Christian bus ad fixed

PhillyChief modifies a recent Christian bus ad to make it more accurate:

Love it!

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  • Lord of Numa

    lol, very nice :D

    I think we should have representatives from every religion run bus ads to show the Christian community that it isn’t the only religion out there.

  • Roger

    A Buddhist bus ad could be something like, “Why worry?” A Hindu bus ad could be, “There are billions of us. Literally.” A Scientology ad could be, “Xenu doesn’t like you. But we do*” At the bottom of the ad, there could be fine print that says “Terms and conditions apply. Offer not valid for rational thinkers.”(of course, that could be the fine print for pretty much all of the religions)

  • Whoa! That is really “in your face”. I like it.

    I would have changed the last line to read “you’ll burn in HELL”.

  • The atheists up here in Washington State should put this up in the state Capital rather than the sign they have now.

    The one now is kind of blatantly offensive, while this sticks more to the actual doctrines of christanity, and shows that they are inherently offensive.

  • measure76,

    I agree that the original sign at the capitol is offensive.

    I could see that if I were a Christian, I wouldn’t like someone telling me that I had a “hard heart” or an “enslaved mind”.

    It’s just not constructive.

  • Thanks for the plug.

    I didn’t mention hell because I didn’t want to allow for any equivocation, and, most importantly, maintain it’s ability to be a religious ad. Tortured forever could mean many things, and most certainly is not limited to some afterlife hell bullshit. Many Christians believe atheists are sad, depressed, angry and so forth (which, btw, got reinforced by those two idiots from the Humanist group in their press statements) so that could be considered torture. Also, some, like Billy Graham, think simply being apart from their god is torture.

    I wanted something that was deliciously ironic, that both affirmed religious beliefs AND affirmed non-religious resentment towards religious beliefs. I think I accomplished that.

  • Ty

    There is a Baptist Church marquee near my house that always says, “God loves you.”

    I keep wanting to sneak over one night and change it to say, “God loves you. And if you don’t love him back, he will F*** you up.”

  • the talking crow

    Here is my sign for a bus ad, “There is a God, get to know him and have peace and joy in your life”