James Randi on Bible Difficulties


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  • Randi is making videos? Awesome!

  • vorjack

    Oddly, Randi is looking more and more like an OT prophet every day.

    I kinda wish he’d stayed away from this. I’m not even sure that Rene Salm is an archeologist. His webpage, The Myth of Nazareth doesn’t even provide a bio.

    And the book can be purchased from American Atheists, which is not a mark of scholarship.

  • John C

    Ahh yes, I hear the distinct voice of King Herod who rules the land of Pride within. He is threatened that his kingdom (us) may be overtaken by the Christ child who would mature within and reign in righteousness and beauty throughout our land (us).

    He gladly takes up residence in the one who will yield to his deceitful advances cloaked within the garments of reason and academia. He is captain of his own destiny.

    How can two walk together unless they be in agreement?

    Oh the sweet and liberating wisdom of agreement, of surrender…how lovely it is to know this enduring peace.


  • Jan

    Great speach

  • davidp75

    Nazareth can’t be fictional because Jesus was from there, and we all know that Jesus… ooooooh.

  • I have to wonder, not once was the suggestion of it being another Nazareth even introduced? No offence, I like Randi, but he has little “demonstrable” evidence that he (they) are looking in the correct place. The town I live in has three other towns within a 50mile radius with exactly the same title; even more with similar. The modern Bible has been shown time and again to contain mistranslation from the original texts, could Nazareth be one of those? Or could it be that Nazareth was one of many towns, anyone here know the origin of the town name?

    I would approach this with extreme scepticism to be honest. Granted, there is reason to invent the story of Jesus yadda yadda however considering the time in which the gospels were actually written, the date they were written and the nature of society of the era I would think that simple parts such as town names would be based in reality to lend credence to the tale. If you subscribe to the conspiracy of Christ (i.e. that the whole new testament is a complete 100% fabrication) then you accept the lie was laid out with premeditation, by learned scholars and intelligent men. These men would not make so vital an error, surely…

  • But Mr. Randi, Christians are known for their scientific prowess. Especially their use of dating technologies.

    Wonderful video.

  • marcion

    If Biblical writers were going to make up a town, why would they place it in a known Geographic region right there in Israel where its existence could be easily disproven? “And the multitude said, This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.” (Matthew 21:11) And why mention its relative location to Capernaum? “And leaving Nazareth, he came and dwelt in Capernaum, which is upon the sea coast, in the borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim:” (Matthew 4:13) And if it isn’t really within the borders of Zabulon and Nephtali, why not choose a city that is? The whole “Nazareth is made up” notion is nothing but the most absurdly stupid claim ever made. Grow up. Its more absurd than anything the looniest prosperity preacher could come up with, including miracle spring water causing divine transfers into your bank account.

  • griggs1947

    Look how Yeshua himself or his writers had him fulfill those prophecies that do not at all pertain to him and how credulous people then were as to accept miracles with no Randis to discredit them.
    Why wouldn’t the writer not have made up the town as the writers made up most of the history recorded in the Talmud? Marcion, really?

  • griggs1947

    James, thanks for following me.
    You are advancing our naturalist evangel of evidence and our rationalist one of reason and our skeptical one.
    Not only as griggs1947, I plume under skeptic griggsy, rationalist griggsy, naturalistgriggsy , sceptique griggsy and esceptico griggsy world over.
    I mean the Tanakh, not the Talmud in the previous post.