Colbert's Gathering Storm Parody

Everyone said this one can’t be beat, and I agree — it’s hilarious:

Thanks NOM for making a very funny week!

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  • Custador

    Tbh I liked the gay repellant umbrella one more. Neither of them are subtle, but Colbert’s version is just too blunt to appeal to me, while the other one has such a strange and surreal twist that it kind of tweaks my sardonic side :-)

  • Ben Abbott

    Check out NOM’s response.

    “Thank You!”

    (Princeton, NJ) – “I’ve always thought Stephen Colbert was a double-agent, pretending to pretend to be a conservative, to pull one over Hollywood. Now I’m sure,” said Maggie Gallagher, President of the National Organization for Marriage.

    “Thank you Stephen for playing our ad in full on national television—for free. HRC eat your heart out. Plus we all had a great chuckle, too!” said Brian Brown, NOM’s Executive Director. “Where can I make a donation to the National Organization for Colbert?”

    Does that qualify as self-patronizing, deluded, or just clueless?

    • Clueless.

    • Elemenope

      I’d call it a desperate attempt to spin a bad situation.

      • Daniel Florien

        Agreed. Poor morans.

        • Frank

          heh. Morans. You sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that “Morans” protest dude picture. I still laugh every time.

          [beginning countdown to some sarcasm-impaired someone correcting your spelling error. t-minus 10, 9,8,7….. ]

    • Roger

      I’d go with all of the above.

    • Andrew N.P.

      I’d say it’s honest. Colbert is a comedian. He makes fun of everything. So parodying the NOM ad only says that it’s popular enough to warrant a parody. It says that the ad was successful in raising brand awareness, which is all they could have expected from their first spot.

  • Flea

    I don´t know why my mind recalls this fable…

    “A FAMISHED FOX saw some clusters of ripe black grapes hanging from a trellised vine. She resorted to all her tricks to get at them, but wearied herself in vain, for she could not reach them. At last she turned away, hiding her disappointment and saying: “The Grapes are sour, and not ripe as I thought.”

    • Flea

      [This comment was supposed to be an answer to the question asked by Ben Abbot (above)]

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “Remember: when the gay community is granted personal freedoms, ours get taken away.”

    • “How? Shhh. Did you see all that lightning?”

      Perfect summary of the baseless, fear-mongering tactics of NOM and their counterparts.

  • professoryackle

    OMG, I thought the guy in the wet t-shirt was hot. Does that mean I’m gay?

    • Reginald Selkirk

      Yes. Another victim stricken down by the Gaythering Storm.

    • Roger

      That’s how the gay hurricane works, you know. You see a hot dude in a wet t-shirt–BAM! You’re gay. You have no choice.

      • What hot dude in a wet t-shirt…?Oh, that one over ther…! Damn it! I´m so gay right now.

  • MakeTheMostOfLife

    Hmm didn’t find it funny……….

  • Hey! No shout out to VT, Mr. Colbert?

    What happened in MA and IA is fantastic, but don’t forget, in VT, our legislature enacted same-sex marriage.

    And, to reiterate: My wife and I have talked with and *gasp* hugged gay people in monogamous relationships and you know what? It didn’t affect our marriage one bit! Really! We still live in our house, pay our taxes and have sex in our bed.

    I’ll give $50 to anyone who can sit down, look me in the eye and convince me how two homosexuals getting married will affect hetero relationships.

    • Sock

      Yeah, but all sex you have in your bed with your wife is now gay sex. :( See, by hugging the gay couple, the gay rubbed off on you, making you a gay man. Everyone knows that gay men are a little fem, which makes you female. Your wife remains female, but she’s lesbian now because she’s having sex with the now female you.

      It’s insidious, this gay virus. It works in mysterious ways, like God.

      • @sock: that is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. thx!

      • I’ve known for years that I was a lesbian. I’m out and proud about my attraction to women, and I’m not going back in the closet, dammit!

        Wait … I have to be female? Oh … Really?

        Well I don’t feel nearly so special anymore. And neither does Mme Metro.

  • murrowcronkite

    If you steam Colbert on the I-net , stop the feed at the beginning part where He’s standing suurounded by all those words.He has one word right at the end that changes from time to time.
    It used to say “juice it” . Now it says “Purple Mounted”.Hilarious.

  • For those readers who may be North of the border here is a link to the Colbert video that isn’t blocked:

    I thought his version was genius. Love the little disney bird and rainbow at the end. :)

  • zach

    NOM is one of the rainbow-est coalitions I’ve ever seen.

    A coalition for everyone to band together… for everyone to unite… in times of need and sorrow…

    The rainbow coalition… is where whites, blacks, asians, even illegal immigrants… can band together to hate gay people…

    Join now!

  • “NOM”–Hahahaha

    To paraphrase Daffy Duck:
    “Hmmm … acronym trouble.” (At the 3:00 mark).

    They’z having it.

    I guess that’s likely all they’re having.

  • Crazy brilliant. I can’t decide which commercial was funnier or more ridiculous though.