Why I Don't Believe in God (in 200 words)

This is my entry for Ray Comfort’s “Why I Don’t Believe in God” contest. It’s impossible to fit all the reasons not to believe in God in 200 words, so this is my very selective attempt. It’s a shame I couldn’t fit examples to back up my points — it will make it easy for Ray to “refute” it. But that’s the point of limiting it to 200 words, I guess.

My journey to atheism began as I studied science. I gradually traveled from young earth creationism to old earth creationism to theistic evolution to atheistic evolution. Evolution elegantly refuted my belief that design required a designer. I also realized the probability of an “infinitely complex” God was inherently more improbable than any other cosmological solution, because something infinitely complex is infinitely improbable.

I studied the history of the Bible. Eventually I acknowledged its messy history, contradictions, horrors and absurdities. It had no more evidence of being from God than any other holy book. Without blind belief in the Bible, there was no evidence for the supernatural claims of Christianity.  Furthermore, I realized that miraculous claims were always based on anecdote. There was never any evidence, only tall tales.

Long ago, man, in his ignorance, created gods to make sense of the world. Then, when that failed, man created science. Science has been the most successful way of discovering truth ever invented. For example, we no longer have to pray for the sick or exorcise demons – we heal with medicine. Science has, in every way, proven far more effective than religion.

God is no longer necessary, and I say good riddance.

Daniel Florien

* * *

Update: Looks like Ray already picked a winner, even though the contest hasn’t ended. You’ve got to read the winner — I’m not usually surprised by anything Ray does, but call me surprised. I have no idea how that entry won.

Update 2: Ray’s response: “No one gave any reasons.” Another one of his lies. He said in the previous post, “You won the $100, with your reason for not believing in God.” Which one is it, Ray?

Maybe I should have a contest asking Christians to give their reasons for believing Jesus is God, then pick something that doesn’t even address it, saying that there are no reasons to believe in Jesus is God. No, even I — an atheist who Ray doesn’t think has morals — wouldn’t do something like that.

Update 3: What Ray quoted ends up not being the winner’s essay. He quoted something else, confusing things more than he usually does. Here’s the winning entry. Congratulations, Kaitlyn!

Update 4: Ray changed “with your reason” to “with your excuse.” How shocking!

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  • http://digitaldame.wordpress.com Digital Dame

    He seems like a very strange person. But then I guess I think that of most Fundogelicals. You’re right, it makes no sense why he chose that person as a winner. I don’t know why you bother with his little game, though. When a grammar critique passes for refutation of God, well… I’d say the lights are on but nobody’s home.

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com Daniel Florien

    Yeah, I don’t know why I bothered either. I generally think of him as manipulative and untruthful, so I don’t know why I thought he was honest about the contest.

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    You don’t understand why Ray Comfort would claim that “I don’t believe in God because you used the word ‘vicariously’ ungrammatically” is the best reason anyone can come up with for being an atheist? Even including the ones he’s not read yet?

    I find that surprising.

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    And he created a new blog post to reply to your comment? So that anyone looking at the comment thread will think your objection went unanswered (as opposed to being incompetently answered)? Does this Comfort guy understand how blogs work?

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein

    What the heck???

    I read the winning entry, and was confused for about 10 minutes. I thought maybe you’d linked to the wrong post or something. My head still feels cloudy.

    What in the world was he really trying to do? It doesn’t make any sense!

    I also hate blogspot.

  • http://digitaldame.wordpress.com Digital Dame

    Perhaps he’s blogging from inside a psychiatric hospital (as a patient). I think all he’s accomplishing to make Fundies in general look completely mentally deficient. Reality clearly plays no part in his life.

  • trj

    Ray is well-known for giving the pretense of honest debate, while completely ignoring any hard questions or refutations, and at the same time misrepresenting and sometimes out-right lying. You don’t have to go further than the top of his page to see that he wants to grab some of the intellectual splendor of Einstein and Hawking by falsely attributing them a belief in God. The rest of his arguments are of similar veracity.

    In this case, he probably picked the most harmless entry, so that he didn’t have to discuss anything substantial. As usual, he’ll be ignoring the subject from now on and just move on to a new topic.

    Ray’s site is good for a laugh, but don’t waste your time attempting to engage him in a discussion. You can’t beat the man who invented the Crockoduck.

  • http://digitaldame.wordpress.com Digital Dame

    So first he says “No one gave any reasons”? And now he’s backpedaling and producing the winning entry. Does anyone think this Kaitlyn personal could be mythical herself, an alter-ego of the blogger?

  • Mike

    How about 200w essays from theists explaining why they believe in their god of choice? ‘twould be interesting. Maybe that was part of this competition anyway, but I’m too lazy to check.

  • http://thinkingforfree.blogspot.com/ Eamon Knight

    My response to the question “Why did you become an atheist” is very simple: I ran out of reasons not to be.

    I don’t see why any further justification is necessary, on my part.

  • http://metroblog.blogspot.com Metro

    Comfort knows quite well how blogs work. It’s just that he’s a slimy, manipulative, lying little weasel with the moral integrity of a hyena, the argumentation skills of a sloth and, regrettably, the survival skills of a cockroach.

    Comfort believes in a god that is green and wrinkly and has a number of faces: Franklin’s face, Jackson’s, Washington’s …

    My condolences to you for having to wade through the creofundagelical cesspit that so adequately represents what passes, in Comfort, for the thought process. It could never have been a real contest, because Comfort wouldn’t recognize an actual, valid argument if it sodomized him on cable during 700 Club commercial breaks. Authoritarian declaration is really all he’s good for.

    If it turns out there IS a God, Comfort’s going to Hell for undermining His brand power. To read Comfort is to re-visit Poe’s Law time and time again.

    But we shouldn’t underestimate him. He and others like him are the one of the greatest recruiting tools atheists have. The idiocy of their argumentation and their failure to ever answer a simple question truthfully and straighforwardly bears witness to the hollow nature of their particular idol.

    Wonder if he’s seen any crocoducks lately?

  • http://www.wazzasworthlesswitterings.blogspot.com wazza

    Metro: I’m not sure what you mean saying Ray Comfort’s god is an amalgam of zombies of the American Founding Fathers…

    regrettably, the ever-slimy Mr Comfort is a compatriot of mine. I just wish he’d taken “Bishop” Brian Tamaki with him.

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein


    How about 200w essays from theists explaining why they believe in their god of choice? ‘twould be interesting.

    Genious! I would love to read those.

    Although, I’m just thinking I would only want to read them while in the company of other athiests. Reading reasons why people believe in God when they are among like minded people gives me anxiety.

    What I mean is: If a person had to give his/her reason for believing in God to a non-believer, they would probably really think about their reason before giving it. If only giving ones reason to a like minded person, one may not try so hard to be logical and thoughtful, because they would assume a lot from the other person in that they already think like they do.

    Talking to someone who doesn’t think like you do necessitates more insight.

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein

    Daniel, forgive me for being slow…

    I have never heard of Ray Comfort, or Athiest Central.

    Is it really an anti-athiest blog?

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein

    Allright. Maybe I should have investigated further before I asked.

    I am relatively new to discussing atheism, so it wasn’t so obvious to me at first.

    What a strange character he is.

  • http://exfundamentalist.blogspot.com Lorena

    For example, we no longer have to pray for the sick or exorcise demons – we heal with medicine.

    This hit home for me today. I just took tylenol for a horrible headache. And to think that in many countries in the world, they still believe that headaches are caused–and cured– by witchcraft!

    No spells needed when you have tylenol!

    As for the contest, you are a winner to us. And “your friend,” well, a loonie.

  • Kaitlyn

    Thanks Daniel. :)

    Yeah, Ray likes to edit posts after the fact.

    My favorite was the time he wrote a post along the lines of, “Science reveals the truth about God!” or something. Then someone pointed out evolutionary theory would be applicable.

    A few hours later… “Except Evolution. That’s pseudo-science!”

  • http://larianlequella.com Larian LeQuella

    Exactly what sort of nutcase is this guy? Total, or just mostly loony?

  • http://www.wazzasworthlesswitterings.blogspot.com wazza

    He’s the one who came up with the Banana argument… as in “atheist’s worst nightmare”.

    He’s a creationist and an unremitting liar, and he renamed his blog Atheist Central because so many of our people were going there to argue with him that it was the best place to network with other atheists.

  • Alma Stewart

    You don’t believe in words,in your thoughts,your dreams? These things are all God.That is why Jesus said he is our father,because with out God, we would just be a shell.And a body with no spirit is dead.The body goes back to the dust just as the bible says. The reason Jesus said when you have seen me you have seen the father,is because God was in him. And every thing God told him to do he did it without question.And that is where faith come in at.That why God is the past,the present, and the future because spirit has no time. Before any thing was ever brought into the earth,it was always in the spirit. Before man ever invented cars,cars were always in the spirit.The spirit just had not entered into man mind to be brought into the earth. It is not man that do these things is the spirit that is in man,and that is God.We were made to believe that God is a man or that only a certain people have him.This was done to control the world. But in reality every living thing has God in it,and every thought or word is alive. we just have to understand how to use it to keep from destroying ourselves. That is why we have God’s words to keep us from destroying ourselves.

  • Rooney

    I agree with you 110%. I went to a christian youth camp for three days with my best friend, and all the pastors would go on with rubbish. I’m sorry to say for all you believers out there, but when I was sitting in the circle listening and reading the bible with the other chrisitians, I only thought to myself, who the hell wrote this? And thank you LORD that I’m back home so I can say hell all I want.

  • Nicole

    I feel bad for you athiest. Very sad to hear how you think. I just want you to know scientist have discovered God is real and Jesus Christ is a known fact he is real he died for our sins ans rose again.

    He will be back, infact, soon.
    You mightve studied the Bible but you didn’t understand bc you never really believed. God knows our heart, for he knew us even before the womb, he knew you didn’t believe. Most nonbelievers don’t believe bec they can’t understand the Bible and the Bible even states that!

    I feel so bad for you nonbelievers, so bad. For you know not true joy from God, Love, wisdom, and blessings.

    Please repent and accept the Lord as your savior. You don’t want to end up in eternal hell filled with sorror pain and misery.

    Some of you lost your faith bc “why did God do this to me” situations, you’re selfish, and Satan does things to yu as well, his goal is to take Gods people and do whatever he can to persuade them to thinking God is fake.

    Please seek the Lord
    Please accept the Lord

    • greg

      what an irresponsible,uneducated,pious reply,you really expose yourself ,even to believers as insecure,it’s rather sad you have to push stuff you really have no clue about,in a room of critical thinkers,you wouldn’t stand five minutes before being exposed,look deeper kid, watch what you preach to others,when you get called out on it,you better have the goods to back it up,which,in your’ case,you don’t…

  • Ani

    Nicole, you have to be joking. That argument is even more circular than most. You can’t prove the bible is correct by saying the bible says so.

    I’m not going to hell, that’s your delusion.

    But in the end the funniest part is we WILL end up in the same place–NO WHERE!

  • Todd

    Why, oh why is it that religious fervor is invariably inversely proportional to correct spelling and grammar?

    • Jyu

      And why oh why can’t Americans spell English properly? (whoops xenophobic comment but hey….)

  • Roger

    Their to busy conversating with the Imaginary Sky Friend. ;)

  • http://nowebsite Karthikeyan U

    There are only 2 things to which you can link everything. One is FATE and the other one is the good part of it which is LUCK. All other things are just bullshit. Everything is designed already. If something needs to happen, it will happen and nothing can stop it. YOUR FATE RULES YOU….

    • Karleigh

      We choose our own fate, and ultimately control it. You just want to be able to say that you had no control over anything and escape responsibility from mistakes that YOU have made… what a weak and frightened way of looking at the world.

  • http://yahoo Asami3









    • Custador


    • DarkMatter


      I try so hard to believe that you are not a liar, but you are a liar to the detrimental of human soul and a thief to humanity, sadly.

    • Jasowah


      Yah. I know it’s horrible. But when I was 10, I convinced my friend David P. that we were aliens who crash landed on earth and that he had lost his memory. Oh, I think we had crystals in our foreheads too (too that from a tv show that had just aired).

      MORAL OF STORY. KIDS IS GULLIBLE. Thinks aboot it.

    • http://www.hotmail.com zheng hung


  • vasubhar

    I’m Hindu,my family all believes in god…for some reason i dont have a thought to even bother believing in it. It makes me feel ashamed when my family goes to temples and i dont.That thought distracts me alot. When ever they want something they go and ask god or before you take your biggest exam or test ever you want god to help you. But I mean i dont know why people do that. Just like I’ve learned Greek mythology it’s all a myth they say but.. why not these stories that we believe in about god? aren’t they myths? When someone does something good or very nice things to a person they dont suddenly become god..reincartion is one thing that Hindu’s believe in and i totally gp against it. I mean its part of life for every living thing!! please, i need a feedback

  • Lucifer

    Just like Reglion and all that crap that separates and makes ppl fight, medicine sucks!!! Doctors are a bunch of arrogant and indiferent cocks pretending knowing it all but never caring for the person beyond the “body”. The holistic approaching should be followed by the so-called medicine which is nowadays nothing more than the perfect way to ensure full pockets of money for the pharmaceiticals who cause more harm than good sometimes (Cancer is the best example!!)

    • Dorri


  • Michelle

    I do not beilieve in God

  • Non Believer

    I aam surrounded by many people who strongly believe that there is a God out there. All my family are very religious and so is my boyfriend and most of his friends.
    I believed that there was a god at one time. I read the bible, went to church and prayed every night before going to bed.
    I stopped believing in God when I started dating my boyfriend, who believes that there is a God. How he does after everything that has happened in his life I dont know.
    He has lost his grandparents due to murder, his brother due to suicide, that was involved with the murder of his grandparents. Lost his mother of cancer a few years later. He has witnessed more then I will put on here. He has had nothing but bad happen to him. He get blow after blow of bad luck.
    He pray before every meal and loves God uncondionaly. BUT still he gets bad luck, & if by chance something good happens to him he gets hit with something 10 times worse to makae that one small good thing seem like nothing at all!
    I have come to believe that God is nothing. If there even is one. He does good for the people who have everything in life already and dont need the extra and does bad for the people who struggle every day in life. Thats no God to me.
    Like President Obama if you ask me!!!!
    So due to all the bad I see around me and done to people that need the most help, I have doubted God. I dont think I will lever believe in him again.
    I have tryed reading the bible, I even started praying with my boyfriend. But nothing has changed.

    It seems like we have a devil only on the world.
    I have gotten everything I wanted off my chest and feel alot better now.

    Maybe one day I will believe. But not until the so called God does something to show me that he is real. Cause I feel like I have done everything thhat I can. Im not trying any more

  • alex

    dood im a genuis or very smart look if nobody died then the world would be full we are going against nature we save people but we make them slaves of the aftermath i believe when you die you keep on living as a clean soul its a cycle dont you understand believing in death means believing in life god controls it all maybe he doesnt even have a body maybe hes just a bright light i dont believe in christanity or other religions beacause they messed it up with rituals stupid believes like gays are demons god

  • Dorri

    I dont know how I got here but I was looking for another contest and stumbled upon this hum. I know I miss this contest but Heres why I know God exsist When I’m alone in my room praying bing my Prayers are answered …….When I’m in public thinking about my praying Bing the prayer is answered ………………

    • Kodie

      You’re easy to fool.

  • Dametrice

    [Shamelessly transparent attempt to "witness" through personal testimony DELETED. We do not allow evangelism here. -Custador]

  • Abidan

    Would you Guys look at this for a sec.. every time someone trys to refret the idea of God you use evolution to prove it… Whenever you’re tryin to prove the idea of Guy you use Creation to prove your point.. As if you created these words or ideas… Both, creation and evolution and was there before any of you.. I understand how most peaple learned about God was trough the bible or the koran or some other holly book or religion.. I guess this is why when tryin to disprove the existance of God then your first attemp is to discredit these books or religions… which can only go as far as a opinion.. Yet you hold facts and science so high.. Understand this there is (what was, what is, and what will be.) We view it as Art and break it down with science.. Science is use to see how it is made but when it come to why we like something even science will have to make a jump to try to explain why I like what i like or why something juss is.. Peaple just put a name to that and called it God.. Everyother thing would be there with or without God.. Including religions, book, and institutions that go with them.. However just like anything in our lives a questioning of traditional customs, and morals to reinforse, change or modify those ideas and values also apply.. And long after that those who believe in God will still be believeing in God without books or religion… (Yes I do know that I’m alive)….. Abedan…..

  • Paolo

    because something infinitely complex is infinitely improbable. cit.

    Do you consider the birth of stars something simple? I don’t think it’s simple. Do you consider the big bang a simple theory to accept as true? I don’t think it’s so easy. they are both really complex.. and they both exist.. is human body simple to understand? Can we say the same for the human mind? Everything in this planet and in the universe is infinitely complex. You can’t say that God doesn’t exist because He’s complex..

    Sorry for my English

    • Sunny Day

      The birth of stars is actually one of the simplest things in this universe.
      Step 1:Put an assload of Hydrogen in one place.
      Step 2: Keep adding Hydrogen.
      Step 3: Wait for it.

      Ignorance just makes things seem more complex than they actually are.

  • karthik

    There is no GOD, just some brilliant guys are doing the business eith the BELIEVERS of GOD

    • http://ohmatron.wordpress.com/ Custador

      Sorry, what?

      • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

        There is no Dana, only Zuul!

  • mark

    this is a decent answer 200 words is a strong limit. If science is all that’s needed. Can you answer “what is love?” with science? Science is practical and easy to believe in because it is logical, and indisputable within the boundaries of the knowledge we have in all areas of science today. But what do you do with questions or situations that are illogical? Can you explain why some people would die for someone that doesn’t give a shit about them? Science is important it answers how things happen, religion answers why things happen.

    • Elemenope

      Except religion doesn’t have explanations. Religion merely has assertions. No religion properly explains why people feel as we do or act as we do. They simply make up narratives that resort, in all cases, to arcane metaphysical paradigms and invented distinctions.

      Science, in all its branches and articulations, cannot describe many things. But the explanatory hole left by science’s present inadequacies is in no way filled by religion’s inevitably greater, more profound inadequacies.

    • Nzo

      Can you explain why some people would die for someone that doesn’t give a shit about them?

      Why yes… yes I can. In probably more than 3 different ways, depending on the details of the situation. Simple transactional analysis could explain it; try harder.

    • LRA

      You want to know about love, then ask a neuroscientist. They study brains for a living, including the parts of the brain that regulate emotion.

      All human behavior has neural substrates. All human behavior evolved because that is what was beneficial for survival.

  • Vijay

    yes you are so true. There is no point of believing something which we cannot experiance. better to live life as the way we want and taking the whole responsibility rather than waiting by thinking god will help.

  • Sakshi

    Even i dont belief in god first i use to belief alot in god, but i always lost the person to whom i love a lot whether it would be my grany, my frnds or some one to whom i use to love alot, in this world every one says that everything happens with god wish, god has the power to change the destiny, god has the power to give a life to dead person, god has the power to change the bad person into the right person, in holly books this is written god loves every one equally, but that is the biggest lie of the world, in quaarns this is mentioned that the prayers which is done from the bottom of the heart is always has the power to change the destiny because god always answers the true prays but even that is alie, in bible jesus says i forgive you for all your mistakes iam there to take all your troubles, but that is not a truth, i do belief there is a life cycle, but i cant neglect this words mentioned by god in all the holly books that once you will ask me to forgive you i will forgive you for each and everything, iam girl who is to belief in god like a mad person, i never ask god for the money or for luxirous life because i belief my parents and my god was luxirous life i never wanted anything from god only my wish was to get my love as my life patner, all the time i use to just request god to answer my prayers but he never diverted my loves families mind just because i was not as good looking as his families expectations was but yes i is to love him truly from the bottom of my heart i just prayed to god just to do one miracle in my life i use to say god punish me for all the bad things i done in my life but to give him back even if i had one single good thing in my life, i did so many fast, rojaz, in went to church, gurudwara, temples, darga i went to each and every place to pray to give him back in my life, but he never returened him back, i knw he is to love me alot but when he realized a love for me and after expressing it to me after that in 3 days only his mother found a girl for him from there caste, she is very beautiful, well educated, yes it was easy for me to get married with him but i never wanted him without his parents blessings i never wanted to take there son away that was the feeling n love which still i have for my boyfrnd and his family, what was my mistake, iam not so good looking, iam not financially strong, iam not that much educated that is the only reason i cant belief in god at all, since from my child hood i faced so many problems due to some reason i was not able to complete my education, my carrer i say god never treats any one equally even god runs behind the money & beauty in my life everytime i lost everything, in this world there are so many human beings who always does the wrong things, like froad, crime, cheat, but still god forgives them than why he did not forgive me for my all ther mistake, why he did not change my destiny, everybody says may be that was not the right person for you, yes i can belief, but more than this thing i belief that when god can change each and every thing than why not to him? & why not to my destiny? he never did anything good in my life after keeping so much faith on everytime i fell down everytime i got by keeping this feeling that might be god is testing me but no he always avoided me any my prays, he always hurted me, now i dont have any single feelings for him i cant trust him back, that was my first and last wish which i truly wanted to be full filled, but done it unseen as if i dont exist him, if god is there he will bring that person in my life back again any how, if this words are true that he is our god father than he will bring him back any how in my life again with every ones blessings.

  • Tanner

    To the guy who said the birth of stars is simple….

    Please explain how the hydrogen gets there in the first place. Then explain how, in space, where there is no friction or current to move the hydrogen or collect it in any one area, how it compacts itself into one area. THEN explain why or how the hydrogen reacts and with what. furthermore explain why if it is simply hydrogen compacted and reacted with itself, why are stars different colors. Lastly, explain what caused the big bang. (this last one is to test your knowledge since the explanation of stars was so simple.)

    oh.. and don’t say that a huge mass of matter/gas/whatever it was randomly exploded to “create” the universe, because if this were to happen, then you’d have to explain where the matter that caused the explosion came from.(which is tough to do considering there was no universe before hand).

    Fiiiinal note
    – i have respect for everyone here and i don’t mean to sound like an ignorant religious ass hole, but if you want to know why I believe in God, the reason is because as messed up as this world has gotten, as the Bible predicts (i know… its a broad and vague prediction, but hey, its correct so far) He promises.. PROMISES a life after death where negativity, hate, anger, jealousy, and violence do NOT exist. There will be nothing but happiness and love for all. and He asks so little of us to obtain that. How could anyone not want that type of life?

    No matter how much anyone criticizes or hates God/Christianity, He will still love and care for those people. He loves each and every one of you. There’s no changing that.

    “Know this, even in your darkest moment, you are never alone.” – O.R.

    • blotonthelandscape

      If you are really interested in physics, then go to a physics text book, or a web site by a big bang cosmologist. I would highly recommend a video by Dr Lawrence Krauss, a theoretical physicist, who takes great pains to answer a question like yours (he does take pot-shots at religion, but try to understand what he’s talking about, and not be offended):


      And I’m afraid your little string of questions do nothing to validate your belief in God. Even if we didn’t know of a natural cause for the big bang, it would in no way imply or lend support for a supernatural explanation. I hope you aren’t trying to say that “you don’t know what happened at point x in time, therefore it was God”. This is called a “God of the Gaps” argument, and is looked down upon by atheists and serious theologians alike.

      Regarding the promise of heaven, well, it’s nice that you have interpreted his promises like that, but as I understand the only promise regarding what heaven contains is that it will be continuous worship for eternity, which sounds kinda lame.

      And you’ve neglected in your pretty little vision to account for hell; you know, that place where the rest of us go. That pit of despair where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. “He will still love and care for those people. He loves each and every one of you.” Yeah, tell that to someone who has been burning for thousands of years on account of being born in the wrong place to the wrong parents.

  • biswajit apata

    fuck yooooooooooooooooooooooooooou ((((((((((((GOD)))))))))))))))

    • TrickQuestion

      i think you meant to use a comma instead of piles of boomerangs. easy mistake.

  • syed haris

    Awesome!! Be clear.. God never exists!! Its just a foolish believe and waste of time.. Human is the only god.. If god exists? Then where is he? Have anyone of you seen him? Gender? Why should we pray god? What will we be benefited praying? Self will and hard work is the only success. Not god! No bhagwan, no jesus, no allah.. Think wise..

  • Damon Norris

    Not to Imply That what you are saying is false and other wise “FAKE”! But actually there are many reasons to belive in christianity, such as, In the bible it states that god has been here since the beggining of time. Reason that i belive that what is said is true is because the UNIVERSE. There is no way that you can say that the reason you dont belive in god is because of science, when in fact there could be no possible way that 2 micro scopic atoms touched together in the nothing without someone “GOD” not being responsible! That is my Point of view, but i also see where Athist come from too! Not only do they belive that Christianity is just based on fear of god himself, which it is but that you feel as though you should not have to live the life that you were given just to be afraid of dieing and going to hell. Thank you

    • Custador

      Herp derp derp herp herp derp derp derp. You weren’t a high academic achiever, were you?

    • kholdom0790

      Blah blah the Bible says that the Bible is true so it must be true. Why should it say anything else?

  • Jared K.

    For the people who believe in god, you have no evidence or proof. Get off the internet.

    • John C

      ‘get off the internet if you believe in God’

      haha, that takes the cake! Atheist version of a fundy? ha

  • Tricia

    I really don’t understand all the arguing. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and should not be told that they are wrong or an idiot for it. If you believe in god and that gives you peace of mind, joy, happiness and a sense of belonging, then congratulations. I am glad you have found something that gives you those things. If you dont believe and that gives you all those things then congratulations to you and i am glad that have found something that gives you those things. It doesnt make the other person wrong, delusinal, or lacking in intelligence just because they don’t share your view point. If everyone would just let eachother be who they are and believe what they believe instead of trying to shove them in a box or a lable because they don’t share your view point. If someone believes in god whats it to you, what damage does it do to you, just because their opinion doesnt fit into the safety of your little box it doesnt make them wrong. The same goes for someone who doesn’t belive in god. I am unbelieveably lucky that i do not have the level of intelligence that most people do have on this page and not the knowledge of this subject as others might have. It allows me to look from the heart and not the mind and ego.

    • Custador

      If you really don’t understand, then you need to learn more. Start by finding out about Dominionism. See if that clues you in to what all the fuss is about.

  • Roger

    Yes, your use of the CAPS LOCK button and your completely canned personal testimony has totally convinced me of the plausibility of your imaginary sky-friend. I now believe and am ready to jettison logic and common sense. Praises!

  • Elemenope

    Please stop shouting. It’s drowning out your message.