Picard's response to Rick Warren

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  • Timebender13

    Wow, great! Funniest 5 second video I’ve seen in a long time!

  • http://teamcoachingnetwork.com Dave

    Love it!

  • VorJack


    If it’s any help, Bishop Gene Robinson managed to piss off a lot of evangelicals by giving a prayer without name-checking Jesus. Instead we got “Oh God of our many understandings …” You could almost here the teeth grinding out towards Saddleback.

    I’m getting the feeling that a lot of evangelicals, and even those folks who consider themselves post-evangelicals, don’t understand the liberal/modernist wing of their religion.

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein

    I LOL’ed!

    I love TNG. I’m a dork.

  • http://www.rationalitynow.com Dan Gilbert

    Ha! That’s awesome! :-)

  • Lisa S

    I’m a TNG dork as well…FUNNY!!!

  • http://www.thevictorsblog.co.cc thevictorsblog

    Liked your blog. I’m a brazilian, 25 years old, and your history in the Christianity is almost the same of mine.

    … and my English is very poor, I’m sorry. I understand better than write or talk.

  • Brent

    Admittedly clever.

  • http://digitaldame.wordpress.com Digital Dame

    BWAHAHAHA! My hero!

    Seriously, that had to be the lamest invocation I ever heard, and at such a moment. He sounded like he was floundering, like he had nothing prepared and was just giving a chat in his living room. What a wanker.

  • http://strawdog.wordpress.com/ strawdog

    Haha, ah, good old Jean-Luc Picard knows what’s right!

  • John Charles

    Brilliant—and seconded!

  • http://babyfight.com garth
  • Sherry

    I love all Star Trek all Star Wars. I’m especially crazy about Battlestar Galactica right now.

    One thing I am, is very cool. I’m pretty much a life long atheist and I’m a veteran of 10 years of U.S. military service.

    I am not a dork. Science fiction makes me the Freethinker I am today.

  • http://recusatorysarcasm.blogspot.com/ Sam

    Awsome! Love Picard. However all real Trekkies know the one True Capitan is Captian Kirk.

  • Alex Guggenheim

    I, myself, am quite a Sci-Fi fan. My days go back to watching those repeats of old 60′s movies on Saturdays on TV.

    Why…why…why must we be without MST 3000?

    Picard was an excellent character and ohhh Dr. Crusher. The Borg, what a great creation. I am looking forward to the ST movie coming out.

  • http://bligbi.com Karen

    BWAHAHAHA! Excellent!

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  • Roger

    Life long Trekkie here too (though, seriously; can we talk about why Voyager mostly sucked and why Enterprise was a heaping pile of mega suck? Ugh.), and that video rocks! And, yes, the only True Captain is Kirk…though The Sisko runs a close second. You just don’t fuck with The Sisko.

  • http://www.otmatheist.com hoverfrog

    It’s doubly funny when you consider that Gene Roddenberry was an atheist.

  • http://www.breathlessmind.blogspot.com Jennifer

    Lol, very cool.

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com Daniel Florien

    @Alex: Oh man, the new ST movie looks awesome. JJ Abrams FTW!

  • RageAgainstTheWashingMachine

    Jeez am I the only one who thinks Picard is the best captain?

  • http://unreasonablefaith.com Daniel Florien

    Nah, I like Picard best too.

  • Michele

    So what did it say, since I get “sorry, this video is no longer available”?

  • Benjamin Davis

    Very Funny.

  • Rickibirder

    Picard’s THE man. He even survived a stint as Locutus!

  • Roger

    Please. Kirk would have caused the Borg to self destruct with a long winded speech about logic, self-determination and…hm. Come to think of it, why didn’t Picard’s usual long-winded speeches about logic, self-determination and such work against the Borg?

  • Sunny Ng

    I like.

  • Alex Guggenheim

    Well, we all know who the worst Captain is, Capt. Jonathan Archer.

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    Picards speeches were about dignity and freedom. And, besides, the whole “logic” thing only worked against robots.

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    Oh, and Capt. Ransom of the USS Equinox was the worst captain.

  • Alex Guggenheim

    A “speech off” maybe between Kirk and Picard? That would be hilarious. Gather some clips of speeches and fit them so they could play against each other.

  • http://whyareyousofat.wordpress.com McBloggenstein

    “Gather some clips of speeches and fit them so they could play against each other.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has already spent WAY too much time doing something like this. It never ceases to amaze me how much time is wasted on the crap that people put on youtube.

    Wasn’t Patrick Stewart trained in theatre as a Shakespearean actor? I think that would be hard to beat in a speech off.

  • http://misterjebsblog.blogspot.com TinaFCD

    Loved it!!

  • Rik


    “Wasn’t Patrick Stewart trained in theatre as a Shakespearean actor?”

    Stewart certainly was (and is) a Shakespearean/theatre actor for a long time before his TV career. He most definitely has the gravity (if you’ll allow me an unintended pun-ette). But Shatner has a particular style of his own that would make him a fearsome adversary (the pauses alone would finish me off). ;)

  • http://wmute.livejournal.com wintermute

    Shatner also trod the boards as a Shakespearian, in his youth.

  • Steve

    Thanks for that! I haven’t gotten such a good kick out of something like that in a while.

  • lurker111

    Oh my. Damn near peed my pants!

  • http://dummidumbwit.wordpress.com/ dummidumbwit

    Excellent Blog, Your Stump the Anti-Abortionist is a Stat Rocket, good work!!! If you get tired asking the question to 6 million Pentecostals, let alone the Evangelical Protestant Right, and the Heritage Foundation sends a mass email reply to your query (somebody’s already working on it)to be studied by the troops, I suggest studying the likes of Ian Paisley, Bob Jones and Tony Alamo, cut the head off the snake and it dies? Rick Warren would be an unknown except for the force driving the right and it’s Bob Jones and the Heritage foundation. Painting them as extremists is easy, they are extremist? Tactics, hit em hard where they are weakest by being most out of line with just about everyone. Picard would agree?

  • cranker

    Bravo!!! I see “academy award” written all over this!!

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  • http://larianlequella.com Larian LeQuella

    LOL! Thanks, I needed a laugh!

  • Jabster


    Patrick Stewart has done a lot of theatre and he’s very good at it — well I hope he’s good as I going to see him in Waiting for Godot at the end of March. Gandalf and Captain Picard together in a play, how strange.

  • Erra

    That actually made me cry with laughter.

    Daniel, I salute you.

  • Tsalt

    Picard didn’t even like it when those primitive people were praying to him!

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  • LOL!

    AHAHAHA you took a clip of someone suggesting something and then a completely unrelated clip of someone saying “no!”

    This is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen and I laughed for about 40 seconds.

    Thank you for enriching my life!

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