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  1. Introduction (Nov 17, 2008)
  2. Genesis 3: God screws up the world, blames man (Nov 24, 2008)
  3. Genesis 3: God punishes all mankind for the disobedience of two (Dec 8, 2008)
  4. Genesis 4: God lets a murderer off with a warning (Jan 13, 2009)
  5. Genesis 6: God Drowns Everyone (Jan 4, 2010)
  • Margaret

    Your table of contents says the entries were written in 2009. Unless you have a time machine, you have a couple of typos to fix.

    I’m looking forward to reading this series.


  • Daniel Florien

    Oops — I guess I was in a time warp when I wrote that. Thanks!

  • BAllanJ

    Wrong tense there.. You mean that you WILL be in a time warp when you write that. :)

  • Daniel Florien

    Actually, I said that just because I wanted you to say that, and I knew the future since I was in a time warp… (begin recursion)

  • Fred Herman Anderson

    I’m looking forward to this series and, with your permission and the appropriate acknowledgements, will be posting links to it on my own blog.

  • nick3

    “Methaphysical Despotism”

    A very strong moral argument against Creation comes (unintendedly) from the standard Christian saying “God has created you, so you are his property”.

    If the implication stated thus was logically correct that would only mean that the very Creation is an idea in contradiction with our basic moral intuition that “Might does not make Right”.

    For we would owe everything to the Omnipotent on the very basis that he has created us.

    It could have been stated that he has right over our lives even without taking in slightest consideration any of his other qualities (for example the moral ones) except of his infinite Might.

    The idea of Creation allows thus to deduce infinite Rights from infinite Might (which is morally not allowed).

    And to call Might goodness, if it is only great enough (infinite).

    That’s why Creation of persons is an unacceptable idea.

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  • Larian LeQuella

    I still love the whole “They were disobedient because they didn’t even know the difference between good and evil” shtick that xtians try to pass off as logic…

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    I ran across your website in my own quest to understand a foundation I was taught since 3rd grade. I am curious to know how it feels at this point in your life? I too am trying to keep an open mind to all that I read and learn, hoping I will come to terms with my own thoughts and beliefs. It is a lonely course I feel I am headed down…

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  • griggs1947

    Daniel , yea! And lo , how Christinsanity urges people to accept God on the basis of the divine protection plan as love! And how can one love ones neighbor, when one enslaves her? The limited notion of love that that fanatic cult leader Yeshua advocated!
    We should mock this superstition so as to upset Christians so much as to try to answer us, but then find out that we are right when they truly investigate their nonsense.
    Moses’s Folly, Mohammed’s Lunacy, Smith’s Fraud, Mary’s Christian Nescience, Buddha’s Wrong Path, the Dao NonWay, Shinto Hooliganism, White’s Black magic, Jehovah’s Hallucinators
    I understand that most Estonians and East Germans and Japanese are atheists and half of South Koreans are that.
    The rationalist falllacy is to assume that with the rise of educational levels, superstition would go down, but so many just find a more refined way fo affriming their nonsense. Yet, as note in the previous paragraph, there is hope for our evagel of humanism, naturalism and rationalism to spread.

  • http://anevilgod Rev Erma Juliano

    You caught on. God always leaves a trail no matter where it leads. The evidence for God the Fathers’ inabilities with humankind is in the first chapter of the Book of Job.
    Lucifer, Gods’ son was severly punished in Heaven for an infraction which God the father caused in the first place. Lucifer was thrown down to earth without his body God was so angry at him.
    Yet here God is in the first Chapter again pulling another stunt. He actually gives Lucifer
    permission to go after a saved man and put him through such testing and trial the normal human
    could not overcome.
    It is only after JOB “sucks up” to God the Father does God the Father leave him alone. Did
    Job serve him after that? Nope. Know why? Read the last chapter. Its an eye opener.
    Only because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ do we have a world at all. It’s the New Testament
    which rules. With Christ now on the throne things are better. . . we still have a long way to go.

  • Professor West

    First off, my e-mail address sums up the personality behind this comment. I’m truly a Black Sheep in the family of God. I reject him and everything he stands for.

    We’ll you people are close to the terrible truth that focuses on real evil. Now speaking from experience after enjoying thousands of horrific attacks, I consider myself the world’s only leading authority on the subject of God and his disgusting religion. I’ve been there many times in front of him, (heard that sweet cowardly voice) find myself now judged (erased from the book like) and damned to a future destruction.

    Therefore, I’m free to do anything to glorify! Or discredit the Christian faith. I’m also the only man who’s ever photographed a real spiritual event that exposed the evil behind the storm. Yes out of a ludicrous world population of nearly 7 billion I & I alone possess inside information about this character, who goes by the unearned title of Almighty God?

    It should be obvious that Professor West is a cover for my real name. A name that would be very difficult to pronounce. However I do consider myself a Professor of theology for my only teachers are confessing demons. My classroom is a stage called’ planet Earth. I know Lucifer well his many passions for mastering this world completely. Incidentally no one does anything in secret that these messengers (if you will) don’t know about. They attack, not to hurt me, or frighten me, only to teach. Like Nostradamus just a mortal man whom these creatures whom I have come to know and respect truly adored him, I too have been given a rare gift to expose that invisible spiritual realm for all the world to see, and give witness too the infinitesimal.

    Naturally I believe in this holy God character and his good friend Lucifer too, who knows him better than any mortal being living today. You can trash that Da Vinci Code nonsense for I am now compelled to write a book that exposes the creative power behind reality itself. I am not and I repeat a believer in this Christ character nor am I a satanists, I take nobody’s side in this endeavor.

    You people are asking the right questions; however, you’re not getting the right answers? No, we tend to ignore that which we do not understand. I on the other hand fully understand ,I’m prepared to create my own web page to address these questions that can not be accurately answered. example: why does this Holy God character allow suffering? I know the answer because the fallen angels are my teachers and possess an incredible amount of intelligence. Yes, they view man as an ignorance idiot and nothing more. and incidentally they’re not all against us, No many are on our side fighting this evil soul possessing monster spirit,whom the ancient Indians called the “Great Spirit”

    • Sunny Day

      Jack Burton: “Go off and rule the universe from beyond the grave.”

      “Professor” West: “Indeed!”

      Jack Burton: “Or check into a psycho ward whichever comes first huh?”

  • David

    I have linked to this list from my site: Bad Religion.

    Do you intend to continue adding to this series?


  • Objectifier

    Is there more coming? I love it so far!

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  • Dave

    Any plans to address the ills of Leviticus at some point? From what I heard, that stuff can get pretty nutty.

  • http://N/A Mark Scherwitz

    Well I viewed my opinion and you cut me off. Are you as un-intelligent

  • http://N/A Mark Scherwitz

    What is your objective? What can you prove? What can’t you prove? Does anything matter based on what is said on either side of the issue? Are you still controlled based on the social and mental confines of your mind? Are they controlled based on social and mental confines of their minds? Is it stupidity on both sides of the issue? What can be changed for the better, immediately and into the future for mankind to survive? My last questions are more general in there context. What do you love about being human? What do you hate about being human? Being human, is this God given, or is this evolution? Is evolution in God’s plan, based on only our concept of time? Based on what you believe, do you consider yourself intelligent, or not so intelligent? Please I wish to hear from you.

    • Sunny Day

      “What is your Quest?” – To seek the Holy Grail.
      “What can you prove?” – 2+2 =4, Wankers ask a lot of questions & Many Other Things
      “What can’t you prove?” – God, Russell’s Teapot, & Many Other Things
      “Does anything matter based on what is said on either side of the issue?” – Yes
      “Are you still controlled based on the social and mental confines of your mind?” – Just like everyone else.
      “Are they controlled based on social and mental confines of their minds?” – Just like everyone else.
      “Is it stupidity on both sides of the issue?” – Sides of what issue?
      “What can be changed for the better, immediately and into the future for mankind to survive?” – Clean and abundant water supplies.
      “What do you love about being human?” – As opposed to being what?
      “What do you hate about being human?” – Not being able to fly under my own power and poop on people like pigeons do.
      “Being human, is this God given, or is this evolution?” – We have evidence for evolution, the god critter, not so much.
      “Is evolution in God’s plan, based on only our concept of time?” – No
      “Based on what you believe, do you consider yourself intelligent, or not so intelligent?” – I have many areas of expertise but I’m constantly surprised about what I don’t know about this world.

      • William

        “What is your Quest?” – The un-ending pursuit of the maximum of my potential as a human being.
        “What can you prove?” – In terms of what?
        “What can’t you prove?” – Most things, but experience (historically) hasn’t been based on the proveable; only that which carries the most conviction. And that measure is beyond proveable.
        “Does anything matter based on what is said on either side of the issue?” – Yes (always)
        “Are you still controlled based on the social and mental confines of your mind?” – Still? I am somewhat defined by those things, my backround affords the present, but controlled? Too strong a wrod.
        “Are they controlled based on social and mental confines of their minds?” – As stated above: we all have a history which can determine a predictable outcome for our mindset and actions, but it is never a certainty. Therefore controlability as a whole, is reduced. I have 100% faith in a person that they are able to transcend any boundaries otherwise.
        “Is it stupidity on both sides of the issue?” – Stupidity? Hardly? The pursuit of knowledge and purpose, aside from that the great magnitude of our evolution is wasted.
        “What can be changed for the better, immediately and into the future for mankind to survive?” – Pursuit of peace and understanding, before action. And action only in the face of great discernment and fervent reverance to the future we wish to create.
        “What do you love about being human?” – This, right here. Being able to express myself. Truly happiness is only realized once shared.
        “What do you hate about being human?” – The capacity and desire for destruction.
        “Being human, is this God given, or is this evolution?” – Could be both. But the definition of God needs to be clearer.
        “Is evolution in God’s plan, based on only our concept of time?” – Could be.
        “Based on what you believe, do you consider yourself intelligent, or not so intelligent?” – Intelligent, certainly, knowledgable: not nearly enough.
        “Are Good and Evil simply mental constructs?” – No. As the act of Good and Evil are the only forms that Good and Evil can take. It MUST be an experienceable thing.
        “Are Good and Evil opposite composites” Yes, yet only in the percieved feeling. But it is good to note that Good and Evil are not seperate entities. As they are equally unrecognizeable without the counter experience.
        “If there was a God, would it be a personal God?” – Yes, as any creator is invested in its creation. On some level so would be a God.
        “Would it conduct itself to a moral code?” – Unknoweable. Though the human’s actuations/ understandings of morality is based largely on a human’s worldview.
        “Is purpose an idle pursuit?” – Never!
        “Is a God assertion a valid answer to the origin question?” – Maybe. Shaky at best. But it is also good to note: the instant in which reality came into being via the big bang, was immeasurably and profoundly different than any and all proceeding moments. As such, also requires an equally profound explanation for its existance. Occams razor loses traction here.

        I like this…. Someone else keep the chain going… and maybe add some of your own questions…

  • griggs1947

    typos as noted evangel spell checker next time