There’s a lot of other parents of trans and gender non conforming kids that I interact with. I wrote the following to as many of them as I could. “I’m doing a listening exercise on TransParent Expedition (no names will be used). Please complete the sentence. I want Cisgender people without trans or gender non binary kids to finally understand _______. ” The responses that I got were moving, well written, and sublime. This is not something I get… Read more

When I was a preacher, this last week used to be called Holy Week. It has been anything but that in some ways and sacred to me in others. I fought for my job by fighting the ghosts I have lived with, went prom suit shopping with my son, and stopped caring about some things I should not care about. There was also an easter egg. In all of this, there have been realizations and changes of focus. The Job… Read more

I’m about to share with you the story of Jessi, her trans teen Owen, and their letter. In my TransParenting 101 lessons I wrote one about “The Letter” many families have to write. For fun I also had a homework assignment in which some parents shared their letters. What I didn’t know was that other parents like Jessi were reading lesson 3 and applying it. The point of the TransParenting 101 lessons is to give the basics of the heart… Read more

The above photo was taken by my son. He, like his dad before him, is in the journalism group in his school. It is of him and his fellow students walking out along with teens in schools across the nation protesting gun violence and demanding that my generation and it’s elected officials take action. His generation is fighting for their lives. It is not just gun violence. It is black teens in Chicago protesting for their schools to remain open…. Read more

I’m a better man than I was 4 years ago. I’ve my son to thank for that. His coming out brought me to being an ally for him. That expanded to being an ally in many areas. As I heard the stories of my fiancee’, feminism and the metoo movement took on a new sense of urgency. A black man and dear friend from my cabbie days became a voice I listened to more closely. These teachers and their lessons… Read more

Over the last five years, two children have died eating laundry pods. In 2018 we have already had over 400 children killed by gun violence in America. In the wake of the Parkland Florida massacre, the survivors have been making their voice known in a most prolific manner. The response by many adults has been horrific and disgusting. People of my generation are obsessed making Tide Pod jokes and now they make fun of, lie about and wish death on the… Read more

Last Thursday evening I went and saw Black Panther. The movie was incredible on many levels. It was also the catalyst for me to finally get past my fears and join Black Lives Matter. The same fears that held me back are the fears I often hear from cis het people wanting to get involved in trans issues. None of the fears are rational. Black Panther as a Movie I do not know how people who review movies do it… Read more

In 1999 the unthinkable happened. 2 gunmen went into Columbine High School and killed 12 students and 1 teacher. It was a massacre. The gunmen would die that day as well making the death toll fifteen. My coworkers and I sat stunned hearing this news. Some cried. None could believe this was happening. This was a horrible event. The first of many. The first of too many. Just shy of 19 years later, school massacres are the new normal as… Read more

I’ve had some awkward misadventures in dating as a single parent with a transgender teen. I fully affirm and celebrate my child and I expect any partner to do the same. It’s better to find out earlier rather than later if they affirm trans people. There’s good ways to do this. Avoid the horror stories. Here are some of the things I have heard before I finally met someone who loves me and my kid that I am crazy about almost… Read more

There were some things I was exposed to in Christian culture that were harmful. There are other things that I consider to be harmless and even helpful. The same is true of other religions and expressions of spirituality and metaphysics. Then we have the destructive cults. Destructive cults are dangerous and have hurt many. This topic matters and for personal reasons, it is scary to write about. I have heard it said that the difference between a thief and a… Read more

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