Calvin & Hobbes on Santa vs God

With all the recent talk about God vs Santa, I thought this Calvin & Hobbes comic would be appropriate:

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  • Lord of Numa

    I <3 Calvin&Hobbes

  • If we try to imagine God, Santa is what we end up with, more or less :)

  • C

    “God is Santa Claus for Grownups”

  • Santa Claus is better than the Biblical god. Maybe the real root of all this “war on Christmas” fury is that people are jealous of Santa’s popularity?

    Also, I echo the adoration of Calvin and Hobbes.

  • Another one of the things that made Bill Watterson great. C&H was peppered with that kind of stuff, doses of environmentalism and wonderful tidbits of mountain biking.

    If only I had the hundred-odd dollars for that complete hardcover collection. It was gorgeous.

  • “God is Santa Claus for Grownups”

    Oh man, someone needs to post that on Ray Comfort’s blog!

  • @Jason: It probably wouldn’t make it past moderation.

  • C & H posits good questions to consider.

    Santa Claus can be traced to the historical St. Nicholaus.

    God can be traced back to the historical Jesus Christ–the only One giving true meaning to Christmas.

    In addition, God has other well documented involvement with His Creation. He also has the testimony of witness in many believers, though granted this is often not the best representation to truly reflect the Almighty.

  • Charles Pugh,

    If you believe that the creation is evidence for the god of Christianity, then you must also consider the negative parts of that creation as well as the positive ones.

    Who invented the parasitic worm that lives in the eye of a child? A merciful god?

  • My pastor at home in Kansas City used Calvin and Hobbes nearly every month from the pulpit. I’ve always been curious what he thought deep within his heart about the philosophical connotations. I know he was smart, he had to see the same elements of doubt as I did. Was he planting seeds in Christian hearts for doubting the faith? I think that sometimes there are people in churches who value “doing good” more than doctrine. Secular sleeper cells…

  • “@Jason: It probably wouldn’t make it past moderation.”

    I’m often surprised at the things Ray lets past moderation. He allows people to say some really mean things about him.

  • Yeah, but if you don’t capitalize god, that’s just TOO far!

  • Wow.. this was a real C&H? I kind of assumed the dialogue was changed from the original.

    Not really related, but it reminds me of “Garfield minus Garfield”. It’s very existential.

  • @McBloggenstein: No, this is real. One of the reasons I love it!