A Tour of Heaven

Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? Sure you have. Now you can take a tour online!

It’s great to see The Kingdom of God getting with the times, though I wish they’d use something other than tacky clip art. Maybe in a couple years they’ll have a 360º photo tour.


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  • I loved the pictures. Especially the one of the mansion one would get when in the kingdom. What was even better was the description of the bricks used to pave roads:

    “This solid gold bar, worth thousands of dollars, is a rather low quality example of the bricks used to pave the roads in the Kingdom of God. As a matter of fact, the gold in heaven is so pure you can see right through it, kind of like water, actually a little more like crystal, but way more awesome than that…”

    Does the Bible describe the roads in heaven like this? Or did they just make it up?

    I love the “worth thousands of dollars” part, as if money would have any meaning in heaven.

  • Elemenope

    “Then out of the cloud of glory came a man. He came with arms open wide to receive the praise of the people and bless them in return. His identity, though obvious from the beginning, was made certain by the scars in His hands and feet. . .”

    Bruce Campbell?! Wow, not what I was expecting! :)

  • As a matter of fact, the gold in heaven is so pure you can see right through it, kind of like water

    Uh, yeah. Chemistry fail.

  • Come on guys, this is MAGICAL gold. Of course it’s possible! :)

  • Actually, I’m kinda bummed that the tour doesn’t include the aquarium of oysters capable of producing pearls large enough to fashion even regular-sized gates out of…

  • Jimminy Christmas

    I didn’t read the whole thing, but is there any mention of the ornately adorned and comfortably furnished solid gold viewing platform from which those in heaven can enjoy watching their loved ones screaming in horrific unimaginable agony as they are burned for all eternity in the flames of hell?

  • I was just thinking about heaven last night. It occurred to me that one of the last things that kept me clinging to religion was the whole idea of what happens after one dies. I wouldn’t accept the thought of “lights-out-thats-it,” and was actually appalled once years ago when a friend described it that way after the death of another friend.

    And while I never looked forward to dying I always looked forward to seeing loved ones again in “heaven.” The thought that people were never gone forever was a pleasant one.

    But I eventually realized that no matter how much I wished that were true it simply was not. None of it made any sense. The best I could do was remember the people who aren’t here anymore and I realized that that really wasn’t half bad.

    There’s a Coldplay song from their most recent album that has a lyric: “Those who are dead are not dead they’re just living in my head.” And I kind of like that. I know it’s not literally true – no one “lives” in our hearts or minds. They made fade a little over time, but death can’t erase the memories that one holds. (That’s what lots of drinking and/or dementia are for, but I digress.)

    I wanted to also mention that one thing that sort of helped me was something I read once (can’t remember who wrote it) to the effect of – being dead is like not being born, it just doesn’t matter. What does, however, is making the most of the extremely short time I’ve got right now.

    And I’ve recently come to the conclusion that this heaven hurdle is the same one I don’t think my spouse would ever be able or willing to jump. It’s extremely difficult for some people to get past this, especially those who have lost loved ones, and I sympathize. (Or is it empathize?) When you’ve been promised your entire life that you’ll see those people again – well, it’s incredibly disheartening to even contemplate that it isn’t true.

    After re-reading this I realize that it’s a little rambling and only on-topic in that it’s about heaven but I thought I’d post it anyway.

    But you bring up a good point – why is god so behind when it comes to the internet? Where’s his website? Hell, why doesn’t god have his own domain extension? http://www.heaven.god?

  • yup, those pictures made me want to immediately convert back to Christianity.

  • oops, clicked on the path to destruction. Guess I won’t get to go after all.

  • atimetorend

    I could only make it through about 4 slides before I had to close the window, my brain started hurting too bad…

  • cello


    Revelation describes heaven as being a city made of gold and other jewels. IIRC, it does say streets made of gold but not see-through gold.

  • A man meets his “true love” when he’s 20. They get married. Five years later she dies.

    The man lives many years thinking he’ll never love again but one day meets a woman he loves just as much as his first wife. They are married for 50 years and both die of old age.

    Now, I guess my question is – do people stay married when they get to heaven? If so, does this man become a polygamist?

    Then again – “till death do us part.” So does that mean he’s technically divorced from both women when he gets to heaven?

  • @Aubrey

    I believe it’s in Matthew somewhere that it says men and women will not take husbands and wives in heaven. I always like to bring that up to Mormons when they talk about their eternal marriages, and posthumously marrying someone into their church. ;)

  • Elemenope

    “Heaven, as conventionally conceived, is a place so inane, so dull, so useless, so miserable, that nobody has ever ventured to describe a whole day in heaven, though plenty of people have described a day at the seaside.”

    — George Bernard Shaw

  • Jimminy Christmas


    Well, if it was a woman instead of a man in this situation, then she would be an adultress and would obviously go directly to hell upon dying (after being stoned to death, of course).

    I’m not sure about men. Since women are just property in the bible, I’m pretty sure men can do whatever they want with them and still go to heaven.

  • David

    Don’t forget to sign the guestbook!

  • Ty

    I prefer Valhalla, thanks.

    A whole day of joyous slaughter, followed by everyone coming back to life for the all night feasts and whoring sounds much more interesting than harp music and god adoring.

  • Sock

    Fantastic quote.

    Now, I’m an atheist, but I’ve thought about what heaven would be like, if it existed. And you know what, if it’s all real, why can’t my heaven be exactly like how I imagine it?

    What if my version of heaven has me making out with Satan in a bath of angel tears? I mean really, if that was what I needed for my eternal joy and perfection, why not? In that same light, what if my version of heaven included my friend and I running through a field of dildos, but her version of heaven had me in hell, burning forever while a Nirvana cover band played in the background? Those are two visions of heaven that cannot exist at the same time. Unless, of course, God makes our heaven in such a way that we’re secretly all alone, except that God creates Heaven-copies of these people that we need to achieve happiness (I get my friend and to make out with Satan! woo! but she gets to see me burn in hell). Individual heavens with clones of the people that we want, provided by God and molded to fit exactly as we need.

    In short, couldn’t God, being all everything, create a heaven in such a way that even if they didn’t meet his rigid standards to get into heaven, a mother could still be with her son in heaven, even though her son was a horrible sinner and his soul was burning away forever.

    I tried to explain this to my Christian friend. She said “no, it wont be like that at all, and you’re stupid for thinking that”.

    And Christians wonder why I think they’re horrible, soul crushing people.

  • Valis

    Definite Poe…

  • David

    From the guestbook

    I thought that was awsome, I cryed through the
    hole experience… thanks and God bless you!!!

    The site may be a Poe and it may be sincere. But the visitors are quite sincere, I am sure of it.

    It makes me very sad for my species, but I am pretty certain that this idiocy will yet be the death of it.

    Anyone who cares to argue the other side of THAT prop, please have at it!

  • Sock

    Oh wow. Earliest signatures in the guestbook from 2001. Could be fabricated, especially if this is a real Poe, but then again…

    Also, at the part where they mentioned all the instruments? I wonder if they have a Dr. Seuss Bamboozlefone?

  • Keri

    I think for me discovering there was no heaven or hell was the best thing about realizing I was an atheist.

    Growing up, I “knew” I was going to hell because I hated god for creating me. I never would have chosen to exist if he had asked me. It was so unfair. I hadn’t done anything wrong or even asked to be created, and I was doomed to eternity in hell. I struggled a lot with depression growing up, and I really just wanted to not exist. I was too terrified of hell to kill myself, though.

    Even later, after being “born again” and sure I would be going to heaven… I didn’t want to. This life is enough. Existance was so hard for me. When I am dead, I want to be done, gone, completely.

    When I realized there is no heaven or hell, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of me. What a relief! I can just live this life, and enjoy it, guilt-free, and that’s all I have to do. Phew.

  • But! But! But! I call shenanigans!!! I saw NO mention of pizza in ANY form and I fail to believe that there can possibly be a Heaven without pizza. I mean… c’mon!!!

    Ha! Seriously, though… that site is just contains a plethora of entertainment, in addition to the Heaven tour. Nice find! :-)

  • Oh… and ROFL @ Sock’s Heaven hypothesis! That rocks. :-)

  • When I saw the slide that said something to the effect of “then I saw all these people bowing and realized that our whole purpose was to serve”, I could do nothing but laugh.

    Laugh at what an egotistical being this “god” would be if he existed in the way this heavenly website suggests.

    “Serve me for all eternity, and I’ll give you a mansion, and you can walk on streets of gold. But you have to serve me, and do what I say. Like the mafia.

    But if you didn’t know about me, or believed in the “wrong” religion, or didn’t believe the lackluster “arguments” for my existence, especially for my specific nature, then you deserve to be tortured for eternity.”

    If I had to amuse this cosmic gangster for the rest of time, I’m not sure I’d want to go there even if I did believe that the case for its existence had any merit.

    If I had a heaven, do you know what I would be doing?

    Sleeping. Gaining knowledge about the world. Eating. Watching nature. Having new experiences.

    Wait a minute…in “heaven”, you wouldn’t need to sleep or eat, because you’d never be tired or hungry. You wouldn’t need to know anything, because you would be next to the source of all knowledge. You wouldn’t need to learn about nature, because true satisfaction is supposedly not of this world.

    Basically, all the things I would want in a heaven are here, in this life.

    If “heaven” is merely the spiritual, and does not include the things which make this life worth living, then perhaps “heaven” would be almost as profound a torture as hell. If there is nothing to make life worth living, then why live? Then why exist?

    If “heaven” removes all the things which make it pleasant to exist, why exist at all?

    I think I would rather be annihilated then admitted to “heaven” if it did exist, as long as everything which makes life worth living is absent or unimportant.

    Again, think about this:

    All the pleasure in this world derives in part from finitude. Nature, humor, eating, weather, sex, sleep, knowledge.

    Wouldn’t an infinite quantity of anything essentially amount to torture?

    We exist in a certain way, in a finite way. That which goes against our essential nature can be nothing but torture for us. We must admit that we are physical beings, and not spiritual ones. Yet we would give a heaven physical attributes?

    This just further goes to show how muddled the concept of “heaven” is. It’s almost as if people who really wanted something like this to exist came up with it, but only partially thought about the implications of their ideas.

    The idea of “heaven” is just one more concept out of the growing scrap heap of religious concepts which just seems too ill-conceived to be divinely inspired and just flawed enough to be of human origin.

  • trj

    God is surprisingly fond of material wealth. That’s one pimpin’ crib he got there.

    I’ve always wanted a big mansion and a Ferrari, so I hereby renounce my atheism.

  • @ Aubrey

    I think it was in Enemies of Reason that Richard Dawkins took on cold readers, the people who claim to get in touch with your lost loved ones. He said that rather than helping their customers grieve and find a way to cope with death, cold readers are doing them a disservice by polluting their memories of the person with completely fabricated messages from beyond. I think, ‘hearing’ from your dead loved ones is not a constructive way of coping with death; it fosters an unhealthy attitude towards the process, and never really allows you to let go.

    Belief in an afterlife is exactly the same, in my eyes. It’s infantile wish-thinking that is ultimately poisons our understanding of life, and encourages us to avoid developing a healthy attitude towards death.

    Just think of all the people who have killed or given their lives for religion. Or how about those Christ Scientist people who won’t receive medical treatment, or allow it for their children.

  • Matt

    Wow…inane, but did you hear that music? MIDI files drive me crazy…and whats with the click in on every page. It was rediculous…I guess I could have turned down the sound, but it seemed just safer to come back to reality.

  • John Charles

    “Belief in an afterlife is exactly the same, in my eyes. It’s infantile wish-thinking that is ultimately poisons our understanding of life, and encourages us to avoid developing a healthy attitude towards death.”


    Fear masquerading as hope.

  • dr.R.

    Damn, I chose the wrong door… And still I have to say the same prayer as those who choose the door to heaven?

    But, honestly, it’s hard to believe that some grown-up people would take this seriously… This is too infantile even for children… No?

  • “… and encourages us to avoid developing a healthy attitude towards death.”

    I’m still working towards that healthy attitude about death but admitting to myself that I no longer believed in god really helped.

  • Note what’s the most prominent word over the door to Hell. Obsessed, some of these people are….

  • @Telepromptor
    Great points!


    “my version of heaven included my friend and I running through a field of dildos”

    hmmmmmmmmm… To each his own! :)

    Also, what’s a Poe?

    I missed the music! I must have had my volume down the first time. It makes it 100 times better.

  • Matt

    Poe’s law states:
    “ Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing ”

  • Ahh.. that’s pretty funny.


    My memory of Greek Mythology is pretty hazy, but didn’t their idea of hell involve a state of limbo in which the “bad” person had to endure an environment of torture specific to them?

    So, I don’t think your idea of heaven is too far off base. Still not sure about the dildos.

  • Why wait a couple years to get the 360º tour? Get it now: Heaven The Game! (a reviewthe official site)

    I actually stumbled across this a few weeks ago, and had one of those jaw-dropping-WTF-moments, followed by much laughter. When I read the title of your post Dan, I thought it was going to be about this game. Since it wasn’t, I couldn’t resist adding.


  • Matt


    If only it were so easy that you could just turn it all off when you were tired of it. On a side note…did you see the character Axis? Wow…sexually frustrated christian teens should love her.

  • Wait a minute…in “heaven”, you wouldn’t need to sleep or eat, because you’d never be tired or hungry.

    But you could choose to sleep an eat because they’re pleasurable, right?

  • @ Wintermute

    Could you? I don’t know.

    Would there be darkness? According to Revelations, isn’t it light all the time?

    Wouldn’t it be hard to sleep that way? Or is it just metaphorical light? Or just metaphorical bricks of gold, or a metaphorical lake of fire? There is a point at which we cannot really tell between the metaphorical and the literal based on our current knowledge alone.

    Even if you had all the pleasure you wanted, what would be the point in having it if it pleasure itself became unpleasurable?

    It seems that the most logical definition of a heaven would involve a sort of “maximum utility” of pleasure. However, I cannot conceive of a definition of this that is not finite. And since heaven would be eternal, and not finite, I am not sure how it could avoid this problem.

    Perhaps heaven could avoid this by being mildly pleasurable, some would say. But I see no level of pleasure that would not eventually exceed the maximum utility, which I would define as the level of pleasure experienced before it begins to be unpleasurable.

    Besides, the Bible is very sketchy on what heaven would be like anyways, and there are many described about it which would be clearly unpleasurable for many people, and there are many pleasurable things necessarily excluded from it.

    Of course everything I am saying is speculative, more or less designed to show the absurdity of the concept of heaven and the shallow level of thought behind the idea.

    One of the reasons I speculated that there would be no sleeping or eating is because these things are necessary for an earthly existence, and they are clearly associated with our bodily survival. I thought it was a relevant question to ask if these bodily things would be part of the context of a possible spiritual realm.

    Again, our lack of information hinders this discussion. My main point is to demonstrate how absurd and ill-conceived the whole idea of “heaven” really is.

  • Thank You, Jesus for enduring hours of torturous and gruesome execution, so I, a lowly sinner, could enjoy the eternal joy that comes with dancing animated GIF palm trees.

  • John Charles


    I’ll admit it, I LOLed.

  • Rik

    I also chose the bad door at the end but even when I saw the light and chose the “right” door I got the same answer when I clicked on ‘CHAT’; “Address Not Found”. How ironic.

  • Valerie

    Did you notice that the social and governmental hierarchy in heaven is the same as all the ASSumptions we make on earth?

    Rank, position, power, government, some people “lording it” (get it?) over others, and authority are human inventions. Some people rule over other people. Needing laws and government is an admission that people are not only way IMperfect, but harm each other, and need to be forced by some authority to live other than their morally bankrupt selves could manage alone.

    Heaven, instead of being filled with perfect beings, has the same rank and position and government structures, and hierarchies, all the way to the top.

    People created it in their own ugly image!

    Even “Lord” is an English title. Perhaps God would prefer to be called “President” now. If I were God, I certainly would NOT need the title or a government office position!

  • Sock

    If I were God, I’d never say or do anything, and then LOL as the religious wingnuts get it wrong and go to hell, as atheism is the right path to heaven cause everyone else is guilty of idolatry.

  • Andy

    Whats the point of having a mansion if you cant have wicked parties???

    Also wtf is up with all this servants gnod must have all the time, am I sensing a tad of low self esteem here? Feeling lonly and maybe a little insecure big guy.. there, there.. you’ll be fine, after all your perfekt, right? Right gnod?

  • Mogg


    Your discussion reminds me of when I was about 8, and was trying to understand the concept of heaven. I asked my mother how heaven could be so good if we went there forever – wouldn’t we get bored?

    I never did get a satisfactory answer to that.

  • Yoav

    @ Wade
    these aren’t palm trees but Cannabis plants which can explain a lot about this site.

  • @ Mogg

    I wish I had thought of that when I was 8. It’s funny how even the most childish questions never really are answered, or are at least avoided, by most people.

  • Tim Howington

    I have been reading on your site for a couple of weeks now. There are a lot of interesting ideas out there. It has been very entertaining. Thanks for letting me read along.

    So what do you folks think happens after you die?

  • So what do you folks think happens after you die?

    Generally, they either chuck you in a hole, or set fire to you. And the world carries on without you.

  • Tim Howington

    @ wintermute

    but what about the soul part of you?

  • but what about the soul part of you?

    You’re going to have to define “soul” for that to be a meaningful question. But to cover the most likely options, either it doesn’t exist, or it will cease to exist when the brain activity that creates it ceases.

  • Tim Howington


    not sure I can adequately… but in my simple mind.. there is a material part of me that I can touch… ie the body and there is an immaterial part that I am conscious of.. whatever that part is is what I would describe as the soul.. one definition I have heard is mind, will and emotion.. it’s the part of me that makes me, me! It seems to me that it is more than just brainwaves.. and it doesn’t seem probable that it doesn’t exist.. maybe ceasing to exist could make sense…

  • Your sense of self and identity, your memories, emotions, beliefs and tastes certainly exist. If that’s what you identify the “soul” as, then you definitely have one. While we don’t know exactly how they function, neuroscience is getting more and more adept at explaining what’s going on, and there’s nothing that can’t be explained by your “soul” being generated by electrochemical activity in the brain. When that electrochemical activity stops, so do you.

    At least there’s no reason to assume anything else. No reason beyond wishful thinking. And if wishful thinking made things true, I’d have a pet monkey.

    I recommend reading this article for some fascinating information on how the brain works.

  • The Howitzer


    that is quite a lengthy article.. I will have to review off the clock lest my employer destroy body and soul (however one defines it).. thanks for the info

    note I changed my identifier to the howitzer.. didn’t know how these things posted

  • Yes, it is lengthy, and for that I apologise. Probably should have warned you up front.

    But it’s well worth the few hours it takes to go through. I really can’t recommend it highly enough on this topic.

  • @ The Howitzer

    If will and emotions are outside of the brain, then why do people who have intensive brain trauma or brain surgery tend to lose most or all aspects of their “personality”?

    If these things originate in the brain, then it makes sense that they would not work when the brain is damaged. If these things do not entirely originate in the brain, then it would make sense if they still worked even if the brain was damaged.

    However, experience shows this not to be the case so far, which I why I think the “soul” as a concept, is largely implausible.

    Besides, if these things do originate with our brains, what happens when we die and our brain deteriorates? How do we re-gain all of that information in another existence?

    For a number of reasons, I do not believe that humans have a “soul”, at least in the way that most religious people would define the term.

  • The Howitzer


    what do you call the immaterial part of the human? and what do you think happens to it after death?

  • @ The Howitzer

    How do you know that there is an immaterial part?

    That is what I just asked you. The evidence so far suggests that all the things which you earlier claimed as part of the “soul” actually reside in the brain. You have not addressed this.

    I don’t believe that there is an immaterial part of the human. I see no evidence for its existence.

    You may as well ask me if peanut butter has blonde hair, because I cannot answer your question as to the state of the immaterial part of human beings after death if I do not believe that human beings have an immaterial part.

    What do you think happens when you die? What do you think will happen when I die?

  • @yoav

    “these aren’t palm trees but Cannabis plants which can explain a lot about this site.”

    Is Timothy Leary perched upon the thrown on high?

  • Sock


    In my opinion, when we die, we revert to the form that we had before we were born. A thought.

    Before you were born, your parents thought about you. After you die, those you’ve influenced in your life think of you.

    However, there’s no self awareness pre or post life. There’s no Heaven or Hell, no next life. Nothing at all like that. All we have is this wonderful, amazing, beautiful, funny, terrifying, long, short, and one-time-only life. Make the best of it, it’s all you’ve got. :)

  • lra364

    Getting into heaven requires a sacrifice, and what better thing than to sacrifice than our children? I mean if its good enough for Abraham, its good enough for us:

    Children recruited to Lord’s army:


  • lra364

    The faint of heart should look away, it’s pretty disgusting!!!


    My favorite part so far is when the fatty says that too many Christian adults (read: members of “dead” churches) are “fat and lazy.”


    “God, FIX THE WORLD!!!” cause God can do anything (even though throughout the history of humanity “he” hasn’t).

    They “speak in tongues” even though the bible says that if NO ONE IS AROUND TO INTERPRET THE TONGUES IT IS FROM THE DEVIL!!!!!”

    The WORST kind of indoctrination!!!!!

  • The Howitzer


    I am not saying that I know how exactly it all work.. It just seems to me that I am aware of a being (ie me) that exists outside of my physical body.. I am just wondering what happens to that

  • The Howitzer


    thanks for those thoughts.. this is a crazy one because nobody really knows what happens but something happens

    afterlife, non-existance, re-existance… something… I am just interested in what people are thinking

  • I am not saying that I know how exactly it all work.. It just seems to me that I am aware of a being (ie me) that exists outside of my physical body.. I am just wondering what happens to that

    I’d take exception to you being aware that it exists “outside” of your physical body as that implies a physical location. I suspect you meant something more like “apart from”; is that right?

    The simple answer is that your sense that there’s a distinction between your physical body and your “mind” is an illusion; your mind is no less a function of your brain than your ability to filter toxins from your blood is a function of your kidneys. Both stop when the organ that supports it stops.

  • The Howitzer


    sure, “apart from” sounds better..

    could you expand on your comment. “The simple answer is that your sense that there’s a distinction between your physical body and your “mind” is an illusion”

    what does that mean?

  • could you expand on your comment. “The simple answer is that your sense that there’s a distinction between your physical body and your “mind” is an illusion”

    what does that mean?

    I’m not sure there’s much I can add. It “feels like” your mind is separate from your body, but really it’s just brain function. There’s probably a good evolutionary reason why people tend to separate out their conciousness from their physical self, but off the top of my head, I don’t know what it is.

    There’s a part of the brain that’s responsible for distinguishing between “self” and “not self” that probably has something to do with it.

  • The Howitzer


  • @Sock:
    Some time ago in a pulp mag–might have been Aasimov–I read a fascinating story in which a man find himself trapped in a darkened, empty theatre, unable to do anything but watch as home movies of his childhood and family life play across the screen. His contempt for his father, and his father’s obsessive movie-making-and-screening is evident throughout the story, which is told in flashbacks.

    As the story concludes, the man begins to cry out for help, declaring “This is hell!”

    Just then his father pops out of the projection booth, replying: “Oh no, son. This is Heaven!”

    Robert Heinlein, in Job, a Comedy of Justice describes Heaven as being exactly as Teh Book says, loads of cubits long, jewelled walls–the whole schmeer… And boring, bureaucratic, and rank-conscious. In heaven, humans literally sit at the back of the bus.

    @Tim Howington
    I see no reason to believe in either soul or afterlife. Neuroscience will, as I believe wintermute said, eventually pick apart our consciousnesses. And near-death experiences have just been thrown out the window fairly recently, leaving us with exactly as much evidence for an afterlife as for god.

  • The Howitzer


    so how would you describe the stream of consciousness that is apart from the physical body (not sure how to describe what I am referring to, sorry).. if not a soul then what? maybe a better question is what do you call that?

  • B

    Oh my GOD. LOL. I’m thinking through the whole thing that they must be making fun of the idea of heaven, right? Then I get to the end and I choose the HELL door, and am offered a chance to “chat with someone who cares about you.”

    Sometimes I just can’t imagine how anyone with any intelligence at all, could believe this.

  • Jimminy Christmas

    You know, Heaven was a very pleasant place…but they cleverly neglect to mention in the sales literature that you have to pay for all of your beverages.

    After my wife and I got back from our visit we were shocked to find a charge of $INFINITY.00 on our credit card statement!

    The devil truly is in the details. D’OH!

  • Jimminy Christmas

    @The Howitzer

    so how would you describe the stream of consciousness that is apart from the physical body (not sure how to describe what I am referring to, sorry).. if not a soul then what? maybe a better question is what do you call that?

    I’m not sure what you are trying to describe either, because there is no such thing as a “stream of consciousness that is apart from the physical body”. I think the word you might be looking for is BRAIN.