500,000,000 Years In 50 Seconds

Here’s a cool ad from Guinness:


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  • MahouSniper

    Reading the Youtube comments is amusing.

    • Nelly

      amusing….. yes

      disturbing…… rAmen

      I really doubt they’d play that add on american TV.

      • J. Allen

        They did, I’ve seen it before. Now, maybe not in Alabama…

        • Nelly

          or Mississippi, Tennessee……………N and S Carolina…….


  • DeafAtheist

    I think it would have been better if it went forward instead of backwards ending with the 3 guys in the bar having a beer. The way it is here we see the “punch line” before the “joke” and that kind of ruins it I think.

    Still a cool ad anyway.

  • Whitleylad

    This ad is old now. We had it in the UK years ago. Interesting how it was never banned from complaints. Either the ASA thought the complaints were rubbish or, there weren’t enough complaints. Still I did like the ad.

  • dr.R.
    • J.R.

      I liked the link you provided. Is that a full length film entitled ” The Age of Stupid”? I would like to see the the whole thing if it is.

      • dr.R.

        No, the entire film/documentary is much longer than that. But believe me, the first two minutes are by far the best. And the remaining three minutes you can see on that link, are the best of the rest.


  • billybee

    sounds like Sammy Davis Jr……?

  • professoryackle

    I love the ‘bleargh’ dude at the end.

  • Custador

    This is about three years old now – still funny, though :)

  • I’m somewhat surprised that there are not more ads like this, because this is the kind of advertising that might cause a small stir in certain areas and get some publicity for their product. I really like the ad…never saw it before though here in PA.

    • Custador

      It was made for and aired in the UK, not America.

      • gotcha….thanks for the clarification

  • JeremyO

    Guinness is such a horrible beverage. Who wants to drink something that tastes like charcoal?

    • Custador

      Dude, if you’re an American who drinks American beers…. Then you have no room to talk at all! Sweet, weak, fizzy piss-water, all American beers, without exception.

  • Pints of guiness only make you stronger, brilliant ad, im wondering how long its ggoing to take before some creationist is going to have a major go at it.

    loved it though even from a technical graphic point of view.