Explosive sledgehammers

These retards enjoy strapping explosives to sledgehammers and smashing them on the ground:

What is wrong with these people? Why are they doing this?


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  • Proto

    Clearly, not enough is wrong with these people.

  • That’s fantastic! I don’t understand it, but who needs to, they’re blowing shit up.

  • Roger

    Hopefully, they’ll be contributing to natural selection.

  • I did some pretty silly stuff with firecrackers when I was a kid, but this… is crazy. I imagine them trying to up each other.

  • Damnit Roger, you beat me to it.

    I seem some potential winners of a Darwin Award.

  • James

    This is a noisy version of “Oooooh… shiney!”

  • I had a friend from northern Wisconsin who said that he and some buddies once glued a ball bearing onto the primer of a shotgun shell and stood around a parking lot throwing it into the air and running…

    However, what makes this surpass that in stupidity is the sheer volume of people engaging in the exercise.

  • Awesome! When and where do I need to be to do this?! I’ve done some silly and weird-ass shit in my days, but damn this is awesome. Absolutely batshit insane and most positively suicidal, but still thoroughly awesome!

  • i wanna go! it looks like loads of fun! 8)

    it looks like a foreign version of burning man…

  • Matt

    I completely agree that this is rediculous…but as a humanist I find the language used to describe these individuals: ‘retards’ very offensive. Its derogatory and hurtful to individuals with different ways of being. I know many individuals who carry the label of mental retardation and none of them would have done something this stupid.

    I myself used to use this language flippantly util I realized how hurtful it was. Just look at the outrage over the movie “Tropic Thunder” for this very reason. Every once in awhile it slips out and I have to apologize for my insensitivity because it was ‘just something I said’ growing up.

    Probably most people don’t really care about this, but I thought since we are all on a journey of better understanding, I would at least throw out the viewpoint that this can be hurtful language.

  • I’m surprised it took so long for someone to be offended that I used the word “retard”!

    For people to do this, I think there must be some kind of mental issues going on, even if it is temporarily socially induced. Thus to me the word fits.

    Feel free to substitute whatever word characterizes these people in your mind, though. I won’t be offended.

    I’m curious though — why are you so offended by the language? If I said "idiots" would you have been similarly offended? (It means the same thing.) If I said they were "dumb" would you have been offended because that offends the deaf? If I would have called them "morons," would that be inappropriate since it technically refers to adults who have the mentality capacity of a child?

    My point is, it’s hard to insult people without SOMEONE taking offense. :)

    (And, by the way, I mean no offense by this comment!)

  • Matt

    Thanks for the reply Daniel. When I examine how I feel about it, perhaps it is not this “I” am offended by the language, but I understand that people with various labels of mental capacity are.

    The reason is that it perpetuates a stereotype that because of a number given by a test that a person will do “stupid” things. I work with people with autism who carry this label, but it is not applicable to their capabilities. Some of these “severely retarded” individuals write books, give presentations around the country, and write advocacy legislation.

    Perhaps its just a shame that individuals who are tying explosives to sledgehammers are getting lumped in with the individuals I know that are working hard to break down the negative stereotypes that our culture currently has about individuals labeled as mentally retarded.

    I like the healthy discussion about the topic though!

  • nipsey russell

    eh, so what? some of these “retards” will write books and give presentations too, just with less limbs.

  • latsot


    Perhaps the problem is that people with genuine mental conditions are labelled ‘retarded’. To me, that has more potential for offence because it is a label for people who are not responsible for their condition. It’s like calling someone who can’t walk a cripple: it may be descriptive (if not necessarily accurate) but it is usually used as an offensive term referring to a group of people who have not chosen to have difficulty getting about. Or – in the case of people with mental disabilities – with various aspects of cognition.

    By contrast, calling someone who behaves in an excessively stupid or unpleasant manner a ‘retard’ seems pretty appropriate. It seems pretty clear that strapping explosives to a sledge hammer indicates a retarded sense of risk, value, self-worth, cool things that COULD be done with explosives, regard for others…..I’m pretty sure the list could go on for a long while yet.

    Pick your targets: the problem is the offensive labelling of people who unwittingly belong to a made-up class on the basis of disability, not the offensive labelling of people who choose to act in an idiotic fashion and therefore deserve it.