Banana Man Upset At 1-Star Ratings

You know you’re doing something right when it makes the Banana Man upset. He doesn’t like all the one star reviews atheists are giving him on his latest lame book You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence but You Can’t Make Him Think:

“If you look at the reviews on,” he said, “you could come away thinking that this is worst book ever written. It has masses of one ‘stars’ with scathing reviews, saying things like ‘Comfort is a charlatan’ and ‘Dreadful piece of drivel.'”

But he said he also found five-star ratings with comments such as “Great logical thinking” and “a must read.”

He must have missed the sarcasm in those five star reviews.

So why does he think he’s getting such bad reviews? Being who he is, he can’t consider he might be wrong or that it’s just a terrible book. No, it’s because atheists are stupid immoral god-hating bastards:

“I simply expose atheistic evolution for the unscientific fairy tale that it is, and I do it with common logic. I ask questions about where the female came from for each species. Every male dog, cat, horse, elephant, giraffe, fish and bird had to have coincidentally evolved with a female alongside it (over billions of years) with fully evolved compatible reproductive parts and a desire to mate, otherwise the species couldn’t keep going. Evolution has no explanation for the female for every species in creation,” he said.

“I also show that the ‘God’ issue is moral rather than intellectual. No one needs to prove that God exists. Creation is clear evidence for any sane person that there’s a Creator. But if I can convince myself that there is no God, it means I am not morally accountable, and evolution opens the door to a whole lot of sinful delicacies such as pornography, fornication, lying, theft, and of course writing bad reviews for a book I haven’t read,” he continued.

Yes, the reason we don’t like his book is because we want to fornicate, lie, steal, and kill. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the intellectual poverty of his ideas.

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  • Heh, “Dreadful piece of drivel” is my review. I’ve been quoted by Ray Comfort. My life is truly complete now.

  • Rob

    I actually, sort of agree with Ray on this one.

    I’ve noticed a lot of atheists going about down-rating his book + writing shitty reviews, EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT EVEN READ THE BOOK, but just because it’s Ray Banana Man’s.

    I find that really lame…

  • It’s unnecessary to actually read the book. If you’ve read his blog, you know exactly what the book contains: red herrings, straw men, ad homs, unasked questions, quote mining and arguments to consequence.

    Ray Comfort is incapable of coherent, logical thought. We’re just calling him on it.

  • Demian

    a mess, really rubish

  • The title alone is appaling enough for me to almost log on to amazon and write a review.

    I’m an Atheist, i’m a woman.
    So.. what does that mean in his logic, as you can’t make “him” think?

    I think quite a lot thank you. *grumble*

  • I am gradually and painfully coming to the realization of the futility of debating a truly well versed creationist. The depth of fantasy, pseudo-science, and reasonable sounding claptrap is infinite. They have extreme knowledge of evolutionary science and have come up with reasonable sounding if unscientific arguments for every point. They are very, very dangerous to one uncertain as to the ways of science.

    I have been debating a cutting edge creationist on my blog and, not being a true scientist, I have found myself out of my depth and without enough time or depth of knowledge to continue the argument. Daniel has kindly given me permission to request assistance. I have been beaten down by waves of junk-science bullshit. I would greatly appreciate it if someone from this forum would mind taking a crack at this guy. If nothing else, you might get a chance to see how a reasonably rational creationist thinks.

    Thank you

  • He doesn’t like the idea that we evolved from apes, but would prefer more the idea that we came from dirt.

  • marf

    Ummm, what about that species of salamanders that is all female?

  • I have to say that I do find that reviewing a book without reading it, or even skimming it, to be dishonest. As followers of science (the agreed upon truth evaluation methodology), it is up to us to maintain the moral high ground over those who don’t.

    While it is true that debate over creationism is over in the scientific community, it is, alas, far from over among the citizens of the United States. It is important that we recognize and be prepared to deal creationists as we encounter them. They are very dangerous to anyone not well grounded in the scientific method.

    The creationist feel they are fighting for the very soul of America. They will falsely represent, quote mine, lie, create straw men, and do WHATEVER it take to push their agenda. We must understand the enemy before we can defeat him.

    Insults, as tempting as they are, prove noting, and only serve to weaken our arguments in the eyes of the uncertain.

    • reckoner71

      I’ve read both Hitchens and Dawkins, and I can say that they use the same terminology and examples in their writing, often verbatim, that they do in television interviews or debates.

      I can only surmise Ray Comfort pulls out his very best arguments when he’s staring into a complex camera lens, and we can safely comment on the content in the book based on what we’ve already ridiculed.

  • FWIW, it’s probably a fair enough complaint that one should not review books unless one has a reasonable acquaintance with the content. Doesn’t mean you have to read the whole thing necessarily — reasonable excerpts would suffice. Yes, that applies even if we know that the author is an idiot and a propagandist.

  • claidheamh mor

    Is this guy for real??
    What a twisted “mind”.

    I agree with not reviewing a book before reading, but

    1) I read reviews and comment freely on them.

    Val’s Principle: Listen to both (or all) sides, find the side that has the most illiterate rants, the most name-calling, the most hate-filled invective, the most unreasonable premises, and the most substitution of emotionally-loaded words for reasoning, and go away from that side.

    Christianity does it for me!

    2) You don’t need to read the book to see the faults in the reviewers’ reasoning processes. (If any.)

  • J. Allen

    My reply to the banana:

    The pineapple.

    (to be honest, the banana supports evolution quite well by itself, since some trees want their fruit to be eaten.)

  • claidheamh mor

    On another blog, Teleprompter brought to my awareness for the first time a quote that he couldn’t quite remember, about arguing with creationists being similar to playing chess with pigeons.

    I loved it so much I searched for it, and found it displayed in a prominent corner of Troy Britain’s blog, It described my attempts to reason with Christians so well!

    “Debating creationists on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon; it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory.”

    – Scott D. Weitzenhoffer

  • Sock

    Oh, I know, but I specifically meant that he is phrasing it that -males- came first. Why couldn’t he phrase it that females came first? It’s the sexism in the phrasing that gets to me.

  • I specifically meant that he is phrasing it that -males- came first. Why couldn’t he phrase it that females came first?

    Because of Genesis. Duh!

  • Ray believes the stem of the banana was designed with our hands in mind. It’s does, after all, look like a little handle.

    Well I have news for him. I recently discovered that opening a banana is much easier from the bottom. You just pinch the brown scabby looking thing, and it opens right up. No more struggling with a ‘handle’ that bends over but doesn’t tear, mashing and bruising the fruit inside.

    Take that I.D.

  • darkmatter

    “One online review predicted such attacks.

    Comfort “disproves every dumb atheistic assertion very simply with both scientific fact and common sense. This book is sure to enrage the atheistic and seculars of the world; but, their anger and 1-star reviews are only proof that they are not only losing the argument, but, have already lost,” the reviewer said.”

    Why would he want to do that? Even Jesus only preach to to those of the same faith. Maybe the author saw an unfavourable sign. Could it be this sign? $$$

  • Lord of Numa

    Well, I just left my negative review.

    And, by the way, I don’t need to read the book to know that it is a pile of rubbish. I have spent enough time on Ray’s blog to know how he thinks.

  • darkmatter

    To be fair, maybe the author of unreasonable faith’s blog is searching for evidences and assurances that Jesus might exist or not exist with this blog that might be satirical?

  • Literal-minded people in general, and people who never encounter others who have conflicting ideas, have a lot of trouble understanding or detecting sarcasm. Must be Ray’s problem.

  • Efogoto

    evolution opens the door to a whole lot of sinful delicacies such as pornography, fornication, lying, theft

    Ya know, all of these were documented in the bible well before Darwin published anything.

  • Just thinking…

    As a young Christian man in Christchurch, New Zealand in the early 1980s, I used to go to the Cathedral Square during my lunch hour and listen to the various speakers who would entertain the punters. The best, by a light year, was the Christchurch Wizard, but there was also a number of other loons, including a persistent little energizer-bunny of a man named Ray Comfort. I admired his enthusiasm (and thick skin), but as a Christian he embarrassed me with his puerile homilies and yapping voice, and I kept myself hidden down the back. Then one weekend our youth group went to hear him speak in a hall–and he was even worse. He yapped on and on, giving nothing more than stupid exhortations to go to war because we were on ‘a battleship stationed at the mouth of hell’ etc. So let me say it: RAY COMFORT WAS ONE OF THE REASONS I STOPPED BEING A CHRISTIAN–HIS STUPIDITY HELPED MAKE ME AN ATHEIST. Thank you Ray..thank you for saving me from ever becoming like you.

    Anyway, I heard no more of RC and assumed he’d sunk into some sort of grungy trailer-trash insignificance. Imagine my surprise when I heard he’d gone to America, and the small town boy had made good (and what is scary is that he doesn’t look any different–which sort of confirms my belief that he may be a zombie or similar type of brainless undead creature). Then, on reflection, I wasn’t surprised that he’d done so well in America. Sections of the poor old USA have the perfect mix of great wealth and great credulity that Comfort would need to survive and thrive. He’s like a blowfly attracted to the biggest, smelliest part of a corpse. In NZ religion is almost a fringe activity (although not fringe enough for my liking) and here he would forever have been a squeaky nonentity.

    So I’m sorry America that you ended up with developmentally disabled Ray. He’s not an export we NZers are proud of. But there is a bright side–he is so blatantly and egregiously stupid that anyone with a brain can see that Ray has his head stuck up his arse and that’s where his God is. With luck, he’ll help turn a whole lot of young Americans to atheism, just like he helped me.

  • Now I want to read his book, but I wonder how I could do that without actually providing a royalty to this guy? Hilarious.

  • @mrsmarshall:
    If you truly wanted to subject yourself to the radioactive genetically damaged typhoon-o’-stupid that is Ray Comfort’s teeny tiny mind, I am required by law to advise you:

    a) That the publishers and their assigns disclaim all responsibility for the brain damage you may sustain, as well as marks caused by repeated and violent i)facepalming or ii)beating of one’s head against the wall, and

    b) to wait until it hits the “90% off” remaindered bin. Should take about another week.

    Comfort isn’t actually stupid himself. Just venial, greedy, and aware that he’s getting a bit past it. Comfort’s trinity is George Washington, Andrew Jackson, and Ben Franklin, and his motto is “In God We Trust~Pay to the bearer …”

  • Karleigh

    Was just browsing Ray Comfort’s blog… he has this section called ‘Comfort for Budding Atheists’, the very first bullet point of which claims that atheists believe ‘everything came from nothing’… his fictional atheist stammers when asked if ‘his Toyota’ had a maker.

    Why do they persist in this idiotic argument?

    Toyotas, TVs, telephones… all have been created by human intelligence. Artificial intelligence. The earth and everything in it? An entirely different matter altogether. It’s not even an argument!

  • Fleegman

    @Just thinking…

    You know, you got me thinking, and I don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, so here it is. I’m wondering, seriously wondering, if Ray Comfort is an undercover operative for the Atheist movement. And a brilliant, BRILLIANT, one at that.

    Here we are, trying to argue with fundies from a logical perspective with evidence and all the usual stuff. From experience, we know that this rarely works. Yes, we can open the cracks that might start people asking the right questions, but it’s always going to be an uphill struggle when the underlying message is: “you’ve been brainwashed and everything you believe is a fairytale.”

    Now Ray, on the other hand, has gone completely the other way to achieve the same goal, and I think it might actually be more effective. By setting himself up as the ultimate poster boy for fundamentalist thinking, he can bypass the psychological barriers that we have to deal with and go right to the core of the person while SCREAMING the message: “Look how f*cking insane my thinking is. Do you really want to be like me?”

    Not only has he cut himself off from the Atheist crowd, but actively gets shunned by them. This must hurt him terribly, but he manages to stick to his guns for the sake of the greater good.

    What a guy.

    So, let’s not blow his cover people; keep this to yourselves.

  • DarkMatter

    Not only has he cut himself off from the Atheist crowd, but actively gets shunned by them. This must hurt HIS POCKET terribly, but he manages to stick to his guns for the sake of the greater $$$GREED$$$.

  • claidheamh mor

    Because of Genesis. Duh!

    Because God is male. Duh!

    Betcha not one Christian who believes that has ever pulled up his robe and looked.