God Exists Because Christians Are Persecuted

Today’s argument for the existence of God is from Christian persecution. Believe it or not, this argument has been given from a number of Christians in the comments, though not quite as amusingly as this:

(1) Someone made fun of my faith.
(2) Therefore, God exists.

(1) Jesus said that people would make fun of Christians.
(2) I am an idiot.
(3) People often point that out.
(4) Therefore, God exists.

(1) You atheists are mean!
(2) Therefore, God exists.


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  • Niva Tuvia

    Come to think of it, I’ve never met an atheist I could consider “mean.”

  • Prashanth

    I’m an atheist and I’m mean. And by mean I mean average.

  • Why do Christians in this country think they are persecuted? Is it because they use their religion to justify taking away other people’s rights?

    I have heard that in Iraq Shiites and Sunnis are drilling holes in each other’s heads. People lie about their sect to avoid being killed. That sounds like persecution. Atheists writing in blogs or putting ads on buses seems pretty tame. In any other context outside religion that would be called competition. And conservatives claim to love competition. So what’s the problem?

  • Yeah, “persecution.”

    Apparently, Christians expect to live in a world were everybody will agree and put up with them. Anything short of obeying the darned Christians–let alone their God–is called persecution.

    I don’t want them knocking at my door to invite me to their church–persecution.

    Do not tell me for the 1000th time that you are praying for me–persecution.

    Stop telling me that this-or-that is the will of God–persecution.

    They should try being an ex-Christian to find out what persecution is.

  • So because I live in the Bible Belt and feel occasionally “persecuted” for my lack of beliefs (by their definition–not my own; I’ve never been tortured, but there are many who dare to disagree with me!), does that mean God definitely does not exist?

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Pat Boone comes through with a current example:
    Christians: The new political lepers

  • Yes, being Christian is such an obvious political liability that the President, most of the Supreme Court, and all but a few Congress members identify as such.

  • bdemong

    How far should intolerance be tolerated?

  • Shelly

    The problem is thinking. Being a christian, with my family anyway, means you don’t have to do that scary thing called using your brain. You just plug into the group consensus and voila, you have your opinion. All of the benefits and none of the work. That kind of explains that lame “argument from persecution”. A lot just don’t have the ability to think up something ….logical.

  • claidheamh mor

    My take on a consensus of the comments, as much of Pat Boone as I could stand, and a video of some Dominionist preachers shouting that it’s time to do battle, is that “AMERICA” (insert brass band and trumpet solo here) is not in as strong a death-grip of christianity as it used to be. Decay! Horrors!

    I started to say that America, covertly, was never in the death grip of christianity to the degree people had to pretend it was. But then I thought, if people had to pretend to buy christianity to escape intolerance (hello! that’s, like, persecution!), that’s bad enough for me to call it a death-grip.

    But there’s still the lie that our forefathers, and our ignored foremothers, were christians. SO yeah, the US was never as christian as christians like to portray it. Now it’s even less so.

    I say yay! Xians say ‘our time of persecution is upon us’. Not being able to control the country by forcing their xian beliefs on the others = being persecuted.

  • Stuart

    I think it might also have a lot to do with the catholic faith. When for sure way to become a saint is to be martyred, die for the faith etc. They all want to be holy and special to god do they think that by calling people disagreeing with them being persecuted and convince others of the same, than they are more holy. Also christian persectuion does it exist, just not really in north america. There a couple of jailed priests in China, there a few bishops under house arrest around the world. Etc.

  • where do you get these things? great stuff. Reminds me of a mormon who glowingly said, I know our religion is true because everyone who criticizes it studies it! Why they study it if it wasn’t true? Ha ha silly non believers. Can’t wait till I become a god and rule over another planet!!!

    could be: Argument from Research

    (1) Someone made fun of my faith but is studying it.
    (2) Therefore, God exists and my faith is the one true religion.

  • That is Argumentum ad Persecutionem!

  • imageforu

    God exists becuase he is a supreme being. Not anything we can understand as far as, His depth is concerned. I understand your disdain for organized religion. I feel it. The one thing that Christians fail to realize is that in order to spread the word of Christ, they must first live it. Not to judge others, to say your sorry. Most don’t. God should not be blambed for peoples stupidity. God should be respected because He is. I do not look for reasons not to believe in God. Without Him there is know hope. I believe in God because of the intrict way the world is designed. I believe in Him because I believe in respect. Respect for others. I am not asking anyone to believe. Just to respect. Both Christians and, athiest. It is a hard task but I treat others the way the way I would like to be treated. The posts though, are sometimes disturbing and disrespectful. I would tell anyone of any religion that they should think about what they write.