying Trans Is Arduous

Since my son has come out, we have flown together 4 times. Every single time he gets a “random” screening from TSA. I have not had one trip with him where I don’t sit there helpless to do anything while they look over his ID and pat him down and analyze him like he is [Read More…]

Stop Defining Others: A Tale of Pronouns and Misgendering

“I’ll have a chimichanga.” he said. “Wonderful, miss.” The waiter replied and walked away. I could see the hurt on my son’s face as he had been misgendered. It had not happened often when we were out together, but it does happen sometimes. Usually, I correct the record politely to whomever does it. I looked [Read More…]

Parents With Purpose: The Day Hate Lost An Election

Parents With Purpose lost last night. Hate lost…for now. They lost an election last night. I doubt we have heard the last of Ralph Bonatz, Katherine David, and Jean Forrest. I don’t think for one moment these people and the people they represent are going to stop trying to win their waged war on children. [Read More…]

International Transgender Day Of Visibility: How My Son Came Out And Why This Blog

“Dad, I’m transgender.” My head swam as I grabbed the steering wheel tight as if that would steady a swiftly tilting world. My child had told me he was transgender. The words bounced through my skull like a ping pong ball. I did not know how to process this information. I walked out of the [Read More…]