Other deities not born on Dec 25

I know my readers are far too intelligent to think Jesus was the first deity not born on December 25. Regardless, here’s a list of some other deities that have claimed Dec. 25 as their own. It includes:

  • Horus (c. 3000 BCE)
  • Osiris (c. 3000 BCE)
  • Attis of Phrygia (c.1400 BCE)
  • Krishna (c. 1400 BCE)
  • Zoroaster/Zarathustra (c. 1000 BCE)
  • Mithra of Persia (c. 600 BCE)
  • Heracles (c. 800 BCE)
  • Dionysus (c. 186 BCE)
  • Tammuz (c. 400 BCE)
  • Adonis (c. 200 BCE)
  • Hermes
  • Bacchus
  • Prometheus

A busy day in the life of the gods!

[Update: Removed Buddha, which is on the list but doesn't appear to be correct.]

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  • http://teamcoachingnetwork.com Dave

    …and we think WE have a lot of presents to get!

    • Tony The Tiger

      As above so below. Most people know that the Church co-opted pre-existing Pagan Celebrations (both at Christmas and Easter). Throughout most of recorded history, human beings of seen their intimate connection to the Creator as reflected in the phrase “as above, so below” or “On earth, as it is in heaven.” Rather than try to stop the rituals that are a human part of being spiritual beings, the Church co-opted them in order to placate new converts and to make the changes palatable for all of a loving and generous spirit. One will never satisfy the people filled with hate masking as reason. Reason is what led Truman to drop the atom bomb on innocent civilians in our immoral unjust war on Japan which we started when we stole Japanese assets worth more than a billion dollars prior to our instigating an attack in the Philipines but which was instead made on Pearl Harbor. A day of Justice that will live in memory of the evils the U.S. has wrought time and time again upon innocent civilians with its RATIONAL weapons of war, created by godless scientists and others who are so blinded by their hatred of human kind they can do nothing but bring others down. They’re the scientists who thought up AIDS. They’re the scientists who serve the monsters who fight against human kind and its institutions of hope: religions and charity.

      • Nzo

        Right, the religions and charity whose documented, and statistical ‘hope’-bringing is massively overshadowed by their despair-bringing, corruption, physical and mental abuse, and anti-progressive stance on everything from slavery to women’s rights.

      • trj

        Evil scientists invented AIDS?

        Right. Whatever you say.

        In the spirit of Christmas: you are a fruitcake.

      • TheEvilFuckaire

        You think the church adopted pagan customs to “placate new converts and to make the changes palatable for all of a loving and generous spirit.” They (religions) have always had only one goal. Total domination of humanity through Santa Clause stories forced on people at the tip of a sword.

        • Custador

          Preaching to the choir, son!

      • Nikki

        Don’t forget about Hitler, the devout compassionate Christian who can be quite easily attributed with the deaths of 6 million innocent people who shared the same god as himself. Your moral superiority is what people don’t like, not your “caring and compassionate” religion.

  • http://misterjebsblog.blogspot.com TinaFCD

    I like the title very much. :)

  • VorJack

    It really sucks that their birthdays all fall on Christmas, since that means they won’t be getting as many presents on average as the other kids.

    Wait, I think I’m missing something here…

    Anyway, I think we can assume that any deity who is tied to the sun has a birthday ceremony on or around Dec. 25. So the list is actually much, much longer.

  • ade33sh

    ‘m a theravadha Buddhist, and according to what we’re taught, Buddha was born in the month of May, not December…


  • Gerald

    I have seen an almost identical list in the Internet movie Zeitgeist. Now, I am a believer in Christ who recognizes that many elements of His myth originate in various recurring pagan mythic themes. I find that enriching.

    The list is pretty flawed, my knowledge is not too great but I know that Dec. 25 is not commonly claimed as the birthdate of Buddha, Sri Krishna, or the Prophet Zoroaster. Plus, no religious community believes Zoroaster to have been a god.

    But yes, this date is purely a continuation of old pagan seasonal themes.

    God Bless,

    • Daniel

      as a believer in christ and as someone whos has seen the zietgiest film, how do you reconsile the other similarities of the story of jesus’s life with other more ancient deities? such as virgin birth, resurection, 12 deciples. the relativly insignificant detail of the date of birth is easy to pass over, but these seem more fundamental to the justification of jesus as a god and not simply a powerful humanistic philosopher.
      i just want to add, im not being antagonistic but am genuinly interested in your opinion.

      • Custador

        Zeitgeist cotains quite a lot of bullshit when it comes to religion. I admit, I swallowed it whole at first, but when you look deeper at what they claim as “facts” about other ancient religions, hardly any of them are true. Similarly, that whole section where they talk about similarities in wording and names would only make sense if people had been speaking modern English for the last seven thousand years. It’s nonsense, and it does atheists no favours.

        • Daniel

          i totaly agree, it presents its information as solid fact when infact its not, but as with alot of ancient history its a mixture of opinion and archiological evidence. still though the core idea of the jesus myth being repeated over many different more ancient deities with multiple similarities is valid and can be sourced from many other scollars and history enthusiasts, and i believe that srtongly weakens the case that jesus was indeed a god and rather this ancient story was applied to a man to help poove the validity of what was being preached and help ascend him into godhood. the name similarities are totaly insigificant, im not sure y he even bothered to put it in the film, if anything it weakend the case he was presenting. i didnt mean to present the idea that that film is an authority on the matter, it just raises a few theories that are often unspoken, best investigated by yourself.

  • VorJack

    Oooo! Here’s a good one: Sir Isaac Newton! Born on Christmas Eve!

    Ok, so he wasn’t a god. But judging by the reactions of his contemporaries, he was pretty close. Remember to Pope couplet:
    “Nature and Nature’s Laws lay hid at Night.
    God said, Let Newton be! and All was Light.”

    It’s all so clear now. Newton had a function similar to the Word/Jesus in the opening of the Gospel of John. Newton emanates from God, illuminating creation. Through Newton, God makes the universe sensible and ordered, just as God provides Wisdom through the divine Sophia.

    Alright, next year we celebrate Newtonmas!

  • Lisa
  • http://thehinduatheist.wordpress.com/ Aniket

    Buddha and Krishna were not born on 25 dec and also were not believed to be born on 25 dec.
    As per Hindu mythology Krishna is believed to be born on sometime during august/september. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janmashtami)
    But of course Krishna only has mythological existence, and his birth is largely unproven.

    Buddha is add one out in this list. As per my knowledge, Siddhartha/Gautama Buddha was a real person with enough direct evidence of his existence.

    Also he was a moral teacher – more like Confucious – and he was an atheist/naturalist.
    So clubbing Buddha together with other mythical deities is incorrect.

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com Daniel Florien

    @Aniket: I thought the same thing with Buddha, but I didn’t create the list. I agree it shouldn’t be on it.

  • http://thehinduatheist.wordpress.com/ Aniket

    thanks for taking Buddha out of the list. That makes sense.

    Although Buddha probably never intended it that way, his followers deified buddha. So the propensity to put buddha in list of mythical deities is understandable. But attaching 25-dec as buddha’s birth date is farfetched.

    I checked the original link afterwards – many flaws in there. But broadly makes a valid point.

    I think Persian/Irainan immigrants to India (known as Parsis) worship Zoroaster.

  • Gerald

    Not as far as I am aware. I could very well be wrong, but all Zoroastrian communities I am aware of identify Zoroaster as a Proper of Ahura Mazda.

  • http://larianlequella.com Larian LeQuella

    Is it just me, or does it seem like us humans like to recycle stories, and in the end make them worse? Just look at what Hollywood did to “The Day the Earth Stood Still“!

  • JJ

    Not to be picky, but you mention Dec 25 as a “busy” day in the lives of the gods . . . I would suggest a day 9-months (or the nearest deistic gestation period) would have been the busy day (not saying birth isn’t work, but at least don’t forget the fun part!)

    Well, except for Joseph . . . dude got the shortest end of the stick evah!

  • http://jdmhub.com Mark

    Buddha was born and dead on same day. Even Osho was born and dead on same day. If you have any other who were enlightened or dead on dec 25.

  • feriadi isander

    so? are you agree, about jesus, born on december?

  • nirvana demon

    the birth of krishna is usually around august. its a lunar calendar date, so it varies from year to year, but generally falls arnd july to september. its the eighth day (ashtami) of a month called ‘rohini’ and so the festival is called ashtamirohini (literally the eighth day of Rohini) or janmaashtami, signifying the “birth that took place on the eighth day”.
    and it would seem that deities have their own contradictory lifespans, stretched out or tucked in as the faithful will…
    some sources (see http://www.krishnajanmashtami.com/when-janmashtami.html for their take )put the date of the event at 3,227 BC (such as it is).
    it was a great post! u write well.

  • ade33sh

    Thanks for taking buddha off the list… Keep up the good posts!

  • http://larianlequella.com Larian LeQuella

    @feriadi, read the title. This is a list of imaginary entities NOT born on the 25th… I know, a subtle distinction for some, but really not that hard to get!

    Keep in mind, if you read some of the posts in the comments section, again you’ll see how the entire story is all made up anyway considering things such as:
    - Romans didn’t conduct the census in December.
    - There is no reason for people to travel as the story would indicate.
    - If the wise men had followed a star as described, they would have ended up in India.
    - The whole bit with Herod would be rather difficult, since he was already dead.
    - Most shepherds “tended to their flocks” in the April to October time frame. Oops!
    And the list goes on. Yet somehow apologetics seem to wheedle their way around because they just MUST make reality fit their beliefs.

  • VorJack

    Hey, Daniel, get ready to add another one to the list:

    OK, the kid hasn’t done anything yet, but it took Jesus 30 years. And this time we have documentary evidence that pins him to Christmas Day. With Yeshua, we’re stuck with Matthew and Luke. With this one, we’ve got the BBC.

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    Remember to Pope couplet:
    “Nature and Nature’s Laws lay hid at Night.
    God said, Let Newton be! and All was Light.”

    It did not last; the devil howling “Ho!
    Let Einstein be!” restored the status quo.
    – Sir John Collings Squire

  • Richard

    Re: Aniket: “But of course Krishna only has mythological existence, and his birth is largely unproven.”

    There are some well funded Hindu groups out there digging up evidence to prove the existence of a certain Krishna at about the right time and also evidence for the events of the Mahabarata. Whether we could say looking at history that any well funded group, Christian, Hindu, otherwise would find what they were after if they search enough I don’t know. It seems that evidence for Krishna can be as strong as evidence for Jesus.

    The similarities between the stories around Krishna’s birth and Jesus’ birth are striking. I was quite surprised when I attended my local Janmasthami celebration a couple of months ago and was told the story. Even Herod had his counterpart and many innocent children were killed.

  • oki

    Huh, that’s weird, why that day? Who started the trend? Now I feel really special, that’s MY birthday. *A* ehehe..

  • http://AdventistWheat.com Sister Sabbay

    For certain, Christ was not born on December 25th. Understanding the way that the adversary works, there is certainly an interconnection of dates among all beliefs, ecumenicalism, causing the adversary to be worshipped, Patheism. Such worship permits the adversary to receive worship and continues to be deceptive. It is amazing how many are deceived with Christmas, Easter and Lent. Therefore all these days appear to be Pagan influenced, having nothing to do with the Messiah’s Birth or Resurrection.

    Sabbay :)

  • sh


    I looked up Hercules and his birthday is supposed to be around the Nov. 4. Anyways the Greek’s celebrate it on the 4th day of each month.

    Krishna’s birth was said to be in July, though I know someone else said August or September.

    Osiris he was born within the last five days of the Egyptian calendar year. Apparently there were a lost set of five days between the old and new year. It could be the 25th but it could also have been the 27th.

    Attis I couldn’t get a birthday on but his myth is supposedly the one that informed alot of current Christian dates and practices. I read his story. The version that supposedly “informed” Christian practices seems to be a more recent incarnation of ancient myth that really doesn’t resemble Christ’s story. I can’t tell when it became popular.
    I know that it was finally sort of accepted in Rome in the time of Claudius (decades after Christs death) and had at least by that time several rites that resemble certain Christian practices. When I say Christian I am not speaking universally.

    So anyway, I was watching that Bill Maher movie making fun of all things religious and thought I would check it out. So far, 0 points for Maher. I’m pretty aware the the “church” adopted practices from other religions to make Christianity more palatable. I don’t think that the human ability to make stupid choices means there is no God.

    I have to say I was kind of surprised. I expected that if Bill Maher said all this crap on camera that it would at least be factual. So anyway, I suggest taking a little more time and thought before deciding what you choose to believe or not believe.

  • http://unreasonable andrew gomez

    whether jesus was born on dec25th does matter, but it don’t. The bad thing abot jesus is that paul took everyones eye’s off God.paul made jesus a God, at the same time took everyones eye’s
    off jesus original message. why don’t jesus’s brother’s who would know him best. relate any divinity to him oh and that’s JUDE and JAMES.

  • Duchess

    Zoroaster was not a deity, nor born on Dec 25. He does have Jesus parallels such as returning to Earth just before the Last Days [born of a virgin by his own seed] to aid Ahura Mazda [the benevolent uncreated creator] in the final destruction of all evil.

  • Shalsie

    Hi there,
    Krishna is wrong, and someone said it was July August or September.. that’s because unlike those who follow the Roman calendar and assign dates to a give birth etc, the Hindus assign certain astronomical patterns of stars etc to celebrate birth and death anniversary, hence it is extremely inaccurate to post a “date” for celebrating the birth of Krishna or any other Hindu be he divine or not human or not blah blah blah

  • Sergio Tarrero

    To the author of this post (or anyone who has any information on this): Following a little FB debate over all these gods, and finding this list here… I understand that all of them had OTHER birth dates, but their birthdays were eventually “moved” and celebrated on Dec. 25 by their followers. I notice that the link where you found the list is now bad.

    Someone commenting on my FB post is claiming that she could find online references to only 4 of these having been celebrated on Dec. 25 by their followers, or Dec. 25 to have even been said to have been their birthdays. If you have any references about any of the 13 (I guess particularly beyond the 4 which are “well known” to have been born on Dec. 25, or celebrated on that day… she did not say which those were…), they’d be appreciated, so that I could share them with my friend and others following that post. Thanks.

  • John

    I do not accept Jesus’ birthday as Dec 25th, nowhere in the holy scriptures does it say that – and nowhere are Christians commanded to celebrate the birth of Christ.

    In fact the only 2 mentions of birthdays in the bible are pagan celebrations. The Jews did not celebrate the day of their birth and Christians today should not as well.

    The fact that these other gods have purported births on Dec 25th indicate that this day is important to the devil, as he has insisted on celebrating it throughout history.

    As far as your blog goes, faith is not unreasonable. I ask you, who set the laws of gravity and who decided that time should move forward in a linear way and not jump around? Who positioned the earth precisely the right distance from the sun, who measured the earth and formed it so that it’s size worked in harmony with gravity so that the force of gravity was not too strong or too weak? Who set the orbit of the earth, or set the rules of physics that govern the water, carbon, and nitrogen cycles? Who wrote the DNA code? Who ripped open the heavens and poured out the universe?

    If we are by chance we are animals, if we are created we are the children and image of God. Athiests lack humanity and you may continue as an animal- blinded by false religious dogma or you will seek the truth and humanity.

    • Noelle

      Hi John. Welcome to UF. Before you are about to see the barrage of responses to your questions, may I suggest you choose 1 on which to focus? I spot 9 points and questions up there, and knowing my friends here, that leads to walls of confusing text that leaves no one satisfied.

      So, pick 1. -or- brace for walls o’ text.

      (please go with one)

      • Noelle

        Or (OMG does this make more sense) abandon a thread from 2008 and find one from circa December 2011. We just did xmas, you could copy/paste even! For God’s sake man, it’s almost 2012.

        • UrsaMinor

          The forums are a better venue for lengthy discussions.

          • Jabster

            A lengthy discussion you say … come on Ursa do you really think you can have a discussion with someone who’s opening gambit is “it’s all of a bit complicated for me to understand so god and not just any god but the god I believe in”?

            • UrsaMinor

              One may hope. Someday, one of them may surprise us.

            • Jabster

              … a bit like the Spanish Inquisition you mean?

          • Noelle

            @Ursa: good point. The forums are even better.

            @ John: if you return, please choose 1 question at a time, go to forums, and put it there. If you don’t return, then ’tis a pity you’ll never learn the answers to your multi-questions all UF-style.

            @Jabster: the best inquisitions are always the surprises

            • Jabster

              “the best inquisitions are always the surprises”

              That’s what my doctor said as he put a rubber glove on …

    • Sunny Day

      No wall of text needed.

      The answer to all of your Who questions is the same answer to this one; Who created the creator?

      When you understand the answer you can set aside all religious dogma and stop demonizing your fellow humans.

    • trj

      Athiests lack humanity

      Fuck you, John. You represent the worst parts of religion: stupidity and bigotry.

      • UrsaMinor

        And poor spelling skills. It’s “atheists”- unless you don’t mind being called a “Christain” in a return.

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